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Our collection of हिन्दी साहित्य has something for everyone.

Hindi is a language common to all people of India and finds its roots seeped into the rich culture of Ancient India. Hindi literature has seen a massive evolution in recent decades due to the contribution of renowned authors specialized in different genres of writing. Their words penetrate the hearts of the readers and provide them with valuable insights and reflection through their content. If you are fond of reading books in Hindi, are a writer enthusiast, or are carrying out research into the history of Hindi literature for academic purposes, this curated collection of Hindi books serves all your purposes. From mystical poets and fascinating Hindi stories to interesting critics and commentaries on philosophical works.

This collection encompasses a wide range of genres of books – mystery, comedy, biography, love, history, spirituality, adventure, nature, health, and many more. This extensive variety of themes and subjects ensures that there is something for every individual to choose from to cater to their needs, interests, and preferences. Our Story books in Hindi are filled with compelling storylines and unique narratives, that magnetize the readers into the world of their imagination and end the book with deep thought and contemplation on the message. Each of our Hindi stories is a series of human experiences and emotions, offering the readers connectivity to all the events in the storyline. The Poetry books feature captivating compositions of words that are not only rhythmic but contain a deeper sense of wisdom and knowledge. There have been many poets in India who are revered for their verses on Sanskrit religious texts, transforming them into a compelling manner for Hindi readers.

Exotic India invites you to explore this collection of timeless literature, contemporary or modern works, and find your favorite masterpiece that resonates with your beliefs and inclination. As you read it, you will be transported to a different world, a world which transcends the dualities.

Q.What are the benefits of reading Hindi literature?

Hindi literature encompasses books of a plethora of genres and themes – from entertaining poetries to wisdom-rich philosophical works. Whether you are a casual book-reading enthusiast, a budding scriptwriter, an inquisitive person, or a researcher of Hindi linguistics, Hindi literature serves all your purposes. Also, as the Hindi language is closely related to the culture of India, reading Hindi books provides profound insights into the societal and cultural values of the native people and communities.

Q. Can you suggest to me some lesser-known Hindi stories and poetry books that must be read?

Yes, some of the lesser-known but great Hindi storybooks are: “मेरी जेल यात्रा: My Jail Journey: A Story” by Sanjay Mohan, “पाप के दस्तावेज- Paap Ke Dastawej” by Alok Tomar, “हिंदी काव्य संग्रह - A Collection of Hindi Poetry” by Hemraj Mani, Meera Sareen, Ramveer Singh, and Hema Upreta, and “अपने सामने: In Front of Ourselves (Collection of Hindi Poems)” by Kunwar Narayan.

Q. What are some themes covered in these Hindi literature books?

Our Hindi literature books cover various themes such as love, human emotions and connections, cultural values, societal issues, politics, and spiritual subject matter. This wide range of themes allows readers of all ages, cultures, and traditions to choose books that resonate with their interests and tastes.