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Shop for a variety of Books on Indian Languages & Literature. Our selection includes an exhaustive collection of Sanskrit, Urdu, Pali & other Books at ExoticIndia.

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»  NAU811 : Technical Literature in Sanskrit
»  NAU772 : Studies in Kalidasa (Old and Rare Book)
»  NAT486 : Srinivasa Ramanujan
»  NAT479 : Functional Sanskrit Its Communicative Aspect
»  NZF711 : महादानम् Four Sanskrit Plays
»  NAQ552 : Tirupati Venkata Kavulu (An Old & Rare Book)
»  NAS651 : Danger in Darjeeling- Satyajit Ray's Feluda Mysteries (A Comic Book)
»  IHG066 : The Autobiography of a Sex Worker
»  NAD253 : Verb Forms of The Taittiriya Brahmana
»  IDJ529 : A Sanskrit Manual Part-II For Classes IX-X
»  IDF806 : Rabindranath Tagore (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  IDE585 : Shri Jnandev's Anubhavamrut The Immortal Experience of Being (An Old Rare Book)
»  NZG295 : अद्वैतवेदान्तसाहित्येतिहासकोश Advaita Vedanta Literature - A Bibliographical Survey (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDK236 : Subhasitasaharsri (A Thousand Pearls From Sanskrit Literature) A Book of Quotations
»  NAD201 : Bhartrhari (A Study of the Vakyapadiya in the Light of the Ancient Commentaries) - A Rare Book
»  NZF398 : धातुचन्द्रिका Dhatu Chandrika (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAS090 : The Concise Sanskrit English Dictionary (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAM051 : Barkur Kannada
»  NAR457 : Malavikagnimitram - A Critical Study (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAK593 : Sanskrit Prosody Its Evolution
»  IDK886 : Vedic Etymology (A Critical Evaluation of the Science of Etymology as Found in Vedic Literature)
»  NZG508 : मेरा परिवार My Family
»  IDJ456 : Subandhu's Vasavadatta A Sanskrit Romance
»  NAQ535 : N.V. Krishna Warrior (An Old & Rare Book)
»  IDK338 : Sanskrit Idioms, Phrases and Suffixational Subtleties
»  IDH630 : Bhakta Kavi Gopala Krishna (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  IDJ480 : Hindi Teacher for English Speaking People (With Transliteration)
»  NAO583 : Rishis Tales - 21 Forgotten Sanskrit Tales in English (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IHL707 : Urdu (Romanised) – Hindi-English Dictionary (English Alphabetical Order)
»  NAK272 : India's Intellectual Traditions
»  IDE770 : Elements Of Poetry In The Mahabharata
»  IDH334 : The Number of Rasa-s
»  IDF661 : Technical Terms And Technique Of Sanskrit Grammar
»  NAJ362 : M.S. Subbulakshmi Queen of Carnatic Music (Comic)
»  IDG245 : A PRIMER OF NAVYA NYAYA LANGUAGE AND METHODOLOGY (Navya-Nayaya-Bhasa-Pradipa of MM Mahesha Chandra Nyayaratna)
»  IHL234 : Kalidasa Raghuvamsham (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAM100 : The Meaning of Tenses and Moods (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAK158 : Advanced Course Reader in Malayalam (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAM582 : Lilavati of Bhaskaracarya (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  ACK90 : Chandragupta Maurya Retold from the Mudra Manjusha
»  NZG260 : वक्रोक्तिजीवितम् Vakrokti Jivitam
»  NAK030 : An Easy Grammar of Sanskrit
»  NAH860 : The Oxford India Anthology of Modern Malayalam Literature (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAG387 : The Poem of The Killing of Meghnad (Meghnadbadh Kabya)
»  NAF262 : Subodh-Samskrtam (Easy Way to Sanskrit) (Set of 3 Volumes) (Sanskrit and Hindi Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IDH359 : Folk Tales of Gujarat
»  IDJ424 : Indian Narratology
»  NAN386 : Kalidasa (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAD174 : The Vakyapadiya of Bhartrhari With The Vrtti Chapter I
»  NAG867 : The Mystic Songs of Kanha and Saraha (The Doha-Kosa and the Carya)
»  IDK727 : Abhinavagupta Reconsiderations
»  IDI951 : A New Tri-Lingual Dictionary Sanskrit-Bengali-English
»  NZG009 : The Nirukta of Yaska with Durga's Commentary (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAN752 : The Taste of Words (An Introduction to Urdu Poetry)
»  IDE783 : Indian Literary Criticism Theory and Interpretation
»  NAG271 : Sanskrit Grammar
»  NAC788 : A Dictionary of Sanskrit English Technical Terms (Mathematics)
»  NAG797 : Gajasastram (With The Sanskrit Commentary)
»  IDG628 : Sacred Songs of India Vol. VII - Hymns to Ganesa ((Ganesha) (Original Text in Devanagari, Transliteration in Roman and English Translation))
»  IDI675 : Bande Mataram Early Political Writings of Sri Aurobindo
»  NZF803 : पं. लखमीचन्द ग्रन्थावली Pt. Lakhmi Chand Granthavali
»  NZG022 : रसखान रचनावली Rasakhan Rachnawali
»  NAG601 : Jain Stories (Vidyut Chora, The Magic Grove, The Adventures of Agad Datta, Sahasramalla, The King in a Parrot's Body)
»  NZF643 : गोरखनाथ और उनका हिन्दी साहित्य Gorakhnath and His Hindi Literature
»  IDF723 : Bharatiya Vigyan Manjusha Treasure Trove of Ancient Indian Sciences
