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Showing 11 to 20 of 1408 results
35" Large Round Shape Tree of Life with Chirping Birds in Brass | Wall Decor

Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come. -          Lois Lowry


This quotation exemplifies the mood conveyed by this brass wall decor depicting a tree with flying birds. The tree is portrayed at its most beautiful here, with branches full of leaves. The birds are seen poised to take flight from the branches. The sculpture is fashioned in a circular shape, which adds dimension to the tree's abundance. It is a hanging piece that can be set anyplace. The use of brass, a strong material, validates the idea of infinity. The representation of the tree's golden-tinged foliage has transcended all levels of excellent creativity. When the little leaves with their individual beauty are combined throughout the artwork, they exude a fine sense of regality and exclusivity. This item, which is ideal for living room decor, will undoubtedly connect the viewer with the tranquil sense of a natural setting in which branches of a tree swing and birds sing.

90" Super Large Brass Tree Branch with Flowers and Buds | Wall Decor

Light as feathers, as fleeting as Zephyr, one moment they breathed pink, the next they faded. Cherry blossoms were as much an inspiration for beautiful verse as they were a reminder of life’s fickleness, she thought. - Alice Poon

Poets and writers have often compared the ephemeral life to the short-lived cherry blossoms. Flowers, like life, are beautiful but have an expiration date. This spectacular huge brass tree branch studded with exquisite cherry blossom flowers in full bloom and buds is an ideal representation of both the cherry blossom flower and the philosophy of life. The wall decor, made of brass and its sheen, oozes artistry while also promoting a connection with nature. Its splendid stature oozes elegance and grace, bewitching hearts with its radiant display of spring's transient but stunning splendour.

18" Chaturbhuja Lord Ganesha Statue from Nepal

In the culture of Nepal, the beloved of Shiva and Parvati- Sri Ganesha is revered as a harbinger of auspiciousness, who removes negativity and bestows boons of abundance on the people. This wooden statue delineates Ganesha in his most popular form, as a four-armed divinity, seated in a royal posture, adorned with an imposing crown and kingly ornaments. On his throne, two Mushaka are engraved in a unique manner. The balanced etchings, carving, and polishing of the wood lend this icon an exquisite aesthetic quality, which is best experienced in the animated eyes of Ganesha, who steadily looks at the onlooker, removing all worries from the heart, filling it with reverence for the Prathama Pujya.

20" Tibetan Buddhist God Medicine Buddha Brass Idol

“tayatha om bekandze bekandze maha bekandze radza samudgate soha.”


"To the Bhagawan, whose name, when just heard, dispels the suffering of the lower realms."

Dispeller of sickness and the three poisons

"I bow to Medicine Buddha Lapis Light."

In the lines written above, the Fifth Dalai Lama discusses the role of Medicine Buddha. He prostrates to the deity's limitless abilities to deliver humanity from diverse ailments and life-threatening situations. Medicine Buddha, as the name implies, relates Buddhas' ability to patronise health sciences. This magnificent Brass Statue depicts the Medicine Buddha or Myrobalan Buddha sitting in the Ashirwad Mudra with one hand in the blessing posture and the other hand holding the Bhaisajya-Patra (elixir bowl).

9" Wooden Lord Shiva Statue Seated with Nandi
na punyam na papam na sokhyam na dukham na mantro na tirtham na vedo na yagyah |
aham bhojanam neva bhojyam na bhokta chidanand rupah shivoham shivoham ||

I am neither good, nor sinful, nor happy, nor sad, nor mantra, nor pilgrimage, nor Vedas, nor yajna, nor food, nor will I eat, nor am I to eat, I am aware form, am bliss, I am Shiva, I am Shiva...

