Indian Textiles

Indian Textiles - Art That You Could Wear

At Exotic India, we take great pride in the textiles section. From sarees and suits to home decor and accessories, each of our merchandise constitutes a wearable work of art. We source them from the most authentic of family-run handlooms in a bid to bring to fore India's endemic weaves, stitches, and embroideries. When one considers how each of them comes with a history and meaning all their own - for example, certain styles of textiles are meant to be word during specific functions and by select castes of society, while some have evolved to particularly depict mythological episodes - one begins to appreciate the depth and diversity Indian textiles have to offer.

Irrespective of whether it is a saree, a bedspread, or an accessory like stoles and slippers, it is handpicked with the greatest care. We look for a flawless finish and stunning beauty. We want your guests to inwardly wonder where you got those cushion covers from, or for the saree or suit you buy to turn every head wherever you go. If your taste in fashion and home decor is unconventional, off the beaten track, quirky, then you have come to the right place.