11" Buddha in The Vitarka Mudra | Brass Buddha | Handmade | Made In India
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8" The Resplendent Buddha, His Hand In Vitarka Mudra In Brass | Handmade | Made In India
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Vitarka Mudra, the teaching mudra for learning life and its lessons the right way

The Vitarka or the mudra of educating portrays the Buddha in the act of teaching. The mudra is found in sitting, standing, strolling, and reclining sculptures of the Buddha. It is normally made with one hand, even though it is at times portrayed with two hands. The hand making the signal, typically the right one, is held vertical near the chest, the palm facing outward. The tips of the index and thumb meet to make a circle representing flawlessness with no start or end. The other three fingers point up.

The thumb and pointer are joined at the tips framing a circle in this mudra. Gautam Buddha in the wake of understanding the pattern of birth and demise utilized his insight to spread the truth by educating or dharma among his pupils. Also, the circle emblematically addresses the everlasting progression of energy or knowledge. Tibetan Buddhism depicts Vitarka Mudra as a spiritualist token of Taras and Bodhisattvas. In Tibet, individuals allude to it as Prajnalinganabinaya mudra.

Buddha's first memorable sermon at the deer park in Sarnath

Not long after having achieved enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, the Buddha went to Sarnath, where he gave his most memorable sermon to his first five pupils at the deer park. This is known as the Dhamma Chakra, the "the propelling of the wheel of Dhamma", the Buddhist lessons. Where the deer park used to be, there currently stands the Dhamek stupa tracing all the way back to the sixth century, built to honor the Buddha's most memorable lesson.

Educating his mother in the Tavatimsa Heaven

At the point when the Buddha had accomplished full enlightenment, he went to the Tavatimsa Heaven to educate his mother, Maha Maya who passed away seven days after his birth and was reborn in the Tavatimsa Heaven. The Buddha spent the three months of the rain retreat educating his mom and the divine creatures that lived in the Tavatimsa Heaven the advantage of knowing the Buddhist lessons, the Dhamma. Following three months the Buddha got back to Earth on a stepping ladder of gems, flanked by a ladder of gold utilized by the God Indra and a ladder of silver utilized by Brahma.

The symbolism of the fingers used in the Mudra

The joining of thumb and forefinger addresses the association of the contrary energies shaping a unit. It communicates the essential duality of the universe viz. male-female, day-night, and new moon-full moon. This is all around depicted as Yin-and-Yang or Siva-and-Sakti.

The association of the corresponding alternate extremes leads to a third component which is a bond or energy consolidating them. It is addressed by the circle framed by joining the thumb and pointer.

The three raised fingers, middle, ring, and little fingers address the three-sided nature of the Universe. This ubiquitous trinity is very much made sense of as, past-present-future; waking-dreaming-dozing; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; mother, father, and child.

Benefits of Vitarka Mudra

  • Promotes wisdom: Vitarka mudra is by and large rehearsed by a guide or master who has achieved otherworldliness and enlightenment. As they communicate their insight and information among their supporters to instill similar principles. The information spreads from one being to the next very much like a candle spreads its light. 

  • Fosters a feeling of clarity: Because of the transmission and obtaining of wisdom, it carries clearness to mind and feelings. Subsequently further develops the investigating potential to use sound judgment.

  • Brings enlightenment: Vitarka mudra disseminates the lessons of the enlightened one-Gautam Buddha. Accordingly, alongside creating wisdom, information, spirituality, and energy, it in the long run prompts enlightenment.


Q1. What does the term “vitarka mudra” mean?

The term comes from the Sanskrit, vitarka, signifying "reasoning," "thought" or "deliberation"; and mudra, signifying "conclusion," "mark" or "seal."

Q2. Who were the first 5 pupils of Buddha?

  • Kaundinya 

  • Bhadrika 

  • Vashpa 

  • Mahanaman 

  • Ashvajit