»  IDJ528 : A Sanskrit Manual Part-I For Classes VI-VIII
»  NAJ816 : Amar Chitra Katha The Ultimate Collection (Boxed Set of 325 Comics)
»  IDH337 : Nitidvisastika Of Sundarapandya
»  IHL409 : Nativism (Desivad)
»  NAE385 : Legends of the Lepchas - Folk Tales From Sikkim
»  IDE767 : STAGING RESISTANCE Plays By Women In Translation
»  IDK580 : Showering Without Clouds Reflections on the Poetry of an Enlightened Woman Sahajo
»  IDH375 : Folk Tales of Kerala
»  IDG942 : Listen Janamejaya and Other Plays
»  NAL127 : The Unadisutras in Various Recensions Aunadikapadar Nava by Perusuri (Part IV) - An Old and Rare Book
»  NAL100 : The Unadisutras in Various Recensions The Unadisutras With The Vrtti of Svetavanavasin (Part I) - An Old and Rare Book
»  NAN427 : The Unadisutras in Various Recensions The Unadisutras of Bhoja with The Vrtti of Dandanatha Narayana and The Unadisutras of the Katantra School with The Vrtti of Durgasimha (Part VI) - An Old and Rare Book
»  NAL393 : Nilakantha Diksita Makers of Indian Literature (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDD885 : Couplets from Kabir (Kabir Dohe)
»  IDJ013 : Manimahesh Award - Winning Bengali Travelogue
»  NAI315 : Masterpieces of Urdu Rubaiyat
»  NAJ020 : Ordained By Fate Ek Chadar Maili Si
»  NAM703 : Comprehensive Dictionary Englsh-English Nepali
»  NAM060 : Practical Phonetics (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAI030 : The Tagore Quiz Book
»  NAG997 : Paninian Interpretation of The Sanskrit Language - With Transliteration (A Rare Book)
»  NAJ906 : Fa Hien (Comic)
»  NAI142 : The Jataka From Aesthetic Standpoint (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAH410 : Oluguti Toluguti (Indian Rhymes to Read and Recite)
»  NAM071 : Some Problems of Historical Linguistics in Indo-Aryan (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDI961 : Panchatantra The Musical
»  NAG786 : The World of Asian Stories (A Teaching resource)
»  IDJ330 : Upanishadic Stories and Their Significance
»  NAL995 : Studies in Hindi-Urdu (Introduction and Word Phonology)
»  IDF197 : Mystic Songs of Meera (With English Transliteration and Translation)
»  NAH239 : Pictorial Stories For Children (Set of 26 Comics)
»  NAG704 : The Heart Has Its Reasons
»  NAG335 : Vikrama's Adventures or The Thirty-Two Tales of The Throne (Set of Two Volumes)
»  NAJ399 : Veer Dhaval An Adaptation of Nath Madhav’s Famous Novel (Comic)
»  NAG581 : Jackal Stories (Jataka Tales of the Sly and the Shrewd)
»  NAG580 : Kubera (The Lord of Wealth)
»  NAC381 : Pre-Paninian Grammar
»  NAG137 : Parametric Studies In Malayalam Syntax
»  NAJ328 : Shiva and Bhasmasura (Classics for Kids)
»  NAG962 : Sphotasiddhi of Mandana Misra - A Rare Book
»  IDE610 : Annie Besant An Autobiography
»  NAG489 : Barisal and Beyond (Essays on Bangla Literature)
»  NZA103 : कामसूत्रम् Kamasutra of Sri Vatsyayana with the Commentary Jayamangala
»  NAF515 : Folkways in Rajasthan (A Rare Book)
»  NAI332 : Luna
»  NAL073 : History and Pre-History of Sanskrit
»  IDI759 : J. Krishnamurti and Sant Kabir (A Study In Depth)
»  NAE698 : The Tale of The Twin Warriors (Koti Chennaya)
»  NAG044 : Sabdabodhamimamsa An Inquiry into Theories of Verbal Cognition (Set of 4 Volumes)
»  IHG093 : A Bad Woman’s Story
»  NAD694 : Learning Bengali (A Self-Tutor with Roman)
»  IDK328 : Allied Chambers Hindi English Dictionary
»  NAL314 : A Twist in the Tale
»  NAF145 : Love Stands Alone (Selection From Tamil Sangam Poetry)
»  IDE226 : Mahasweta Devi Breast Stories
»  IHJ004 : The Oxford India Anthology of Bengali Literature 1861-1941 and 1941-1991 (Set of Two Volumes)
»  IDJ820 : Plain Speaking A Sudra's Story
»  IDE769 : Panini His Work And its Traditions (Volume One - Background and Introduction)
»  NZH092 : Jaya Samhita An Old and Rare Book (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAF101 : Poet-Saints of India Tukaram, Tyagaraja, Narsinh Mehta (3 in 1 Comic)
»  IDH474 : Kamasutra of Vatsyayana
»  NAI061 : The Philosophy of Sanskrit Grammar (A Critical Study of Karaka)
»  NZF741 : रहीम ग्रन्थावली Rahim Granthawali
»  NAJ966 : A Contrastive Grammar of Hindi and Tamil (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IHL610 : Kalidasa The Loom of Time (A Selection of His Plays and Poems)
»  NAE275 : No Water No Moon Talks on Zen Stories
»  NZH219 : काशिकावृत्ति (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Kashika Vritti (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NZH249 : Kulliyat-E-Zafar (Poetry)
»  ACK33 : Tales of Vishnu
»  NAD572 : The Parijata Tree And Other Tales of Krishna
»  NZH441 : हरियाणा प्रदेश का लोकसाहित्य Folk Literature of Haryana (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAK586 : Kumara Sambhavam of Kalidasa (Fifth Canto)
»  NZH572 : राहुल कथा साहित्य Fiction of Rahul Sankrityayan
»  NAK986 : Mising Folk Tales (Indian Literature in Oral Languages)
»  NAK988 : Sanskrit Writings in Independent India (Compilation of Seminar Papers)
