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Take a look at our collection of Books on Indian Performing Arts like Carnatic Music, Ragas, Dance, Theatre, Natyasastra & more at ExoticIndia – the Indian Bookstore.

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»  NAT334 : Self Transformation Through Music
»  NZA473 : फिल्मी ग़ज़ल Filmi Gazal- With Notations (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAS714 : History of Indian Music
»  IHJ060 : Shah Rukh Can by Mushtaq Shiekh- The Life and Times of Shah Rukh Khan
»  NAS219 : Aesthetic Rapture - The Rasadhyaya of The Natyasastra in Two Volumes (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAR497 : Fundamentals of Indian Music
»  IHJ077 : Handbook of Harmonium (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)
»  IDJ145 : Vaishnava Harmonium (Based on the North Indian System of Music) Book 1 and 2 with Two CDs
»  NAO539 : Philosophy of Indian Music - Contribution of of The Trinity
»  NAL436 : Appreciating Bharatanatyam
»  NZC723 : ठुमरी की उत्पति विकास और शैलियाँ The Origin, Development and Style of Thumri (With Notation) (An Old an Rare Book)
»  IDE142 : The Music of India
»  IMD23 : Music and Musical Thought in Early India
»  NAJ802 : Meaning in Music
»  NAC374 : Tabla for Advanced Students
»  NAH794 : Aspects of Indian Music (A Rare Book)
»  IHJ079 : Handbook of Tanpura (History, Anatomy, Learning, Maintenance)
»  NAK525 : The Hindu Speaks on Music
»  NAL508 : Compositions of Tyagaraja (In National and International Scripts Devanagari & Roman with Meaning and S R G M Notation in English)
»  NAN383 : Drama And Aesthetics
»  NAL098 : Flowers at His Feet (An Insight into Annamacharya's Compositions)
»  NAL767 : A Guide to Theory of Indian Music Sangita Sastra Sangraha (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAN714 : Behind the Glitz - Exploring an Enigma Called Indian Film Industry
»  NAN715 : Music and Modernity - North Indian Classical Music in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction
»  NAL752 : Mrudanga Swabodhini
»  IDL207 : Theory and Practice of Angikabhinaya (In Bharata Natyam)
»  NZC828 : कथा कथक की The Story of Kathak
»  NAN142 : Nayikas in Kshetrayya Padams (An Old Book)
»  HAA322 : संगीत रत्नाकर Sangeet Ratnakara (With Notation) - Two Volumes
»  NAM328 : Aspects of Abhinaya
»  IDK797 : The Concept and Evolution of Raga (In Hindustani and Karnatic Music)
»  IDG942 : Listen Janamejaya and Other Plays
»  NAI088 : Hindusthani Music (An Outline of Its Physics and Aesthetics)
»  NAN049 : The Principle of Gati and Nadai (Illustration With Concept of Space and Time and Dance Movements)
»  NAM418 : Karanas Common Dance Codes of India and Indonesia (Set of Three Volumes)
»  NAM253 : Nrtta Ratnavali of Jaya Senapati
»  NAM428 : Musical Forms in Sangita Ratnakara
»  NAM902 : Geeta Dutt The Skylark (A Rare Book)
»  NAB952 : Kuttampalam and Kutiyattam (A Study of the Traditional Theatre for the Sanskrit Drama of Kerala) An old and Rare Book
»  NAM702 : Bodhana with Notation (Carnatic Music - An Introduction)
»  NAH374 : The Theory and Practice of Mridanga
»  NAM170 : A Text Book of Carnatic Music and Concise Dictionary of Carnatic Music (With Notation)
»  NAM169 : Dance and Devotion (A Hand Book on Bharatanatyam Dance and Traditional Prayers for Students Pursuing Indian Classical Dance)
