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Heal Your Inner and Outer Wounds With Buddhist Healing and Medicine

Great spiritualists in the Buddhist community affirm that the body is a vehicle and should be used to fulfill the purpose of the human form of life. The gross body carries the subtle body with itself which then makes one’s consciousness according to their desires and actions. Thus, it is important to keep one’s physical and mental health in balance for their spiritual well-being. Lord Buddha appeared in this material world to show the conditioned souls the path to enlightenment so that their material sufferings may come to an end. He preached the philosophy of Buddhism in the Indian Subcontinent and made many disciples. There have been several manifestations of Lord Buddha who came for a particular purpose. One such revered deity is the Medicine Buddha who is considered the embodiment of infinite compassion and mercy. Buddhist practitioners often meditate on him to get relief from various diseases and to get mental strength as he is believed to have the power to heal both physical and mental ailments.

Although Buddhism does not have a branch of medicinal knowledge like Ayurveda, many sects of Buddhism employ various traditional practices to heal their body and mind. Spiritual practices such as meditation and chanting mantras detoxify the body and also help reduce stress to a great extent. Thus, promoting overall well-being. Some Monastic Buddhists use herbal medicines extracted from plants that are believed to also have spiritual significance. There are various rituals and practices in Tantric Buddhism that focus on healing subtle energies within the body. Empowered Tantric practitioners aim to activate certain blocked energy centers that heal wounds in the form of physical ailments and mental stress.

Exotic India offers this great collection of Buddhist books on healing and medicine to help readers gain a deeper understanding of the interdependent conditions that cause illness in the body. Immerse yourself in the wisdom contained in these books and awaken your innate healing abilities to live a healthy and purposeful life.


What is the concept of healing in Buddhism?

Buddhism views healing as a holistic approach to balancing one’s physical and mental health to support their spiritual well-being. A diseased or distressed person cannot perform his spiritual practices very well on a regular basis. Thus, healing promotes overall health and cultivates inner peace to smooth out spiritual routine.

What is the role of compassion in healing according to Buddhism?

Cultivating compassion towards one’s own self and other living beings is a fundamental quality needed to progress on the path of Buddhism. It holds great transformative power that can heal even physical ailments in the body. When people wish for the best for everyone and act through love and kindness, it has a positive impact on their overall health.

What are some good books on Buddhist healing and medicine?

Some of the good books on Buddhist healing and medicine are “Tibetan Medicine and Other Holistic Health-Care Systems (Foreword by His Holiness The Dalai Lama)”, “Tibetan Medicine: Theory and Practice”, “The Healthy Mind Interviews (Kenpo Nyima Wangyal)”, and “Vipassana Meditation: Healing the Healer- The Experience of Impermanence”.