»  NAK945 : Introductory Urdu (Beginner's Manula for Urdu Script)
»  NAK167 : Indian Short Stories (1900-2000)
»  NAF013 : A Course in Urdu Pronunciation (With CD)
»  NAF495 : Punjabi Poems of Amrita Pritam in Gurmukhi, Hindi, Roman and English
»  NAK140 : Amrtadhara (Professor R.N. Dandekar Felicitation Volume) - An Old and Rare Book
»  NAH231 : The Vakyapadiya of Bhartrhari Chapter III Pt. I (A Rare Book)
»  NAL008 : Swami Vivekananda (Makers of India Literature)
»  NZG592 : पोतन्ना Potanna (Makers of Indian Literature) - An Old and Rare Book
»  NZG560 : टुपकविता Sanskrit Poesm for Childrens
»  NAK385 : Sandhyaraga
»  NZH061 : संस्कृत साहित्य और सौन्दर्यचेतना Aesthetics and Sanskrit Literature
»  NAK382 : Hitopadesa (Sanskrit Text with English Translation & Notes)
»  ISL109 : The Vision of the Vedic Poets (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDK365 : Dictionary of Mythological References in Guru Granth Sahib
»  IDD924 : TUKARAM (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  NAK024 : The Way it Was Once (Faiz Ahmed Faiz - His Life, His Poems)
»  IDF987 : The Modern Bengali Dictionary for Non-Bengali Readers (2 Volumes)
»  IDG884 : Language Knowledge and Ontology
»  IDK635 : King Kusha A Buddhist Tale (Comic Book)
»  NAG787 : Stories of Creation (From The Brahma Purana)
»  NAJ930 : Danger In Darjeeling (Satyajit Ray’s Feluda Mysteries)
»  NAD928 : When Poetry Comes (A Selection Of Poems By Contemporary Bengali Women Poets
»  NAI669 : क़ुरआन शरीफ़ Quran Sharif- Translation with Notes (Janta Edition)
»  NAF094 : Poets and Thinkers Kabir, Mirabai, Ekanath, Soordas, Narayana Guru (A Collection of Comics)
»  NAG924 : Linguistic Studies In Sanskrit Grammar
»  IDE482 : The Nighantu And The Nirukta The Oldest Indian Treatise on Etymology, Philology and Semantics
»  IDK629 : Yayati (Comic Book)
»  NAJ368 : Little Heroes Prahlad (Comic)
»  NZE172 : रूमीरहस्यम् Poems of Rumi in Sanskrit (Sanskrit Only)
»  NAJ708 : Ek aur Panchvati (Novel)
»  NAJ813 : Guru Har Gobind Soldier-Saint of The Sikhs (Comic)
»  NAD124 : Tales of Indra (Lord Of Thunder)
»  ACK66 : Rama
»  NAJ629 : The Concept of Equity in Sukraniti and Arthasastra (A Comparative Study)
»  NAJ623 : The World of Ganesha Fascinating Tales of Ganesha and His Family (Set of 10 Comics)
»  NAJ606 : Inspiring Moral Stories (A Prize Collection of Priceless Stories on Moral Values of Life)
»  IDF230 : Lured by Hope A Biography of Michael Madhusudan Dutt
»  NAJ501 : Around The Hearth Khasi Legends (Folktales of India)
»  NZB608 : भारतीय मुस्लिम त्यौहार और रीति रिवाज Festivals and Customs of Indian Muslims
»  NAH083 : An Approach to The Qur'anic Sciences (Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani)
»  NAI454 : Khasi Folk Songs and Tales
»  IDK626 : Jnaneshwar The Founder of the Bhakti Movement in Maharashtra (Comic Book)
»  IDL077 : Tales of The Mother Goddess (Comic Book)
»  ACK87 : Stories of Courage (Jataka Tales of Valour and Victory)
»  IDK301 : Tales of Hanuman (Paperback (3 in 1) Comic Book)
»  NAI412 : The Meaning of The Illustrious Qur'an
»  NAF086 : Classics By Bankim Chandra Kapala Kundala, Raj Singh, Devi Choudhurani, Ananda Math, Durgesh Nandini (5 in 1 Comic)
»  NAI180 : Mythology Mega Collection (84 Priceless Stories)
»  NAI330 : Beware The Cows are Coming
»  NAC238 : Writing Resistance A Comparative Study of the Selected Novels by Women Writers
»  IDD406 : Pratimanatakam Of Bhasa
»  IDD389 : A Tibetan English Dictionary
»  NAH438 : Magnolias
»  NAH320 : An English Translation of Sataat
»  IDF933 : Makers of Indian Literature BHARTRHARI THE GRAMMARIAN
»  NAH407 : The Forbidden Temple (Stories from the past)
»  NAG992 : Kitab Al-Tabaqat Al-Kabir (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAH240 : Saktivada Theory of Expressive Power of Words (Set of Two Volumes) (A Old and Rare Book)
»  IDG464 : The Song of Silence
»  IDG408 : A Handbook of Classical Sanskrit Rhetoric [A Critical Study of the Figures of Speech in Sanskrit Literature 100-1800 AD]
»  IDJ796 : Jayashankar Prasad His Mind and Art
»  NAG941 : Famous Sikh Gurus (Guru Nanak, Guru Arjan, Guru Har Gobind, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh) (Comic Book)
»  NAG927 : Indian Fables And Folktales (The Best of Indian Wit and Wisdom from Jataka, Panchatantra, Hitopadesha and others) (Set of 15 Books) (Comic Book)
»  IDE538 : Stories of Vikramaditya
»  NAG785 : The World of Indian Stories (A Teaching Resource of Folktales From Every State)
»  NZC580 : वाल्मीकि रामायण Valmiki Ramayana (Hindi Comic)
»  NAG655 : Classic Feluda (Set of Two Volumes)
»  NAF004 : Subhashitavali (An Anthology of Cosmic, Erotic and Other Verse)
»  NAG539 : Extreme Poetry (The South Asian Movement of Simultaneous Narration)
»  IHE037 : The Indian Night Sleep and Dreams In Indian Culture (Conquering the Internal Nature)
»  NAD676 : A Book of Treasure From Sanskrit Literature (A Dictionary of Sanskrit Quotations )