»  NAM601 : History of South Indian (Carnatic) Music From Vedic Times to the Present (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAM113 : An Introduction to Music and Musicology
»  NAG317 : Collected Writings on Indian Music (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAL510 : Compositions of Muddusvami Dikshitar (In National and International Scripts Devanagari & Roman with Meaning and S R G M Notation in English)
»  NAL628 : Fragrance of Padams - Pada Parimalam (With CD Inside)
»  IDI961 : Panchatantra The Musical
»  NAG666 : The Science of Indian Music - A Rare Book
»  NAL986 : Being Salman
»  IDE664 : Indian Classical Dances
»  NAF515 : Folkways in Rajasthan (A Rare Book)
»  NAG874 : The Dictionary of Hindustani Classical Music
»  NAL917 : Gateway to Koochipoodi
»  NAL096 : Mrdangam The King of Percussions (With Notation)
»  NAL637 : Saptaswara's Classical Gems (With Notation)
»  NAL726 : Treasure of Indian Music
»  IDG132 : MRIDULA SARABHAI Rebel with a Cause
»  NAL219 : Abhinaya Darpanam (An Illustrated Translation)
»  NAH199 : The Music of India History and Development (Set of 2 Volumes) (A Rare Book)
»  NZF802 : संगीत की अनुसंधान प्रक्रिया Research Process of Music
»  IDK371 : Tolpava Koothu {Shadow Puppets of Kerala}
»  IDK672 : Swinging Syllables Aesthetics of Kathak Dance
»  IDH472 : A Dictionary of Bharata Natya
»  IDF849 : Philosophy Of Music
»  NZC775 : सत्यजीत राय का सिनेमा The Cinema of Satyajit Ray
»  IHL076 : The Devadasi and The Saint (The Life times of Bangalore Nagarathnamna)
»  NZF799 : त्यागराज कृति संग्रह Kritis of Tyagaraja (With Notations)(An old book)
»  NZG111 : अमिताभ आख्यान Autobiography of Amitabh
»  NZF744 : कथक प्रसंग विशेषज्ञों द्वारा विचार और विश्लेषण Essays on Kathak by Specialists
»  NZD666 : जीवन का रंगमंच The Stage of Life - Autobiography of Amrish Puri
»  NAI139 : Hits of Lata Mangeshkar (With Transliteration)
»  NAH520 : Modern Indian Theatre (A Reader)
»  NAG979 : Putul Yatra (An Exhibition of Indian Puppets)
»  IDE353 : Rukmini Devi Arundale (1904 - 1986) A Visionary Architect of Indian Culture and the Performing Arts
»  NAG873 : Compositions for Bharatanatyam A Soulful Worship of the Divine
»  NZD010 : उत्तरांचल के लोकगाथा गीत Folk Songs of Uttarakhand Folk Songs
»  NZB792 : नाट्यशास्त्र का वैदिक आधार Vedic Foundation of Natyasastra
»  NZB700 : हिन्दुस्तानी संगीत में होली गान (उद्गम, विकास - परम्परा और वर्तमान स्वरुप) - Holi Songs in Indian Music (With Notations)
»  HAA313 : धुनों की यात्रा Journey of Tunes - Music Directors of Hindi Cinema
»  IDG150 : The Cinema of SATYAJIT RAY
»  IHJ065 : Islamicate Cultures of Bombay Cinema
»  IDE305 : The Language of Music
»  IDF965 : An Unheard Melody Annapurna Devi
»  NAF057 : Bells of Change (Kathak Dance, Women and Modernity in India)
»  NAF114 : Nuances of Hindustani Classical Music (Raags, Taals, Moods, Rasas, Genres and Gharanas) (With C.D)
»  IDF010 : ...and PRAN A Biography
»  NAC820 : The History of Indian Film Music
»  NAE940 : A Journey Down Melody Lane
»  NAE635 : Ravana Chhaya (Shadow Theatre of Orissa)
»  IAB44 : Acoustical Perspective on Raga Rasa Theory
»  IDJ967 : Kathak Indian Classical Dance Art (Rare Book)
»  NAC367 : Sangeet Natak Journal Special Issue on Alain Danielou
»  IDK587 : Aspects of Indian Music
»  IDF390 : AB The Legend (A Photographer's Tribute)
»  NAE578 : Compositions of Swami Dayananda Saraswati (With CD)
