Home & Living Room Decor Items

Enhance Your Living Space for a Beautiful and Healthy Life

The state of our surroundings tells the conditions of our soul; this is something many of us might have heard often. And nothing is more accurate than this statement. Our mind is highly affected by the way we choose to decorate our surrounding. Imagine living in a room painted in black! It would have a dull and gloomy effect not only on your room but on your mood as well.  Having cheerful curtains, bedspreads, wallpapers, and rich fragrances will make your day. So, Exotic India is here to meet all your needs by beautifying your home and making your lives more lively and peaceful.


One of the important components of your bedroom is undoubtedly the bedspread. It defines your personality to a large extent. While some people prefer plain simple bedspreads with minimal prints, others look for colorful and highly artistic sheets. The quality also matters as it is where you sleep and a sound mind requires sound sleep. At Exotic India, you can go through a vast collection of the finest quality bedspreads curated from various regions of India including Jaipur, Pochampally, and Banaras, etc. The prints are also largely vivid and unique, reflecting the traditional patterns of India.

Rugs and Carpets

Most often we give less attention while purchasing carpets. Ultimately we are just going to stamp on it or wipe off our feet, right? But we should care more because the right floor carpets brighten your living space. It can give an aesthetic quality to your room or simply update the look of your living or office space. Here you can access a wide collection of handmade rugs and carpets that reflects intricate craftsmanship.


What would a living space need if not good furniture? These are an integral part of every area of a household, be it the living room, bedroom, dining hall, or kitchen. Aesthetically pleasing and good quality furniture are hard to find at the same time. Exotic India offers exquisitely crafted, attractive and classy furniture made of wood and metal. These are sure to add charm to your living space.


Hardware is another area of our houses that we exclude. Most people are content with a plain lock and key or door handle. But adding elegance to your home does not end in highly visible things. Every nook and corner of your house has an impact on the overall appeal of the same. To have the fortune to look at an alluring tiny sculpture while opening your door is a flex of a higher level. Exotic India presents you with the most magnificent hardware items like door handles, locks, etc. of the best quality.

Kitchen and dining supplies

The plate/bowl from which we cook and eat has a positive impact on our minds. Food is one of the absolute things necessary for sustaining. We often say that our mind fills when we eat good food and not just the stomach. So imagine eating good food from an even better plate!

In addition to the above-mentioned, Exotic India offers a wide range of items like cabinets, Vastu products, décor and fragrance items, and animal figurines to give that royal and classy look to your comfort space.