Crystals and Us (A Loving, Healing Relationship)

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Author: Dr. Gulrukh Bala
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Book Description

Our relationship with the crystal kingdom

Crystals feel like someone we have known for a long time, like an old and trusted friend with whom each encounter feels like coming home. Working with them can change the way we think and feel. It is like we have had a quiet talk with a wise friend and now things look better. Brighter. Lighter.

Crystals speak the language of light. In this book, Gulrukh Bala shares with us the words of light that the stones speak to us in their silent language of Spirit. She takes us to the heart of the crystal kingdom and shows us a museum of images, punctuating them with the insight and wisdom that only a traveler of deep experience and vision can reveal. She shows us the landmarks of the world of stones, naming each, and makes sure we know the terrain and can find our way back whenever we wish to visit again. Her warm stories share both the excitement of each new crystal encounter and the deep knowing of the messages the stones' are sharing.

Discussing the most important and easily available stones and their properties, with Gulrukh we are informed, intelligent visitors to the world of stones. Soon we know them all like the back of our hand. As our guide, Gulrukh shows us how to work with the stones as if they contain all the best kept secrets that the visitor seeks, but that only those who call the streets of the city their home, can truly know about.

There are many books that tell us about stones, their healing properties and their structures. This little jewel of a book does this too, but more. than this, Gulrukh weaves her words for us into guidance that is as personal as a hand drawn map. She walks with us every step of the way pointing out exactly how each turn along the path leads us further along our journey with crystals, as we find our own personal and unique destination. Whether we seek healing, enlightenment, a deeper connection to Spirit or a true life story about these things, each page is a stepping stone along a journey of learning, listening and living in the world of stones.

Having a guide book in hand and walking with a guide at our side are two very different things. This book is both. With pages of easy to read definitions and exquisite photographs, Gulrukh takes our hand and strikes the delicate balance of knowledge and wisdom that is necessary for those who wish to tour the paradise of the crystal kingdom, seeking to call it their new hometown.

Working with crystals solely by learning their names or identifying them in a photograph is limiting. The learning begins with these gentle lessons in a synergistic fashion, as the author combines these important pieces of the puzzle which then become the whole that is more than the sum of its parts. As we turn the pages, our connection will begin to form and reveal insights. As our intuition develops we begin to see with new eyes and to listen with intent to a silent language being whispered to us as if it were our mother tongue. This is the silent language of crystals and the messages they wish to share with us, that Gulrukh guides us to understand.

Practical and useful grids, layouts and combinations are thoughtfully planned for us, as if each were a day trip filled with exciting sights, new tastes and experiences as well as a personal audience with the ambassadors of the stone kingdom seated at our own reserved table. We experience a newfound confidence with Gulrukh leading us, and soon we are ordering off the menu all the delights of the city as if we were locals.

I believe that Gulrukh gives us an attunement to the energies of the stones not only through the exquisite photographs, but by gently opening our hearts as she infuses us with her deep peace and wisdom with her words. Her connection to the crystal kingdom is our ticket to a journey filled with fair winds and a gentle current that carries us home to a place we find we have hardly ever left. The Emerald City* of our waking dreams. The crystal kingdom.


My relationship with crystals

Crystals have brought immense Light into my life. I remember I was all of eleven when we were taken by Queen Mary School on a weekend geology trip to the beautiful hill station of Panchgani.

The table land, the scenic beauty and particularly the beautiful rocks that lay strewn on the paths captivated me! I started thinking about the stellar beauty lying within those rocks and stones I saw wherever we walked. I had an empty lunch box with me - just the right thing to have - and in this I placed the stones that I had begun picking.

When I got home, I happily scrubbed them and wiped them clean of all the caked red soil that they had probably collected for decades. My mother encouraged me to place the rocks on the pelmets of our high-ceilinged living room. They became the centre of attraction and quite a conversation piece. It was only much later that I learned their names - clear quartz and amethyst, gleaming sentinels that gave me such happiness!

