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Know Everything About The Indian Cinema – Hindi Books On Cinema

The revolutionary content we see today on our television and gadgets was not common in those days. With the evolution of technology, Indian Cinema also progressed. Acting was not thought of as a good occupation and most people hated the idea. But then came the wave of Cinema from the West and Indian script writers began their journey towards Cinematic exploration. This endeavor was new to them but they were determined to embark on the path. Filmmaking is not as easy as it seems to us. There goes a big brain in it, days of challenging efforts, and strategic planning to make everything work out perfectly.

Exotic India offers an extensive collection of books on Hindi Cinema that cover a wide range of topics on various aspects of Indian Cinema - its history, evolution, and culture. Some books explicitly explain the filmmaking process, some describe the influence of Western cinema, and other books talk about the evolution of Hindi cinema from the silent or black-and-white era to the glamorous sound era. Whether you are a casual reader, an aspiring filmmaker or actor, or want to make a project on Indian cinema for academic purposes, our Hindi cinema books are perfect for you to provide in-depth and valuable insights. Some books written by famous authors highlight the lives of key film actors and directors citing their challenges, struggles, triumphs, and characters in their films.

As you go through each Hindi film book, you will be transported to the world of Cinema and have a closer look at the cultural perspectives of Bollywood. We invite you to explore this collection and have a profound understanding of Hindi Cinema. The vast options of books ensure that there is something for every reader that resonates with their preferences and tastes.

Q. What types of Hindi Cinema books are there in this collection?

Our collection offers a plethora of Hindi cinema books that provide an overview of the history and evolution of Hindi Cinema, its contribution to the globalization of Indian culture, behind-the-scenes of some films, the life stories of key actors, filmmakers, singers, and lyricists, and critics.

Q. Can you recommend some books on specific eras or aspects of Hindi Cinema?

Yes, some of the books based on specific eras or aspects of Hindi Cinema are: “सिनेमा कल, आज, कल- Movies Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” by Vinod Bhardwaj, “नये दौर का नया सिनेमा- Naye Daur Ka Naya Cinema” by Priyadarshan, “फ़िल्म सफ़र: कल और आज- Film Safar: Kal Aur Aaj” by Suma S., “कुछ बातें सिनेमा की : Kuch Baatein Cinema Ki” by Iqbal Rizvi, and “बॉलीवुड सीक्रेट्स: Bollywood Secrets” by Maan Singh Deep.

Q. What are some good books on the life journey of famous actors and actresses of Hindi Cinema?

Some good books on the life stories of actors and actresses of Hindi Cinema are: “थिएटर के सरताज पृथ्वीराज: Theatre Ke Sartaj Prithviraj” by Yograj, “हेमा मालिनी (एक अनकही कहानी)- Hema Malini An Untold Story” by Bhawana Somaaya, “शोमैन: राज कपूर- Showman: Raj Kapoor” by Ritu Nanda, and “अमिताभ बच्चन: जीवन गाथा- Amitabh Bachchan: Life Story” by Pushpa Bharti.