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Handwoven Delights – Ornate Brocaded Patches

A brocaded patch is a piece of woven fabric or cloth which is characterized by embroidered designs with metallic threads. This metallic thread work provides the fabric with an opulent sheen that looks enchanting to the eyes. Indian Textiles is renowned for rich Zari embroidery that graces the silk fabric with traditional motifs such as paisleys, leaves, vines, and floral and geometrical patterns inspired by Mughal art. These look extremely mesmerizing and appealing. Brocaded patches serve various purposes; as decorative elements to add an interesting and aesthetic element to a home interior, to be sewn onto a garment, bag, pillow cover, or shoes to add an embellishment, and to repair a torn section of fabric to overcome its imperfection.

In this extensive collection, you will find a wide variety of brocaded patches that come in different designs, colors, and patterns. Made from silk or satin, these fabric patches are all you need to cater to your functional needs. All the ornate patches in this fabric store are the emblem of creativity, style, and beauty. Choose your favorite pieces and enhance the look of your accessories and clothing to create unique fashion statements.

Q. Can brocaded patches be used for mending clothing?

Yes, brocaded patches are useful in repairing damaged clothes by sewing one to the torn-off section. This not only serves an essential functional need but also gives the garment a graceful appeal.

Q. Can brocaded patches be used in craft projects?

Yes, brocaded patches are often incorporated into DIY craft projects. They are sewn onto pillow covers, quilts, handbags, shoes, or decorative items. This enhances their aesthetic appeal by adding an artistic touch.

Q. Are brocaded fabrics suitable for both formal and informal fashion?

Yes, due to the versatility of brocaded fabrics, they can very well be used in both formal and informal fashion. They come in a plethora of designs and can be incorporated into different types of outfits.