»  IDF692 : Samir Sanskrit Adhyayanam A Companion to Sanskrit Grammar (With Transliteration)
»  NAG045 : Sanskrit in 30 Lectures
»  NAG038 : Stories From The Kathasaritasagara (The Chosen Bridegroom, Hamsavali, Shridatta, Shringabhuja, Pataliputra)
»  NAG072 : Vintage Chughtai (A Selection of Her Best Stories)
»  IHJ052 : Jataka, Panchatantra and Hitopadesha Collection Treasure Trove of Wit and Wisdom (23 Amar Chitra Kathas Comics)
»  IHJ056 : The South India Collection (The Best of History, Mythology and Folklore from South India) (25 Amar Chitra Katha Comics)
»  ISL68 : Panini His Description of Sanskrit (An Analytical study of the Astadhyayi)
»  NAG280 : The Appeasement of Radhika (Radhika Santawanam)
»  NAF855 : The Crooked Line (Terhi Lakir)
»  IDJ552 : The Dance of the Soul Gayan Vadan Nirtan (Sufi Sayings)
»  NAF615 : Bengali Household Tales (Volume I)
»  NAF403 : Magha Mahakavi (Makers of India Literature)
»  NAF404 : Tales of The Ten Princes (Dandin)
»  IDI982 : Amarasara or An Abridgment of Amarakosha (Revised Edition)
»  IHL466 : English-Punjabi Punjabi-English Combined Dictionary (With Roman)
»  IHG045 : The Garden of Kama and Other Love Lyrics from India Arranged in Verse by Laurence Hope
»  NAD570 : The Resignation (Tyaga-Patra) and The Sun?s Seventh Horse (Suraj Ka Satvan Ghora)
»  IDF895 : SAYANA (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  IDE380 : East West Poetics at Work
»  IHJ065 : Islamicate Cultures of Bombay Cinema
»  IDH527 : On the Ganga Ghat
»  IDK150 : The Oxford India Anthology of Modern Urdu Literature {Fiction}
»  NAD098 : Syainika-Sastra (Ancient Text on Hawking)
»  NAB978 : Atisa and His Time Machine Adventures with Hieun Tsang
»  NAC045 : Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore
»  IDD931 : Shri Panini (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  NAB937 : The World’s Funniest Folktales
»  ACK23 : Buddha
»  NAD576 : Prabhavati The Asura Princess
»  NAD573 : Tapati Daughter of the Sun God
»  NAF133 : Mandra
»  IDK437 : Reminiscences of A Hunter
»  ISL98 : Subhashita-Ratna-Bhandaragara or Gems of Sanskrit Poetry Being a collection to witty, epigrammatic, instructive and descriptive verses their sources enlarged and re-edited
»  NAF082 : Tamil Classics Prince Jivaka, Kannagi, Kumanan, The Adventures of Pratapan, Manonmani (5 in 1 Comic)
»  IDF821 : Tukaram (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  NAD121 : Sukanya (The Princess Who Married A Sage)
»  ACK55 : Tales From The Upanishads
»  NAD437 : Folklore of Rajasthan
»  NAF006 : Somadeva (Tales From The Kathasaritsagara)
»  NZA192 : Subhasita Ratna Bhandagara (With Sources of Verses)
»  ACK31 : Ganga
»  NAD878 : Sufis The People of the Path
»  NAE773 : Second Book of Sanskrit A Treatise on Grammar
»  NAE750 : Great Plays of Kalidasa (Urvashi, Shakuntala, Malavika)
»  NAE628 : A History of Bengali Grammar (A Rare Book)
»  IDH093 : Art And Aesthetics of Rabindranath Tagore
»  NAE583 : Astadhyayi of Panini
»  NAE579 : English-Punjabi Dictionary (In Roman Script)
»  NAD568 : Travellers to India (Megasthenes, Fa Hien, Hiuen Tsang) (3 in 1 Comics)
»  NAE487 : Modern Bodo Short Stories
»  NAE497 : V.S.Srinivasa Sastri(A Study)
»  NAE430 : First Book of Sanskrit 52nd Reprint (Being An Elementary Treatise On Grammar With Exercises)
»  NAE425 : Religion and Folklore of Northern India
»  NAE195 : A Practical Bengali Grammar For Language Learners
»  IHL528 : Quest for the Original Bharata Samhita and Mahabharata Story
»  NAE376 : Folk Tales Of Rajasthan
»  NAE285 : Love Stories of Rajasthan
»  IHL140 : Vedic Theory of the Origin of Speech
»  NAD953 : A Treasury Of Ancient Indian Tales
»  NAD973 : Greater India by Rabindranath Tagore
»  NAD891 : Indo-European Linguistics
»  NAD890 : Some Rgveda Samvada Suktas (Literary Works On Rgvedic Dialogue Hymns)
»  NAD832 : Ganesha and Kubera
»  NAD861 : Konkani Basics (With CD)
»  NAD826 : The Sun’s Seventh Horse Sooraj Ka Satvan Ghoda
»  NAD858 : Tragedy In Sanskrit Literature
»  IHF093 : Bhartrhari - Language, Thought and Reality
»  NAD712 : Essays on Early Bengal Epigraphy
»  IDE916 : The Philosophy of Sanskrit Grammar
»  NAD374 : Awadhi Folk Tales
»  IDC620 : Selected Writings for Children - Rabindranath Tagore
»  IDE944 : Sufism is not Islam A Comparative Study
»  NAD631 : Short Stories from Andhra Pradesh
»  NAD608 : Pradyumna (Son Of Krishna)
»  NAD580 : Subhadra Beloved Sister of Krishna and Balarama
»  IDJ962 : Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Paperback Comic Book)
»  NAD307 : Madhvacharya (A Vaishnava Saint-Philosopher) Comic Book
»  IDE300 : Poems of Subramania Bharati
»  IDI022 : Delog Journey to Realms Beyond Death
»  NAD305 : Hakka and Bukka (Founders of The Vijaynagar Empire)
»  NAD278 : Tirupati The Lord of Tirumala (Paperback Comic)
»  IDK322 : Dialogues of the Buddha (In Three Volumes)
»  NAC833 : The Most Exhaustive Book of Sanskrit Quotations Ever Published - (In 23 Volumes) A Rare Book
