2.7" Height
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$580  (25% off)
1.6" Height1.0" Width
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16.0" Necklace Length1.0" Earrings Height
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1.2" Height0.5" Width
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$460  (25% off)
1.3" X 0.4"
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$535  (25% off)
2.0" Height
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$1560  (25% off)
1.2 inch Height0.5 inch Width
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$270  (25% off)
2.4" Height
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$500  (25% off)
1.3" Height0.8" Width
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1.0" Height
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$520  (25% off)
3.0 Height
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1.5" Height
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$415  (20% + 25% off)
0.8 inch Height X 0.5 inch Width
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1.4" Height0.5" Width
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1.7" Height0.7" Width
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1.0" Height
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$335  (20% + 25% off)
2.0" Height
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1.0" Height
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$880  (20% + 25% off)
0.7" Height
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1.7" Height
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Adorn Yourself With Mesmerizing Gemstone Studded Gold Delights

The combination of sparkling gemstones and effulgent gold offers timeless beauty to the piece of jewelry, making it apt to be worn with both formal as well as informal outfits. The appealing glow of gemstone studded gold jewelry gives one an opulent look and makes them stand out from the crowd. Gemstones come in various heartwarming colors and shades adding a pop of color to even a basic outfit thus effortlessly enhances the overall attire. Gold is known for its high durability and luxurious sophistication. This combination becomes a cherished accessory for most women.

Exotic India offers its splendid collection of gold jewelry pieces studded with alluring semi-precious stones such as diamond, amethyst, tourmaline, Citrine, blue sapphire, apatite, and ruby. The colored lustrous and glassy appearance of these stones gives the jewelry a brilliant and glamorous look. The beauty of such a piece of jewelry is that it never goes out of style and goes with almost any type of outfit. Here you can find some of the finest pieces of rings, earrings, and pendants with elegant and unique designs that highlight the beauty of the gemstone very well. From simple and minimalist designs for casual wear to intricate designs for donning on special occasions, we have a plethora of options for you to choose from to turn all heads your way.

Q. What is the significance of different gemstones in jewelry?

Apart from their enchanting appearance, gemstones hold great cultural and spiritual significance in different parts of the world. Diamond stands for love and clarity of thoughts. Amethyst is considered to exhibit healing properties to bring balance between people’s physical and mental health. Ruby stands for love and devotion. Tourmaline is associated with prosperity, serenity, and bliss.

Q. Are gemstone studded gold jewelry pieces suitable for everyday use?

Gemstones and gold are the kinds of materials which are known for their high durability. Gemstones are securely set in gold jewelry using various authentic methods to ensure their protection thus making them apt to be worn every day. However, some delicate designs of jewelry pieces may not be suitable for casual wear but for special occasions.

Q. How do I care for gemstone studded gold jewelry?

To maintain the luster and brilliant appearance of gemstone-studded gold jewelry pieces, avoid exposing them too much to direct sunlight or excess moisture. When not in use, keep them in a separate air-tight container to not get scratched on the surface of the gemstone. Do not spray perfumes on the pieces.