»  NAE460 : Selected Songs By Mohammad Rafi (Most Popular And Evergreen Melodious Songs)
»  NAE304 : Mahanayak Revisited The World of Uttam Kumar
»  IDL144 : Bollywood Posters
»  IDK480 : Madame Menaka
»  IDK275 : Our Films Their Films
»  IHF072 : Bharatanatyam A Reader
»  NAD389 : Musical Compositions of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra Saraswathi
»  IDK986 : Kathak (Shovana Narayan)
»  NAB861 : The Rags of North Indian Music Their Structure and Evolution With CD
»  IDI770 : Folk Dance Tribal, Ritual and Martial Forms
»  IDI883 : A Glance Play on Tabla (For Beginners to Advanced Players)
»  NAD016 : Lata Mangeshkar A Quick Biography of a Great Woman Who Inspired Millions
»  IDK047 : Sonic Theology (Hinduism and Sacred Sound) (Rare Book)
»  IDE825 : M.G. Ramachandran Jewel of the Masses (Charitavali Series)
»  IDE824 : Sivaji Ganeshan The Making of a Legend (Charitavali Series)
»  IDL010 : The Art of The Indian Tabla
»  IDI746 : Shruti Listening to Hindustani Classical Music
»  NAC077 : Dattilam
»  IDE829 : Suchitra Sen A Legend in her Lifetime (Charitavali Series)
»  IHL580 : Best Old Songs with Notations and Chords
»  IDK285 : Bonding A Memoir by Vyjayantimala Bali
»  IDE835 : Madhubala Masti and Magic (Charitavali Series)
»  IDH243 : Theory 0f Indian Ragas
»  IHL327 : Close - Up Memoirs of a Life on Stage and Screen
»  IDE781 : Indian Aesthetics and Musicology (The Art and Science of Indian Music)
»  IDE309 : Dancing in the Family An Unconventional Memoir of three Women
»  IDE828 : Satyajit Ray Creating Classics (Charitavali Series)
»  IDE866 : Ten Days in Calcutta A Portrait of Mrinal Sen (A Film By Reinhard Hauff)
»  IDE878 : The Madras Quartet Women in Karnatak Music
»  IHK014 : The Life and Times of Nargis
»  IDF282 : Rag Asawari
»  IHJ082 : Mohiniattam (The Lyrical Dance of Kerala)
»  IHG063 : Rukmini Devi (A Life By Leela Samson)
»  IHG051 : A.R. Rahman The Musical Storm
»  IHG044 : Love and Longing in Hindi Cinema
»  IDL135 : The Oxford Illustrated Companion to South Indian Classical Music (Second Edition)
»  IDE877 : Mehmood A Man of Many Moods
»  IDL119 : Music and Musical Instruments of India (In Color)
»  IDF153 : The Art of Cinema An Insider's Journey Through Fifty Years of Film History
»  IDK224 : Classical Indian Dance in Literature and The Arts
»  IDD859 : Companion to North Indian Classical Music
»  IDC344 : Mumbai Masti
»  IDI032 : The Immortal Dialogue of K. Asif's Mughal-E- Azam ( (Urdu Text, Roman Transliteration and Hindi and English Translation))
»  IDF210 : Theatres of Independence Drama, Theory, and Urban Performance in India since 1947
»  IDG322 : An Introduction to Indian Music
»  IDD612 : Euphony (Indian Classical Music)
»  IDK967 : Great Composers
»  IDD297 : Hindustani Music
»  IDI741 : The Great Masters Profiles In Hindustani Classical Vocal Music
»  IDK410 : Ustad Faiyaaz Khan
»  IDK501 : Who's who of Indian Musicians
»  IMD13 : A Historical Study of Indian Music
»  IDK283 : Meandering Pastures of Memories
»  IDC361 : Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer (Life and Music)
»  IDK097 : NAD (Understanding Raga Music)
»  IDE564 : Journey With A Hundred Strings My Life in Music
»  IDK709 : Eminent Indians Dancers
»  IDD965 : A Guide to Kathakali
»  IDE673 : My Body, My Wisdom A Handbook of creative dance therapy
»  IDK332 : The Cinemas of India (1896-2000)
»  IDK396 : Icons from Bollywood