»  NAD182 : Allama Iqbal (Selected Poetry) (Urdu Text, Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAD169 : O, Kerala! (A Misguided Guide)
»  NAD109 : A Critique of Dhvanikarikas (Dhvanyaloka)
»  NAD087 : An Account of the Different Existing Systems of Sanskrit Grammar
»  NAD115 : Datta (A Novel by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay)
»  NAD122 : Manduka (The Accidental Astrologer)
»  IHL491 : Japji Sahib ‘Way to God in Sikhism’
»  NAC365 : Kalidasa – Kumarasambhavam Original Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and Translation
»  NAD031 : Visionaries Who Shaped India (Collection of 20 Comics)
»  NAD027 : Folk Tales of Bengal
»  IDK927 : Aspects of Speech In Vedic Ritual (Rare Book)
»  IDG424 : Contribution of Darashiko to Hindu - Muslim Philosophy
»  IDI909 : A Dictionary of Technical Terms in Kautilya's Arthasastra
»  IHD006 : The Poems of Rasakhan Treasure House of Love
»  IDK087 : Mystical Verses of Lalla (A Journey of Self Realization)
»  NAC703 : History of Indian Literature (Volume III) Classical Sanskrit Literature and Scientific Literature
»  NAC671 : Tibetan Folk Stories – Nyichoe Zangpo (Aku-Tonpa in Nedhong)
»  IDJ912 : Sanskrit for English Speaking People A Systematic Teaching and Self-Learning Tool to Read, Write, Understand and Speak Sanskrit (With Transliteration)
»  NAC612 : The Sandal Trees
»  NAC526 : Hinduism and Islam the Common Thread
»  IDK384 : Zen Stories (Irreverent and Sacred Teaching Stories of Lee Lozowick)
»  NAC433 : I Lalla – The Poems of Lal Ded
»  NAC432 : Muslim Festivals in India and Other Essays
»  NAC218 : Delhi Calm
»  NAC287 : Sanskrit and the Evolution of Human Speech
»  IDG937 : Tales from the Ram Charit Manas
»  IDJ019 : The Autobiography of Maharshi Devendranath Tagore
»  IDK044 : The Doon Valley Across The Years
»  NAC189 : Hindi-English Dictionary ((With Roman Transliteration))
»  NAC160 : Sridhara Svami (The Commentator on Shrimad Bhagavatam)
»  IHL706 : English-Bengali–Bengali-English Combined Dictionary
»  IDH618 : Kabir Bijak (Text and Commentary)
»  NAB764 : Sanskrit Worterbuch – In Kurzerer Fassung (Sanskrit German Dictionary in Three Volumes)
»  IDF249 : The Heart of a Rebel Poet (Letters of Michael Madhusudan Dutt)
»  IHL477 : English-Farsi Farsi-English (Word-to-Word Bilingual Dictionary)
»  IHL468 : In the Mysterious Ruins A Novel
»  IHL475 : Islam, Women and Violence in Kashmir Between India and Pakistan
»  IDI873 : Conversational Sanskrit
»  IDJ454 : The Rtusamhara of Kalidasa (With a new commentary by Shastri Vyankatacharya Upadhye)
»  NAB723 : A History of Urdu Literature
»  IDL198 : Aryavaidyan Journal on Ayurveda
»  IHL394 : The Puffin Book of World Myths and Legends
»  NAB421 : SEER OF THE FIFTH VEDA (Krsna (Krishna) Dvaipayana Vyasa in the Mahabharata)
»  IHL272 : The Penguin Book of Classic Urdu Stories
»  IHL267 : The Perplexity of Hariya Hercules
»  IHL260 : Biography as History Indian Perspectives
»  IDK636 : Krishna and Shishupala (Comic Book)
»  IHK020 : Teach Yourself Nepali (The Easiest And The Way To Learn A Beautiful Language) With Roman
»  IDD545 : A Grammar of the Prakrit Languages
»  IDD531 : Evolution of Awadhi
»  IDD432 : Kalidasa's Malavikagnimitram
»  IDE092 : Shudraka - Makers of Indian Literature
»  IDI868 : Vaishnavism of Gowd Saraswat Brahmins and a few Konkani Folklore Tales
»  IDL188 : Information and the Public Sphere (Persian Newsletters from Mughal Delhi)
»  IDL190 : Lore and Legends of Kerala
»  ACL58 : Heroes from the Mahabharata
»  IDD959 : Asian Variations in Ramayana (Papers presented at the International Seminar on 'Variations in Ramayana in Asia Their Cultural, Social and Anthropological Significance' New Delhi, January 1981)
»  IDD956 : Bilhana (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  IDJ530 : Exclusive Arabic Mehandi Designs Colourful Mehandi (Henna)
»  IDE776 : Rasikapriya Of Keshavadasa
»  IDE413 : The Story of Kalidas
»  IHL090 : The Concise English-Sanskrit Dictionary
»  IDI765 : The Sufi Shrine of Ajmer
»  IHG056 : The Lotus Garden’s Play (By Dza Patrul Rinpoche)
»  IHF052 : The Subtleties of the Inimitable- Mulla Nasrudin
»  IDK834 : More Stories From The Jatakas (The Mouse Merchant) Hardcover Comic Book
»  ACL94 : Nachiketa and Other Stories (Paperback Comic Book)
»  IDJ364 : Dasakumaracarita of Dandin
»  IDK583 : The Last Moring Star Talks on the Enlightened Woman Mystic Daya
»  IDJ555 : Unio Mystica II Discourses on the Sufi Mystic Hakim Sanai
»  IDK478 : Basaveshwara (Comic Book)
»  IDF432 : Erotic Literature Of Ancient India (Kama Sutra. Koka Shastra. Gita Govindam. Ananga Ranga)
»  IDE654 : The Astadhyayi of Panini Volume IV (1.4.1 - 1.4.110)
»  IDD693 : PUZZLE your way through INDIAN MYTHOLOGY
»  IDF078 : TORU DUTT Collected Prose and Poetry
»  IDK742 : Valmiki's Ramayana (Comic Book)
»  IDE204 : The Mahabharata A Literary Study (A Rare Book)
»  IDE386 : Panditaraja Jagannatha's Gangalahari
»  IDG573 : The Mahabharata in the tribal and Folk Traditions of India.
