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Want to look at biography from a broader perspective? See no further

A biography/bio is an itemized portrayal of an individual's life. It includes something beyond the fundamental realities like educational background, work, personal connections, and demise; it depicts an individual's encounter with these life occasions. In contrast to a profile or resume, Biography presents an individual's life story, featuring different parts of their life, including private subtleties of experience, and may incorporate an examination of the subject's character. 

Biographies are typically non-fiction, yet fiction can likewise be utilized to depict an individual's life. Some of the famous biographies have been written about:

  1. Nirad C Chaudhuri

Nirad C. Chaudhuri, a Bengali creator, and researcher was against the withdrawal of British provincial rule from the Indian subcontinent and the ensuing dismissal of Western culture in free India. He was an intellectual and complex person who appeared to have been brought into the world at some unacceptable place and at some unacceptable time.

  1. Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty

Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty is almost a clique figure among every one of the unbelievable Indian Classical Vocalists of today. Albeit thought as a scion and doyen of the Patiala-Kasur style, addressing Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib's style of singing, he can similarly depict even the most inconspicuous elements of other significant traditional gharanas of India like Indore, Delhi, Jaipur, Gwalior, Agra, Kirana, Rampur and even Carnatic music of South India. This is maybe a result of his wide openness to different kinds and their maestros and musicologists other than his gurus.

  1. RK Laxman

R.K. Laxman is an Indian illustrator who wrote the funny comic You Said It, which chronicled Indian life and legislative issues through the eyes of the "everyday person," a huge-nosed bespectacled spectator wearing a dhoti and an unmistakable checked coat of who depicted important political events through his perspectives for the readers.

  1. Sir Chottu Ram

Sir Chhotu Ram was an important lawmaker in British India's Punjab Province, an ideologue of the pre-Independent India, who came from a Jat background and supported the interest of mistreated communities of the Indian subcontinent. For this accomplishment, he was knighted in 1937. On the political front, he was a prime supporter of the National Unionist Party which governed the United Punjab Province in pre-free India and kept Congress and the Muslim League under control. A significant piece of his compensation as minister was saved for grants and payments for financially poor yet brilliant students. The institution of two agrarian regulations was principally successful because of his commitment. These were the Punjab Relief Indebtedness Act and the Punjab Debtor's Protection Act.

  1. Chanakya

Chanakya, likewise called Kautilya or Vishnugupta was a Hindu legislator and savant who composed an exemplary composition on legal polity, Artha-shastra ("The Science of Material Gain"), a gathering of nearly all that had been written in India up to his time in regards to artha (property, financial matters, or material achievement). He is known to have had information on medication and astrology, and it is accepted he knew about components of Greek and Persian learning brought into India by Zoroastrians. A few specialists accept he was a Zoroastrian or if nothing else was unequivocally impacted by that religion.


Q1. Is there any difference between an autobiography and a biography?

A biography is a record of an individual's life, composed by another person. An autobiography is a record of an individual's life, composed by that individual.

Q2. What are the components of a biography?

What's going to be included in the biography and its length can change altogether, however, there are a few normal components in a biography that stays intact. Key Elements to Include are-

  • date of birth and where they were born (and demise, if applicable)

  • the current area of residence

  • educational foundation

  • professional background

  • significant accomplishments