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Silk Shawls

Layering - Hints Of Silk

Throughout the history of fashion, silk has been the preferred fabric of kings. Asian silks are especially coveted all over the world given the strength of the fibre and the high natural lustre, which lend silk clothes their characteristic soft texture and sheen. Indian silk is the crown jewel of fabrics produced in Asia, a select medium to spin wearable works of art. Silk woven in India is highly prized for its absorbency as well as low conductivity. The huge variety of the resulting silk fibres and weaves leads to a wide range of sheen and drape, from the glamorous taffeta to the rustic tassar. In this section is curated a collection of our ethnic shawls, dupattas, and stoles and scarves fashioned from pure homegrown silk. The crispness and the sheen of the fabric are complemented by the gorgeous, often endemic, embroideries and dyes that have gone into some of these pieces - handwoven booties, bandhani tie-dyeing techniques, and kalamkari, not to mentioned the exquisite ariwork and suzani on some of the ones handpicked from Kashmir. No matter the Indian saree or suit you team any of our silk accompaniments with, this would be the statement-making element of your ensemble.