»  IHF028 : The Exploits of The Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin
»  IDD977 : A Season on the Earth (Selected Poems of Nirala)
»  IDE936 : Arabic English Dictionary The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic
»  IDJ783 : Stories of Indian Saints
»  IDK641 : The Best of Satyajit Ray
»  IDJ505 : Celebrating The Best of Urdu Poetry (Text in Devanagari, Transliteration in Roman and English Translation)
»  IDI928 : Zen Katha The Story of Bodhidharma, Founder of Zen and The Martial Arts (A Play in Two Acts)
»  IDK224 : Classical Indian Dance in Literature and The Arts
»  IDK994 : Nearer Heaven Than Earth (The Life and Times of Boshi Sen and Gertrude Emerson Sen)
»  IHE003 : Patanjali's Vyakarana Mahabhasya with Kaiyata's Pradipa and Bhattoji Diksita's Sabdakaustubha and Nagojibhatta's Uddyota with the Commentary Rajalaksmi (Sanskrit Only) (Nine Volumes)
»  IDK144 : The Oxford India Anthology of Modern Urdu Literature (Poetry and Prose Miscellany)
»  IDK298 : The Oxford India Nehru
»  IDI922 : An Anthology of Modern Hindi Poetry
»  IDK719 : English-Hindi Conversation Guide (With Transliteration)
»  IDJ533 : Exclusive Arabic Mehandi Designs Mehboob ki Mehandi (The Symbol of Love) (Henna)
»  IDE529 : Ghalib His Life and Poetry
»  IDK590 : Hindi-English Dictionary ((With Transliteration))
»  IDI826 : Hymns of Sheikh Farid
»  ACK97 : Jataka Tales Tales of Misers
»  IDD905 : Love and Lust (An Anthology of Erotic Literature from Ancient and Medieval India)
»  IDF931 : More Songs of the Vaishnava Acharyas (Book Only)
»  IDE186 : Quotes from Tagore
»  IDE229 : Singer Saints of India
»  IDG413 : Source Materials of Phonetics
»  IDK887 : Stories From The Yoga Vasishtha
»  IDI890 : Tibetan Folk Tales and Fairy Stories
»  IDL071 : Pancatantra of Visnusarman
»  IDH532 : Panchatantra The Stories of birds and animals that reveal the truths of the practical life
»  NAB051 : The Gitagovinda of Jayadeva Love Song of the Dark Lord
»  ACK22 : Buddhist Tales
»  IDH408 : The Role of Dhvani in Sanskrit Poetics (A Thesis submitted to the Banaras Hindu University for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy)
»  IDE088 : The Zafarnama of Guru Gobind Singh
»  IDC370 : Folklore of the Telugus
»  IDK919 : Five Novellas (By Women Writers)
»  IDK912 : Saundarya The Perception and Practice of Beauty in India
»  IDK305 : No Woman's Land (Women from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Write On The Partition Of India)
»  IDK802 : Vanmam Vendetta
»  IDE724 : Poems of Kabir
»  IDK567 : Representing Literature Politics and Identities India
»  IDI835 : Atha Nitishatakam (Sanskrit Shlokas on human behaviour in a civilized society, on polity, prudence and wisdom)
»  IDI853 : A Lover's Guide To Warangal The Kridabhiramamu
»  IDE531 : MIR TAQI MIR Selected Poetry
»  IDD941 : The Message of Prophet Muhammad (Bhavan's Eternal Values Booklets Series Fifteen)
»  IDG380 : Sacred Songs of India (Volume Seven) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)) (Hymns to Ganesa)
»  IDJ532 : Exclusive Arabic Mehandi Designs Khoobsurat (Real Combination of Art and Emotion) (Henna)
»  IDK335 : Conversations and Interviews (Rabindra Rachanavali)
»  IDD656 : Songs of Three Great South Indian Saints
»  IDK277 : Inner Line (The Zubaan Anthology of Stories by Indian Women)
»  IDI122 : Asvaghosa's Buddhacarita The Life of the Buddha (Sanskrit Text Word-by-Word translation Melodies for Chanting and Verses in English Grammatical Explanation)
»  IDJ774 : Ramayana Quiz Book
»  IDK211 : The Roots, Verb-Forms and Primary Derivatives of the Sanskrit Language {A Supplement to his Sanskrit Grammar}
»  IDI839 : The Kama Sutra The Hindu Art of Love Vatsyayana
»  IDK053 : Witty Tales of Akbar-Birbal (You Just Can't Help Laughing)
»  IDJ777 : Perceptions on Kautiliya Arthasastra
»  IDJ718 : Rashtra - Manjusha (Encyclopedia of Quotations) (Text, Transliteration and Translation)
»  IDJ466 : The Golden Treasury of Indian Quotations (Ancient and Medieval)
»  IDJ531 : Exclusive Arabic Mehandi Designs Hina Jo Piya Man Bhaye (Henna)
»  IDJ455 : Bhavabhuti's Malatimadhava With the Commentary of Jagaddhara
»  IDJ471 : History of Sanskrit Poetics
»  IDJ452 : Priyadarsika of Sriharsadeva
»  IDJ462 : The Witty Stories of Akbar-Birbal (Educative, Entertaining and Hilarious Anecdotes)
»  IDE333 : Painted Words An Anthology of Tribal Literature
»  IDF044 : The Katha Sarit Sagara The Ocean of the Streams of Story – 2 Volumes (Translated from the Original Sanskrit)
»  IDJ072 : Dashaanan (One-Act Play)
»  IDJ071 : The Bhagavad Gita (One-Act Play)
»  IDJ042 : American Experience and Other Articles
»  IDI885 : Chanakya The Master Statesman (Rupa Charitavali Series)
»  IDI962 : My Mother the Sandwich Maker and other Tales of Food
»  IDI911 : Re-figuring Culture History, Theory and the Aesthetic in Contemporary India
»  IDI964 : Technical Terms In Sanskrit Literary Criticism and Aesthetics
»  IDI933 : The Aligarh Movement and the Making of the Indian Muslim Mind 1857-2002
»  IDC900 : Pali-English Dictionary
»  IDI834 : Atha Vairagyashatakam (Sanskrit Shlokas on asceticism, peace of mind, discovery of self, importance of meditation and on renunciation
»  IDI782 : Sphotasiddhi of Mandana Misra (A Critical Study)
»  IDI712 : Hartly House, Calcutta
»  IDI665 : Sati A Historical Anthology
