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Let the innocence and goodwill of lord Krishna imbibe you to pave your way to success

Pieces of Jewelry inspired by the illustrious life of the eighth manifestation of Lord Vishnu, Krishna ushers in profound values like thoughtfulness, love, sympathy, and every other positive value in your life. The traditional yet fashionable pieces of exquisite jewelry put you in the path of Lord Krishna’s timeless favors, success, and peacefulness throughout everyday life. Students can get outcomes on the scholarly front. An individual can achieve unadulterated bliss and happiness in their love life.  It helps in eliminating the wrongdoings of past births. It might just lead to addressing the roadblocks in your life leading you to progress consistently throughout everyday life.

  1. Peacock feathers- Peacock feather is Shri Krishna’s heart slayer. The way that he wore it on his crown is sufficient to lay out its significance in his life. The Peacock feather is significant according to sacred texts too. It diminishes difficulties throughout everyday life and gives joy, harmony, and happiness. Krishna wears the peacock which represents the whole scope of a variety of values, and emotions people are made of, and that every last one of us is a part of the omniscient almighty. Peacock Feathers have been utilized for helping people with recovering for a long long time in several cultures. They are said to convey Spiritual Healing Energy that can be utilized to help individuals looking for peace,  harmony, and complete bliss in their lives.

  1. Lord Krishna’s feet- The lotus feet of Lord Krishna are once in a while supposed to be otherworldly knowledge itself, or unadulterated consciousness. It is said that God's lotus feet are the support of the spirit. Lotus feet manifest in the psyche through customary profound practice when man's awareness is concentrated through reflection activities and disciplines.


Q1. What are some ornaments that Lord Krishna wears?

Lord Krishna wears a talisman studded with nine gems and is set there by His mom for His safety and security. His two armlets are named Rangada, His two arm bands are named Sobhana, His seal ring is named Ratnamukhi, and His yellow pieces of clothing are named Nigamasobhana. Krishna's line of little bells is called Kalajhankara and His two anklets are named Hamsaganjana. The Lord's pearl accessory is named Taravali and His gem neckband is named Taditprabha. The memento He wears on His chest is named Hrdayamodana and inside it is an image of Srimati Radharani. Lord Krishna's gem is named Kaustubha. In the Kaliya lake, the Kaliya snake's spouses gave this gem to the Lord with their own hands. His shark-molded hoops are named Ratiragadhidaivata, His crown is named Ratnapura and its peak gem is named Camaradamari. His peacock feather crown is named Navaratnavidamba, His gunja neckband is named Ragavalli and His tilaka is named Drstimohana. Lord Krishna's festoon of backwoods blossoms and leaves, which continues till His feet and contains blossoms of five distinct varieties, is called Vaijayanti.

Q2. Why is jewelry inspired by Lord Krishna considered a blessing for a devotee?

All through his life, Lord Krishna needed to confront various emergencies that emerged like waves, in a steady progression. And, after it's all said and done, not once was his face obfuscated by distress. He confronted each trouble under the sun, yet there was no spot for distress in Sri Krishna's presence. He was the encapsulation of happiness. In his presence everybody cheered, failing to remember all the pain and sorrow. In his presence, they tasted the happiness of the self.