34.00 inch Height X 36.25 inch Width X 12.00 inch Depth
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32.00 inch Height X 14.00 inch Width X 11.00 inch Depth
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27.70 inch Height X 18.20 inch Width X 12.20 inch Depth
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7.00 inch Height X 5.00 inch Width X 2.00 inch Depth
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17.00 inch Height X 11.30 inch Width X 5.50 inch Depth
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17.50 inch Height X 12.00 inch Width X 6.50 inch Depth
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34.00 inch Height X 18.25 inch Width X 10.80 inch Depth
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15.00 inch Height X 10.00 inch Width X 8.00 inch Depth
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25.00 inch Height X 13.00 inch Width X 12.00 inch Depth
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18.00 inch Height X 7.25 inch Width X 6.00 inch Depth
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19.50 inch Height X 6.25 inch Width X 6.75 inch Depth
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11.00 inch Height X 5.50 inch Width X 5.50 inch Depth
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7.75 inch Height X 4.00 inch Width X 4.00 inch Depth
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1.70 inch Length X 1.70 inch Width X 6.50 inch Height
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14.00 inch Height X 4.5 inch Width x 4.70 inch Depth
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$415  (20% off)
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Sacred Treasures – Exceptional Devotional Artefacts on Display

Step into the world of ancient traditions where sculptural art combines with spiritual beliefs to open the pathway to the divine. This is an extensive collection of religious artefacts of revered deities in Hinduism and Buddhism and reflects the rich spiritual traditions of the religions. Each sculpture stand tells a unique story and establishes a firm faith in the heart of the seer.

Made of a variety of materials such as wood, marble, black stone, and bronze, all our masterpieces exhibit detailed craftsmanship revealing the essence of the deities. Whether it is an intricately carved wooden sculpture of a Hindu God, a stone sculpture of a Buddhist deity, or a five-pronged Dojre made of bronze, each of our artifacts is not only aesthetically appealing but also carries the significance of the spiritual realm. At Exotic India Art, we strive to preserve the age old artefact art through the best of the artisans from across India. As you display your favorite sculpture from this collection at your home or workplace, you will be surcharged with the enduring power of devotion and develop a deeper connection with the divine.

Add a touch of spirituality into your space and immerse yourself in the journey of self-realization. These artefacts however are not only confined to your living space but are an excellent choice to be gifted to your loved one who loves spiritual tapestry.

Q. Can I keep devotional statues in my home for decoration purposes?

Yes, you can keep devotional statues for decoration purposes in

your living room or other spaces to enhance the aesthetic appeal and add an

element of divinity. However, it is essential to ensure the spiritual

significance and reverence of the deity while displaying it. It is advised to

keep the statue in a clean environment and avoid placing it in inappropriate

locations such as near the bathroom.

Q. Can devotional brass statues be used in religious ceremonies?

Yes, although devotional brass statues with aesthetic detailing

are popularly used for decoration purposes in homes and workspaces, they can be

used in religious ceremonies and rituals as well.

Q. How do I care for and maintain a brass statue?

The best and simplest way to maintain a brass statue is to clean

it at least twice a week using a soft cloth or cotton rag. This will prevent

dust from accumulating on the surface. Since it is a must to consider the

spiritual aspect of the deity, it is not advised to expose the idol to

chemicals. To give it a natural shine and luster, you may apply coconut or

olive oil using cotton on every portion.

Can wood statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses be used as decorative pieces in contemporary interiors?

Yes, you can use wood statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses as decor

items as their graceful appeal makes them the divine center of attraction in

the entire ambience. However, they should be kept with the utmost reverence,

without compromising the exalted positions of the deities and their spiritual