»  IDI666 : The Table Is Laid The Oxford Anthology Of South Asian Food Writing
»  IDI090 : How to Placate an Angry Naga Finding One's Feet in the IAS
»  IDI077 : The Penguin Book of Classic Urdu Stories
»  IDI525 : Ideals, Images and Real Lives Women in Literature and History
»  IDI011 : Ladakh Mountains of Adventure
»  IDH487 : Rajmohan's Wife (A Novel)
»  IDI571 : Wonder-Tales of South Asia
»  IDH412 : Lajwanti and Other Stories
»  IDH406 : The Elephant-Lore Of The Hindus The Elephant-sport (Matanga-Lila) Of Nilakantha (Translated From The Original Sanskrit With Introduction, Notes, and Glossary)
»  IDG381 : Complete Plays Of Bhasa (Text with English Translation and Notes) (3 Volumes) (1. Balacaritam, 2. Madhyamavyayogam, 3. Pancaratram, 4. Dutavakyam, 5. Dutaghatotkacam, 6. Karnabharam, 7. Urubhangam
»  IDG412 : Nativism Essays in Criticism
»  IDH634 : Modernism and Tagore
»  IDH331 : Bhakta Kavi Gopala Krishna
»  IDH294 : Sukumar Ray A Legacy of Laughter
»  IDG992 : Bankim Chandra Chatterji ANANDMATH
»  IDG993 : Kanthapura
»  IDH548 : Life and Work of Guru Arjan
»  IDG941 : Clarinda A Historical Novel
»  IDH143 : A Weaver Named Kabir Selected Verses With a Detailed Biographical and Historical Introduction
»  IDH151 : Modern Literary Nepali A introductory Reader
»  IDH122 : Contemporary Kashmiri Short Stories
»  IDH146 : The Hitopadesha (An Ancient, Fabled Classic)
»  IDF309 : A Celebration of Progressive Urdu Poetry Anthems of Resistance
»  IDE923 : Bhagavad-Gita and The English Romantic Movement A Study in Influence
»  IDE823 : Bhagavata Purana With the Commentary of Sridhara Svamin (Sanskrit Only)
»  IDE279 : Indian Poetry Modernism and After
»  IDD886 : The Sacred Architecture of Islam
»  IDD726 : LAUGHING TOGETHER (Stories, Riddles and Proverbs from Asia and the Pacific)
»  IDG846 : The Legend of Banda Bahadur
»  IDG809 : Poetry and Passion The Search for the Other Voice
»  IDF920 : A CHUGHTAI COLLECTION The Quilt and other Stories, The Heart Breaks Free
»  IDF886 : Every Time I wake up Drawings by the Author (Poems by V P Singh)
»  IDF425 : In Their Own Words British Women Writers And India 1740-1857
»  IDF417 : Breaking Barriers Stories of Twelve Women
»  IDF341 : Astride the Wheel Yantrarudha
»  IDE651 : The Astadhyayi of Panini Volume I (1.1.1-1.1.75) (Slightly Worn Out)
»  IDF152 : The Muffled Heart Stories of the Disempowered Male
»  IDE712 : Interesting Times in India A Short Decade at St. Stephen's College
»  IDE713 : Mangal Pandey Brave Martyr or Accidental Hero?
»  IDE714 : Parineeta
»  IDE701 : Rabindranath Tagore's Our Universe
»  IDE642 : Narrative A Seminar
»  IDE652 : The Astadhyayi of Panini Volume II (1.2.1 - 1.2.73)
»  IDE653 : The Astadhyayi of Panini Volume III (1.3.1 - 1.3.93)
»  IDE586 : Indian Poetics
»  IDE567 : The Essential Writings of Sri Aurobindo
»  IDE543 : BODY BLOWS Women, Violence and Survival - Three Plays
»  IDE451 : Dust on the Road The Activist writings of Mahasweta Devi
»  IDE310 : Sri Aurobindo The Hour of God (Selections from his writings)
»  IDE287 : A New History of Sanskrit Literature
»  IDE283 : Epistemology, Logic, and Grammar in Indian Philosophical Analysis
»  IDE195 : The Bride's Mirror Mirat Ul-Arus (A Tale of Life in Delhi a Hundred Years Ago)
»  IDE132 : Dandin - Makers of Indian Literature
»  IDE130 : Mir Taqi Mir - Makers of Indian Literature
»  IDE123 : Saratchandra - Man and Artist
»  IDD866 : A Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners
»  IRP73 : The Popular Religion and Folklore of North India (2 vols.)
»  ILL58 : The Science of Language
»  IDD833 : Religious and Intellectual History of the Muslims in Akbar's Reign
»  IDD314 : Same-Sex Love in India Reading from Literature and History
»  IDD790 : A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada on ISLAM
»  IDD756 : THE INDUS SCRIPT (Texts, Concordance and Tables)
»  IDD738 : Linguistics in Pali
»  IDD651 : FAMILY HISTORY Janaki Agnes Penelope Majumdar (nee Bonnerjee)
»  IDD654 : Nine Indian Women Poets (An Anthology)
»  IDD657 : Shaping the Cannon of Urdu Poetry Ab-e hayat
»  IDD652 : Talking Poems (Conversations with Poets)
»  IDD645 : The Oxford Anthology of Raj Stories
»  IDD640 : A Various Universe (A Study of the Journals and Memoirs of British Men and Women in the Indian Subcontinent 1765-1856)
»  IDD630 : Early URDU Literary Culture and History
»  IDD617 : Zikr-I Mir (The Autobiography of the Eighteenth Century Mughal Poet Mir Muhammad Taqi 'Mir'
»  IDD554 : Sanskrit Syntax
»  IDD534 : SANSKRIT AND PRAKRIT (Sociolinguistic Issues)
»  IDD458 : The Meghaduta of Kalidasa
»  IDD402 : Recent Research in Paninian Studies
»  IDD387 : The Taittiriya Pratisakhya (Rare Book)
»  IHD13 : Hindu Views and Ways and the Hindu-Muslim Interface An anthropological assessment
»  IDD044 : The Art of Kamasutra
»  IDD053 : Unani The Science of Graeco-Arabic Medicine
»  IDD230 : A Peep at Indology
»  IDD191 : Love and Devotion
»  IDC834 : Modality, Reference and Sense An Essay in the Philosophy of Language
»  IDC841 : Rabindranath Tagore
»  NAB485 : A Vedic Reader for Students
»  ILL08 : A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages
»  ILL16 : A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary
»  ILL22 : A Grammar of the Hindu Language with notes on pronunciation by T. Grahame Bailey
