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The Body and Space: An Insight into Medical Astrology

Over the years, astrology has widely been associated with predicting the future, helping one with their destiny, love lives, careers, wealth and other related aspects of life. However, we never think of the correlation that might exist between the study of medicine and astrology. While it might sound extremely bizarre, the practice of evaluating the relationship between medicine and astrology is nothing new. Rooted in Greek Astrology, this ancient discipline was prevalent even before astrology was used to determine and predict the future. 

Rooted in Greek Astrology, doctors at the time were experts in astrology as well. For the longest time, it was essential for doctors and physicians to pass astrological exams, if they wanted to pursue a career in medicine. Both these disciplines were believed to go hand in hand, wherein the planets and zodiac signs had a significant role to play in medicine, wherein the Zodiac was an important aspect for medical practitioners, in order for them to determine how the human body functions. Each of the zodiac signs is correlated to different parts of the human body. From a simple allergy to a critical ailment such as a brain disorder, everything was believed to be dictated by the planets and astrology. 

In India, in Vedic Astrology, it is believed that the planets and our birth signs are intertwined with human chakras and our organs. The horoscope and the planets can help recognize your Chakras’ energy. It can help pinpoint an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health as well as unforeseen diseases and ailments. The various houses of astrology have different connotations with respect to a person’s health. For instance, if the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses in an individual’s horoscope are affected by the malefic planets (i.e., Mars and Saturn) there may be a high possibility that the individual may face significant health issues. Each of these houses have a different meaning. The 6th house is usually associated with sickness of any kind, the 8th house is connotative of surgery and death, while the 12th house represents hospitalisation. 

Benefits of Medical Astrology

  • One’s natal horoscope can help determine an individual’s innate nature, which is proven to be a great indicator of suitable diagnosis and treatment. 

  • Medical astrology can help one uncover the relationship between their psychological nature and karma, which can prove to be a determinant of an underlying illness or condition. 

  • With the help of medical astrology, one can find out what health challenges and obstacles might come their way in the future and the timeline of it, thus preparing them for this major development in their lives, wherein they could take preventive measures to alter their destiny. 

  • Medical astrology is also used to determine appropriate times to undergo surgeries or operations to ensure the success rate of that particular surgery. 


Q1. How was astrology used by practitioners in medicine?

To detect illnesses and ailments, doctors would rely on their astrological knowledge of the seven planets and their correlation with the parts of our body. It was also used as a historical horoscope to recognize the configurations of the planets in order to determine how they caused certain diseases and epidemics. 

Q2. How can astrology predict health? 

It is believed that our anatomical structures and organs are heavily influenced by the stars and their patterns, thus through astrological predictions, one can gain insight into their health and take precautions to lead a full, healthy life. 

Q3. Is Medical Astrology still as prevalent as it was in the earlier times? 

While there has been vast development and advancement in the field of medicine, there is still evidence that suggests that some contemporary medical practitioners still believe in the power of astrology in determining health. Practitioners are still showing interest in this discipline and taking measures to dive deeper into this form of astrology.

Q4. Which planet is responsible for medicine?

Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius are ascendant and have a combination of Mars-Saturn or Chandra-Saturn or Mercury-Saturn, or if there are three separate planets with Sun-Moon,  if Mars is sitting in the Lagna or Capricorn sign.

Cancer zodiac and Mars are strong in the horoscope and Mars and Rahu are related in any form to the Ascendant and the tenth.

Mars or Ketu is becoming strongly related to the tenth house or Dashmesh, the Sun and Mars are in the fifth house and Saturn or Rahu is in the 6th. Mars is in the tenth house in Aquarius ascendant and Moon and Sun are also in good condition,

Q5. Which astrology chart is for health?


The sixth house in the horoscope represents health in Vedic astrology. The impact & aspect of benefic and malefic planets on the sixth house is the deciding factor in whether the person will have good or bad health. This house is generally ruled by the Virgo zodiac sign and the planet Mercury. The aspects of life that the sixth house alludes to involve one's work, well-being, individual cleanliness, daily schedules, and duties.


Mars is a body-ruling planet. On the physical front, we already know that the planet spells out a person's sexual appetite and Immune system. It can also help shape a native’s workout routine, overall health, and vitality.


Naturally, our environment and life choices affect our health.

Q6. What are some good books to learn medical astrology?


There are a few major writers in astrology who have summarized and beautifully explained all aspects of astrology. These are:


Parashara: Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra - the modern bible of astrology, which everyone reads but no one, learns.


Jaimini Sutras


Kalidasa: Uttara Kalamrita and Purva Kalamrita


Varahamihira: Brihat Jataka, Brihat Samhita, Lagna Varahi and Daivajna Vallabha, Prashna Marga, Bhavartha Ratnakara


Any available translations by R. Santhanam, B. Suryanarain Rao, B. V. Raman are much more authentic. Lal-Kitab (the original one).


Some other books should be a must-read, but an authentic version of these won’t be available.

Q7. Which is the best book for learning medical astrology with remedies?


A Complete Book on Medical Astrology: Principles and Case Studies: Manage your health through preventive astral remedies Paperback - by V. K. Choudhry & K. Rajesh Chaudhary

In this book, the basic concepts and advanced predictive techniques have been discussed so that the subject can be properly comprehended and the case studies are easily understood. It takes up the significations of planets, signs, and houses and the analytical techniques to identify the areas of health problems in the life of a person and discusses the application of preventive astrological remedial measures.

Medical Astrology Paperback – by Dr. Deepak Singla

The ancient science of Vedic Astrology is focused in this guide on Physical and Mental Health related wisdom. Effective Remedies are also given.

Q8. Can anybody tell me about medical astrology?


Medical astrology is the part of astrology that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs and deals with the functioning of the human body under the influence of the Sun, Moon, and planets along with the twelve astronomical signs. It helps in knowing the present and future medical problems.


Individuals with strong birth charts are generally able to withstand or cope with the disease better, whereas others' seemingly strong physiques may fall ill suddenly. This can be attributed to the formation of a certain planetary combination at a definite time. Medical astrology helps here too. Certain positions of planets cause permanent physical defects like dumbness, squint eye, blindness, defects in the limbs, etc.

Q9. What is the best book on career astrology?


Ups and downs in a career (Sri K N Rao)


Astrology of professions (Col A K Gour)


One may try to develop his way of arriving at the prediction with the help of principles and exact formulae that fits to arrive at the nature of the profession for every native.


Perfect Astrology (Profession and Career): Profession and Career Astrology (Ram Babu Sao)


An Astrological Study of Modern Careers: With 120+ Example horoscopes, Quizzes, and Assignments by Muthu Vijayan Elango focused on teaching the astrolo     gical analysis of Modern careers. Whether Vedic astrology is learned as a hobby or to become a full-time astrologer, the reader would learn all the astrological concepts that are required to judge a career from a horoscope.