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Q1. Who composed a biography of the Buddha?

Buddhacharita (Acts of the Buddha) is an epic poem in the Sanskrit mahakavya style on the life of Gautama Buddha by Ashvaghosha of Sāketa (modern Ayodhya), composed in the early second century CE. Ashvaghosha was a philosopher and poet who is considered India's greatest poet before Kalidasa (5th century) and the father of Sanskrit drama. He popularized the style of Sanskrit poetry known as kavya.

Q2. Why is the Buddhist holy book important?

The concept of Buddhavacana (word of the Buddha) is important in understanding how Buddhists classify and see their texts. Buddhavacana texts have special status as sacred scripture and are generally seen as in accord with the teachings of the historical Buddha, which is termed "the Dharma".

Q3. What is Buddhist books called?

The Tripitakas are considered as the Holy books of Buddhism. The collection of Buddha's teachings is called 'Tripitakas'. They are Vinaya Pitaka, Sutta Pitaka, and Abhidhamma Pitaka.

Tripitaka means "Three Baskets" in Sanskrit and refers to its three traditional divisions into the Vinaya basket of monastic regulations, the Sutta basket of the teachings and sayings of the Buddha, and the Abhidhamma basket of commentaries and explanations of Buddhist doctrines.