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sequined borders

Handmade Glamour

A diverse range of embellishments have been featured in this section. The highlight is sequins, glittering sub-embellishments that are designed to add a world of glamour to any Indian suit or saree blouse. The base fabrics comprise of velvets and tulles as much as the more down-to-earth cottons and silks, designed to adorn hemlines, necklines, and the edges of sleeves. Fashioned into characteristic motifs to complement ethnic dresses, you could find in this collection paisleys, pooja pots, florals and tendrils, the works. Fine-quality sequins grace these motifs, from simple glittering discs to the more gorgeous faux pearls and crystals. Some of these embellishments come in pairs to be sewn symmetrically on to a dress, while some of these are single patches designed to add some drama to your ensemble. The foundation panels are in solid pastels to bring out the beauty of the sequins, even though some have been superimposed on equally shiny metallics in order to amp up the traditional glam.