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narrow borders

Embellishments - The Subtle Ones

For those of us who dig the soft and the subtle, this section has a range of embellishments handpicked for their narrow dimensions and lacey appeal. These trims have been designed to be stitched on to Indian suits and cholies to add a world of charm and personality to your dresses. Fashioned from signature silks and velvets, the style of embroidery featured on these borders range from Banarasi weaves to Prasi-style embroideries. Choose from our range of muted pastels, glamorous metallics, and vibrant tones, each designed to uplift a number of ethnic dresses of a variety of fabrics and colours. The selections in this category are narrow enough to grace the edges of sleeves, traditional necklines, and the more unconventional hemlines. Some of these comprise pure gold and silver thread, worked by hand into the most irresistible patterns that would be the highlight of any dress they are stitched on.