At the age of twelve, I remember wearing my mother's special strand of green stones around my neck - light green stones whose facets sparkled in the light and dark green ones that had the smoothest texture to them. 'What were these divine stones?' I wondered.

I loved that light green necklace and wanted to take it away from my mother and wear it. However, I restrained myself, for my mother treasured it, kept it safely and wore it on special occasions with her elegant saris. I learned many years later that these light green jewels were peridot crystals cut in hexagons and faceted. The dark ones were green aventurine.

Things fell in place after I attended a Crystalline Ascension workshop in 1997. This experience confirmed to me very soon that I already knew what crystals held inside them and I was sure that in a previous birth I had lived in Lemuria* where I had used this vibrational frequency to add richness to my life.

At the workshop, I bought some crystals and when I came home that evening, I had a healing session with a friend. As she lay down, I discovered how comfortable I was with using crystals to balance her chakra field and to clear the grey energies. It made me wonder how I was so skilled at it. It was as though a dormant wellspring had opened up.

The next morning I called a friend and explained my urgency to go crystal shopping right away. She said she knew just the place. Right next to her laundromat, there was a crystals warehouse where most of the rocks were dumped outside the shop. We went there and it was a feast for sore eyes! I got home three cartons filled with natural amethyst and clear quartz rocks. This was the beginning of many fulfilling years!

In the year 2000, I was invited by a store in South Mumbai to place my healing crystals there. I did so. The next day there was a long line of people coming up to me with many questions. I returned home tired, but very happy.

The following day the queue doubled. It so happened that two women asked me: "Dr. Bala, where is your book?" 'What book?' I asked myself. It set me thinking and culminated in this simple little book.

The books were soon out of stock. I decided that I would somehow find the time to create a second, revised edition. I had been busy teaching from home, grooming young lives from 1995, and it is only recently that I came back to the book again. This revised edition is in your hands now and as you read it, you will experience a whole new world of opportunity opening up, one in which you can avail of deep core healing and transformation.

There is a special place for crystalline healing deep at the centre of my being. Each crystal and stone has a precious property and each has a story to tell. Each has a healing energy to offer. As we allow this energy to flow into our being, we fill ourselves up and overflow into our world with life-giving goodness in each breath.

It is unfortunate that we hardly understand or acknowledge the gracious ways of God who has so abundantly filled the bowels of beloved Mother Earth with precious healing energies. Such is her plenitude and munificence, and such is our heaped human transgression! In our ignorance we pollute her layers, contaminate her surface and desecrate her sacred vibratory frequency.

Beyond belief and comprehension, our heartless response to Mother Earth's heartfelt love and constant care leaves a sensitive human gasping.

We are humbled in repentance to our sacred Earth energies which are so replete with perfection in all ways. Ageless and timeless are her treasures - pure metals and minerals abound in her. Lustrous riches of healing wealth dwell in her.

Psychic powers and healing remedies have been the rewards of those seers and sages who, in ancient times, tirelessly strove towards interpreting Mother Earth's secrets of perfection. They knew that all vibratory frequencies manifest in energy and form. Crystals have been known for their natural radiation and electromagnetic properties holding within their core the seed of manifesting our intent - our abundance, health, peace, longevity and more.

Kayakalpa is the time-honoured method for rejuvenating our body at the cellular level using crystalline energies for healing along with herbs and Yogasanas.


The Formation of Crystals1
Special Powers Locked within Shapes of Crystals5
Crystals and their Properties15
Crystals and their Colours47
Choosing our Crystals51
Cleansing our Crystals54
Programming our Crystals56
Healing with Crystals61
Understanding the Chakra Circuit79
Crystalline Grid Healing88
Crystal Healing with Essential Oils91
The Sri Yantra93
Environmental Placement of Crystals95
Birthstones for Each Month97
Manifestation in Action102
Case Studies105
Quick Reference114
About the Author118
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