Tanjore Art - The Golden Artistry that flourished through Ages ( Thanjavur Paintings )

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Spectacular Tanjore Paintings

Exotic India presents this treasured collection of Tanjore paintings. A vital part of the wondrous world of Indian art, these highly decorated, intricate works are now available to you.


Tanjore paintings developed in the 17th century in southern India, in and around the city of Tanjore (also known as Thanjavur). It was here that the distinctive style arose to create icons for worship and devotion. To up the grandeur, artists often use bold colors, affix glass and precious stones to the works, and even apply gold foil.


In the paintings, you’ll typically find a Hindu deity or saintly figure at the center of the composition. They are often surrounded by an architectural work that helps to stabilize the composition further. That strong structure is required to make all the passionate colors and eminence of the figure come together.


For much of its history, Tanjore paintings were created at the behest of a patron. They often had these custom made for a certain place in a building, making them treasured, bespoke works of art. Those wealthy patrons helped fund a new group of artists who brought with them new ways of imagining the Hindu pantheon. In particular, they wanted to celebrate them with extravagant hues and sumptuous detail.


The style also borrowed from a wider range of cultures than much of classical South Indian art had. This brought an injection of inspiration into these creations, and helped revivify painting in India.


Exotic India’s Tanjore paintings for sale all contain the high level of detail and religious feeling that make this style so special. They are now available to you in our collection.