»  IDI137 : Time Measure and Compositional Types In Indian Music A Historical and Analytical Study of Tala, Chanda and Nibaddha Musical Forms
»  IDK306 : Hindi Action Cinema (Industries, Narratives, Bodies)
»  IDK229 : Classical Dance
»  IDK244 : Sarngadeva and His Sangita-ratnakara (Proceedings of the Seminar Varanasi, 1994)
»  IDF855 : Form in Indian Music A Study in Gharanas
»  IDK138 : Performing Pasts Reinventing the Arts in Modern South India
»  IDI957 : Eminent Indians Dancers
»  IDI866 : Indian Music An Introduction
»  IDG486 : Great Masters of Indian Cinema The Dadasaheb Phalke Award Winners
»  IDH448 : Cinema Images and Issues
»  IDG339 : All India Directory of Music and Fine Arts Institutes and Courses
»  IDD798 : Archaeology of Indian Musical Instruments
»  IDE832 : Ideology of the Hindi Film A Historical Construction
»  IDF966 : Bapi the Love of My Life
»  IDF562 : An Actress in Her Time
»  IDF560 : Govind Nihalani A Celluloid Chapter Documentation
»  IDF567 : Musical Instruments of India History and Development
»  IDF568 : NATRAJ Indian Dances Through the Ages
»  IDH025 : MEDIA ETHICS Veda to Gandhi and Beyond
»  IDF439 : Song Sung True A Memoir
»  IDF316 : The Music of India History and Development Volume I
»  IDF315 : The Music of India History and Development Volume II
»  IDF283 : Learn to Play on Flute
»  IDF144 : The Kapoors The First Family of Indian Cinema
»  IDF092 : Girija A Jorney through Thumri
»  IDE998 : Life and Films of Dilip Kumar
»  IDE841 : Kishore Kumar Method in Madness
»  IDE869 : Actors, Pilgrims, Kings and Gods The Ramlila of Ramnagar
»  IDE864 : CINEMA Quiz Book
»  IDE853 : AGANTUK Satyajit Ray - The Stranger
»  IDE845 : Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge The Making of a Blockbuster
»  IDE846 : Rows and Rows of Fences Ritwik Ghatak on Cinema
»  IDE840 : Dilip Kumar The Last Emperor (Charitavali Series)
»  IDE733 : Solo Tabla Drumming Of North India Its Repertoire, Styles, and Performance Practices (2 Volume Set with 2 Audio Cassettes)
»  IDE485 : A Comparative Study of Selected Hindustani Raga-s Based on Contemporary Practice.
»  IMD38 : The Story of Indian Music and its Instruments A Study of the Present and A Record of the Past
»  IMD12 : Hindustani Raga-s Index
»  IDD861 : Philosophy of Music
»  IMD39 : TANDAVA LAKSANAM or the Fundamentals of Ancient Hindu Dancing
»  NAB017 : Indian Classical Dance
»  IDD508 : FROM SACRED SERVANT TO PROFANE PROSTITUTE (A History of the Changing Legal Status of the Devadasis in India, 1857-1947)
»  IDD510 : The Music and Musical Instruments of Southern India and the Deccan
»  NAB319 : Drama and Ritual of Early Hinduism
»  IMD06 : A Comparative Study of Selected Hindustani Ragas Based on contemporary practice
»  IMD03 : Bharatakosa A dictionary of techincal terms with definitions collected from the works on music, dramaturgy by Bharata and others in Sanskrit
»  IMD04 : Classical Dances and Costumes of India
»  IMD07 : Concept of Ancient Indian Theatre
»  IMD11 : Hazarat Inayat Khan A Biography
»  IMD16 : Introduction to the Study of Musical Scales
»  IMD17 : Kathakali The Dance Drama of Malabar
»  IMD19 : Man-and-Music in India
»  IMD22 : Music Its Form, Function and Value
»  IMD31 : Priyadarsika A Sanskrit Drama with an intro. And notes together with text in transliteration
»  IMD14 : The Indian Theatre
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