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Showing 1 to 10 of 1083 results

Red-Dahlia Long Cashmere Silk Jacket With Floral Aari-Embroidered

Add a luxe touch to wintry weather in this long sophisticated cashmere silk jacket crafted from warming wool and soft cashmere and finished with impressive lapels. This ethnic cashmere features the utmost élan of Kashmiri Aari embroidery with red-dahlia red and rose cremon flower motifs adoring it from top to bottom. With full sleeve, band collar and amazing fit this piece would look exquisite on you. For a stunning appearance, pair this gorgeous jacket with a potli purse and minimalist jewellery

33" Superfine Chaturbhujadharini Devi Saraswati In A Network Of Vines | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

There is no equal of Devi Sarasvati in triloka (the three realms of existence). She is the fairest of the Hindu devi pantheon, daughter of Devi Durga and sister of Devi Lakshmi. Most importantly, She is the wife of Lord Brahma, the presiding deity over srshti (creative projection), to whom She is indispensable because She is the presiding deity over learning and aesthetics. Her iconography as could be seen in this murti reflects Her sacred function.

12" Goddess Isis In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Goddess Isis with open wings statue is made of brass and intricately sculpted with attention to detail. Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood, healing and rebirth. This modelling depicts the beautiful goddess standing in her robe of bronze as she spreads her wings out in protection and nurturance. On her head, she is supporting Hathor's headdress. The details of the sculpture are expertly handcrafted by our skilful artists who have decades of sculpting experience. Your guests will have to get a double-take on this figurine of Isis when they see it exhibited in your home or office setting.

Sri Krishna Lila: The Complete life of Bhagavan Sri Krishna

The divine play of the child in Vrindavana, the serious posture of a mature potentate in Dwaraka, and the transcendent power exhibited in the Mahabharata constitute the three sections in the book of Sri Krishna's life. The author of this book is not merely a devotee in the ordinary sense of the term, but one who has endeavoured to saturate her very life with Krishna bhakti, due to which speciality in her, the work glows with a fervour of spirit and a radiance of clarity in presentation. A book written by a seeker who veritably lives in the presence of the Lord will no doubt have the magnetic influence it will obviously exert on every reader of this divine saga, this chronicle of God come fully in visible form.

A reading of the life of Sri Krishna will not only be a rewarding treat, as an enchanting vision of the deeds of the Divine Superman, but also charge the reader's personality with an energy and vigour not to be had on this earth.

33" Handmade Decorative Colorful Christmas Tree

It's the wonderful time of year again: only a few weeks before the holiday season knock at your door. Exotic India has home decor that is ideal for the holiday gift exchange. Christmas is a time for excitement, sharing gifts, and bringing family together. We provide a selection of things available to share your affection with your loved ones this Christmas.

Lakshmi Ganesha On Leaf Wall Hanging

The Lakshmi Ganesha on the leaf is an exceptional piece of wall art that combines the virtue of Ganesha’s greatness and Lakshmi’s blessings. The artist has taken time to add each detail onto this canvas with immense care and precision for you to enjoy it. The wall art is a modern amenity that should be used by everyone who appreciates a great piece of decor. The wood statue from south India will easily fit into your home while enhancing your interior design.

Baby Krishna in the Lap of Mother Yashoda Tanjore Painting | Traditional Colors With 24K Gold | Teakwood Frame | Gold & Wood | Handmade | Made In India

Krishna is the All-attractive Supreme Lord who descended on the earth like an ordinary man to please His devotees and engage them in His transcendental pastimes. Whoever hears or reads His Vrindavan pastimes simply enters into the state of trance. His uncommon and mystical activities astonished all the residents of Vrindavan. They loved Him with all their heart and soul, and Krishna, being the source of all pleasures, gave them the highest form of pleasure in return. 

23" Intricately Carved Image Of Seated Lord Krishna in Teakwood | Handmade | Made In South India

The most charming and famous of all among the gopis for his child-like naughtiness, sweet voice, divine aura and awe-struck personality, lord Krishna is worshipped all over, accredited as a son, brother, husband, friend, helper, defeater of evils, god and every role that a person can possess. The teak wooden carving of Krishna statue enhances the innate beauty and cosmic essence of the lord in a captivating manner. 

Fine Buddha Head- A Symbol of Goodluck

Buddhism is one of the highly revered religions all around the world and Lord Buddha’s every feature and representation has a separate story to tell. This round, youthful, charming and sweet looking wooden Buddha face is a typical characteristic Buddha head feature. It is opined to be a symbol of good luck and wisdom and is supremely carved here with a serene smile on his face, sharp nose and the half open eyes, enhancing that feeling of calmness, peace and generosity. The long earlobes are symbolic of Buddha’s birth in a princely Shakya clan. As you zoom in to this image, you will come across the dual hued wooden artefact and its glossy texture that captures the attention of the viewers towards itself.

This Buddha head sculpture is completed with a stylish multiple layered robe, visible just from the top and a circular pedestal that holds the entire Buddha head perfectly and gracefully. You may notice the perfection of Buddha’s matted hair forming a bun at the top and each hair strand is carved in perfect layers. This superfine wooden Buddha head sculpture is not just a matter of spirituality, it also embellishes your place with its beauty, charm and superfine appearance.

Caviar-Black Jacket from Kashmir with Aari Embroidered Flowers
Nothing like a short Kashmiri jacket to spice up your outfit, irrespective of whether it is western or ethnic. Of a solid black base, this soft woolen beauty comes with a gorgeous profusion of pale pastel foliage along the edges and the hems of the sleeves. Indeed, we cannot think of an ensemble the endemic Kashmiri ariwork will not somehow uplift!