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Q1. What are the four types of biographies?


The four types of biographies are:


1.) Academic Biography – This type of biography strictly describes a person’s life based on documented facts from some reliable source.


2.) Fictional Biography – This type of biography portrays the life of a historical personality but the original life story is distorted to give it an interesting twist.


3.) Fictionalized Academic Biography – It is a creative biography that is a combination of fictional and academic biographies. It involves a change in a person’s life in a creative way that makes it interesting to read.


4.) Prophetic Biography – The main motive of this type of biography is to drive moral facts or lessons out of a person’s life story.


Q2. What type of language is used in biographies?


Biographical work is a non-fiction written history or detailed account of a person’s life and is written in the third person. There is no limitation to writing biographies in a particular language. Rather, these can be written in any language at the ease of the writer and the audience. Biographies can also be translated into other languages to share them with the wider world.

Q3. What is an example of a biography book?


A biography is a form of literature that describes the story of a person’s life (especially a renowned person) in a delightful manner. The best example of a biography book is “Paramhansa Yogananda” by Swami Kriyananda. This book is a biography of a well-known Hindu monk and Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda. The author has mentioned the inner nature, the divine consciousness, the purpose of life, and the key teachings of his spiritual master. He also aims to inspire the readers to accept the teachings and instructions of Paramhansa Yogananda to lead a happy and successful life. This book is an example of a Prophetic Biography that serves as a guide for the readers. Exotic India has a wide collection of handpicked biographies for your enjoyment and knowledge.

Q4. What are the different types of books?


Although there are multiple Genres of books, all books can be broadly classified into two main categories: Fiction and Non-fiction. The storyline and characters of fiction are based on imagination. These can be borrowed or inspired by real-life situations or people. A common term used for fictional books is “Novel”. However, non-fiction books are based on true facts, real-life situations, and historical events. Some examples of these books are Autobiographies, Biographies, and Encyclopaedias. Non-fiction books have a few genres. Whereas, fictional books have a large number of genres to pick for the readers.