The essence of self-realization and the recognition of one's true nature is reflected in this Wooden Lord Shiva Statue Seated with Nandi. Lord Shiva is seated in the Maharajalilasana stance, which is known as the pose of royal ease. Nandi, his mount, is seen sitting next to him. Lord Shiva is adorned with excellent jewels, and all of the symbols associated with him, such as the serpent wrapped around his bun, the kartal, and the sacred Kalash (pitcher), can be seen here as well. The halo of light behind his head is also represented clearly. This wooden sculpture is a benevolent depiction of Lord Shiva and his serene countenance, and its non-glamorous depiction of the Lord will relax the environment.

Radha Krishna Seated Under The Tree | Watercolor Painting by Sarat Shaw

This enchanting watercolor painting by Sarat Shaw is a depiction of the ethereal love shared by Radha and Krishna as they sit under the tree, exchanging loving gazes. Radha holds a peacock feather, a significant symbol for Krishna, signifying her cherished place in his life. The birds perched on the branch are captivated by their divine chemistry. The serene scene portrays the celestial beings engrossed in each other's presence. The sprightly colors and graceful strokes bring this mesmerizing moment to life, evoking a sense of devotion, calmness, and love. The masterpiece here is infused with the beauty of everlasting love and elements of nature in awe of the gazes shared by Radha and Krishna.

27" Made for Each Other | Original Bronze Sculpture

Through this enchanting bronze sculpture, experience the essence of eternal love shared by two souls who are intertwined with each other. Despite life's responsibilities and challenges, they always find time for one another, never letting go of each other's hands. This beautiful representation of unwavering love depicts a strong couple united in their journey of life. The male and female statues, slightly leaning towards each other with a ball in their hands, symbolize their shared responsibilities in life. Yet, their hands remain tightly held, signifying the unbreakable bond they share. This statue is a timeless symbol of true love, a reminder that no matter what hurdles come their way, their love will always prevail.

16" Mongolian Chenrezig (Avalokiteshvara) | Copper Statue with Gold Plated

In the sacred realm of Buddhism, the Mongolian Chenrezig stands as a breathtaking embodiment of Avalokiteshvara, the deity of compassion. With meticulous artistry, this magnificent statue portrays Avalokiteshvara with four hands, two of them gracefully clasped together in a gesture of prayer. The other two hands hold a crystal rosary and a lotus flower, symbolizing purity and enlightenment. Sculpted from lustrous copper and adorned with radiant gold accents, every intricate detail of this masterpiece exudes an exquisite elegance. Devotees revere this particular form of Avalokiteshvara for its profound significance in promoting compassion, love, and mercy, serving as an inspiration for all seekers of spiritual enlightenment.

84" Large Wooden Panchamukhi Lord Ganesha Statue with Kirtimukha Throne

The most popular Hindu deity Ganesha is shown as having five faces by Panchamukhi Vinayaka, also known as the Five Faced Ganesha. Pancha signifies five, and ‘Mukhi’ means faces in the literal sense. All energies are represented by Ganesha in this form. The five heads of Ganesh represent the five levels of “Atman” – the inner self in subtle anatomy.

Panchamukhi Lord Ganesha exudes heavenly energy and blessings while seated on a magnificent Kirtimukha throne and adorned with elaborate embellishments. This heavenly manifestation of Lord Ganesha is respected for bringing prosperity, success, and the removal of barriers to followers. One’s life becomes more peaceful, knowledgeable, and spiritually enlightened by worshipping Panchamukhi Lord Ganesha.

86" Large Wooden Designer Entrance Door with Brass Work | Vintage Indian Door

With this amazing Designer Entrance Door with Brass Work, you can make an appealing impression. This antique Indian door is a work of art that deftly mixes style, skill, and eternal beauty. This door, which is made of high-quality wood, features delicate brass work that gives it a sense of elegance and charm. The door panels’ careful craftsmanship, which was motivated by traditional Indian patterns, produces an arresting visual show.

It is a work of art that conveys a tradition and heritage tale in addition to serving as a practical entrance. This magnificent work of art offers the ideal fusion of beauty and utility, whether you are looking to improve the entry to your house or develop a fascinating focal point for a commercial space. With the help of this gorgeous vintage Indian door, welcome visitors with style and leave a memorable impression.