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Ashtamangala - The Eight Guiding Steps Towards Enlightenment

Ashtamangala, a set of eight divine signs or symbols is recognized as a teaching tool or list of qualities that are needed to attain enlightenment. Astamangala is considered auspicious as it represents the blessings bestowed upon Buddha by the divine beings upon his enlightenment. Exotic India curates a list of Ashtamangala jewelry pieces which each representing different tools and enlightening essence. 

Ashtamangala’s eight symbols denote various ideas such as, the conch imitates the sound of the dharma that awakens worshippers from a deep sleep of ignorance, while the endless knot is thy symbol of unity of everything in the universe, and wisdom and compassion being weaved. The two goldfish point to all things in the universe living in a state of fearlessness without danger of drowning, while the lotus represents the ability of one to rise up and grow from even the nastiest of environments just like the lotus. The victory banner represents the victory over all the hindrances in the path of enlightenment, the treasure vase symbolizes wisdom and the Dharmachakra refers to turning of the wheel, i.e liberation. 

Exotic India beautifully depicts the Ashtamangala jewelry pieces with the use of different symbols that help express and guide through the path to enlightenment. The Ashtamangala jewelry pieces help as a nudge to keep taking steps and using tools to live a life that we’re destined to live.