»  ILL23 : A Grammar of the Hindustani or Urdu Language
»  ILL24 : A Grammatical Dictionary of Sanskrit (Vedic). I-Phonetics
»  ILL25 : A Handbook of Pali Literature
»  ISL40 : A History of Sanskrit Literature
»  ISL73 : A Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language arranged with reference to the classical languages of the Europe for the use of English students
»  ILL54 : A Reference Grammar of Maithili
»  ISL87 : A Short History of Sanskrit Literature
»  ILL01 : Anaphoric Relations in Hindi and English
»  ISL03 : Anubhutiprakasa
»  ILL07 : Bahina bai and Her Abhangas
»  ISL10 : Banabhatta A Literary Study
»  INE03 : Bharatiya Prachin Lipimala (The Palaeography of India
»  ISL14 : Bhasa's Balacharitam
»  ISL13 : Bhasa A Study
»  ISL15 : Bhattoji Diksita His Contribuation to Sanskrit Grammar
»  ISL16 : Bhota-Prakasa a Tibetan chrest0mathy with intro., skeleton grammar, notes, texts, and vocabularies
»  ISL21 : Concept of Riti and Guna in SanskritPoetics in their Historical Development
»  ILL12 : Critical Studies in the Phonetic Observations of Indian Grammarians
»  ISL23 : Dasakumaracaritam of Dandin along with four commentaries of Padadipika, Padachandrika, Bhushana,and Laghudipika with reading and comments
»  ILL14 : Dhatu-Patha. The Roots of Language
»  ILL17 : Dravidian in North Indian Toponomy
»  ILL18 : English Language and Literature Teaching in India A Bibliography
»  ISL26 : Essays on Sanskrit Literature
»  ISL27 : Essence of the Exact Reality or Paramarthasaraof Abhinavagupta
»  ISL29 : Gangesa's Theory of Indeterminate Perception part One Containing the Navya-Nyaya concepts and theories which help in understanding Gangesa's text
»  ISL31 : Gautamiyanyayadarsana with Bhasya of Vatsyayana
»  ISL33 : Gobhilagrhyasutram with bhattanarayana's commentary, critically ed. From the original manuscripts with notes, indices and intro. By Vanamali Vedantatirtha
»  ISL34 : Grihya-Sutra by Paraskar with 5 commentaries of Karka Upadhyaya,Jayaram,Harihar,Gadadhar and Vishvanath as well as appendices called Vapyadipratishtha Kandika with Kamadev Bhashya Showcha Sutra
»  ISL36 : Hemachandra's Dvyasrayakavya A literary and cultural study
»  ISL39 : History of Sanskrit Lexicography
»  ILL31 : India in Hungarian Learning and Literature
»  ILL32 : India's National Writing
»  ISA13 : Indian Muslims
»  ISL46 : Kalhana's Rajatarangini or Chronicles of the Kings of Kashmir Vol. I Sanskrit text with critical notes
»  ILL37 : Kaunda Bhatta's Vaiyakaranabhusanasara An Analytical Study
»  ISL50 : Kaunda Bhatta's Vaiyakaranabhusanasara An Analytical Study
»  ILL38 : Lectures Against Sociolinguistics
»  ILL39 : Linguistic Theory, Language Contact, and Modern Hindustani The three sides of a linguistic theory
»  ILL40 : Literary History of Persia
»  ISL57 : Mimamsamanjari
»  ISA19 : Muslim Communities in Gujarat Preliminary studies in their history and social organisations
»  ISL59 : Narada, Brhaspati and Katyayana A comparative study in judicial procedure
»  ILL44 : On Language Development and Planning A Pluralistic paradigm
»  ILL45 : Outilines of Linguistics Analysis
»  ILL46 : Pali Literature and Language
»  ILL47 : Passions of the Tongue Language Devotion in Tamil India, 1891-1970
»  ISL74 : Prakrit Narrative Literature Origin and Growth
»  ILL50 : Prakrit Praveshika Introduction to Prakrit
»  ISL75 : Priyadarsika a Sanskrit Drama trans.into English by G.K. nariman and A.V.William Jackson and Charles J.Ogden, with an intro. and notes together with text in transliteration
»  ISL79 : Samartha Theory of Panini and Sentence Derivation
»  ISL83 : Sandilyasutram with the coomentary of Svapnesvara
»  ILL57 : Sanskrit Syntax
»  ILL59 : Shakespeare's Impact on Hindu Literarure
»  ILL60 : Social Change in Contemporary Literature
»  ISL89 : Some Aspects of Literary Critism in Sanskrit or the Theories of Rasa and Dhvani
»  INE02 : The Alphabet A Key to the History of Mankind
»  ILL02 : The Aryan Problem A Linguistic approach
»  ISL18 : The Brihajjatakam of Varahamihira
»  ISL20 : The Champubharata of Shrimad Anantkavi
»  ISL24 : The Dasavataracaritam of Ksemendra
»  ISL25 : The Dhvanyaloka of Anandavardhanacharya with commentary of Abhinavaguptacharya and rev. by Wasudev Laxman Sastri Pansikar
»  ILL20 : The Formation of the Maithili Language
»  ILL33 : The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia Language, material culture and ethnicity
»  ISL45 : The Kadambari of Bana trans. with occasional ommissions and accompanied by a full abstract of continuation of the romance by the author's son Bhushanabhatta
»  ISL49 : The Katha Sarit Sagara or Ocean of the Streams of the Story Trans. from original Sanskrit ( 2 vols.)
»  ISL48 : The Kathakosa or Treasury of Stories
»  ISL58 : The Mirror of Self-Supremacy or Svatantrya-Darpana
»  ISL69 : The Parijataharanachampu of Sesha Srikrishna rev. by Wasudev Laxman Sastri Pansikar
»  ILL48 : The Pisaca and Morophology of Panjabi
»  ILL66 : The Wisdom of The Tamil People as illustrated by translated selections from their ancient literature
»  ILL62 : Translations of Hindi Works into English A Bibliography with Foreward by Graham Shaw
»  ISL104 : Vakyapadiyam (Brahmakanda) of Sri Bhartrihari Sanskrit text with English and Hindi trans.
»  ILL63 : Verb-Morphology in Middle Indo-Aryan
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