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Teach Your Children the Basics of Buddhism

Great philosophers and spiritualists emphasize the importance of teaching children the art of living a meaningful and purposeful life from the very beginning. Children are easy to be molded in the way their parents want them to be. It has been observed that children raised in environments having a strong spiritual culture tend to be more sensitive towards other living entities, happier, optimistic, and sense-controlled.

There are numerous books written by well-known authors based on the philosophy of Buddhism. These books help people connect with their “true self”, walk the path of a higher purpose, and be content from within. Exotic India has a vast collection of Buddhist books for children that not only inspire them to grow as an individual but also help them achieve great results academically. After all, reading books benefit children in a lot of ways such as sharpening their minds, improving their focus, and strengthening communication.

If you are looking for a variety of Buddhist children’s books – we have it all. From short stories about the life of Buddha and Bodhisattva to Buddhist painting books, your children have much to learn from the profound spiritual wisdom of these books. The folk tales are sure to leave a sublime impression in their minds. All these books come with appealing and fascinating images to take the readers on a tour to a different world - a world full of bliss and mysticism.

You can opt to choose from books in English and Hindi languages. This collection stands out from any other collection available online and Exotic India takes pride in presenting to you these children’s books that hold within them an insurmountable amount of important values and new perspectives. If you inspire your children to read these books, you will observe a great transformation in their hearts.


Q. What are some good Buddhist books for children to read?

Some of the great Buddhist books for children are: "तिब्बत की वह रहस्यमयी घाटी: That Mysterious Valley of Tibet - A Collection of Tantric Stories”, “Jataka Tales The Magic Chant and other Stories”, “Best of Lord Buddha Tales”, and “Encounters with Enlightenment (Stories From the Life of the Buddha).

Q. What are the three benefits of reading Buddhist books for children?

Reading Buddhist books can help children:

  • Cultivate a sense of discrimination between good and bad habits.

  • Choose the right friends, who will help them become better human beings.

  • Develop empathy and gratitude towards all living beings.

Q. Can Buddhist books for children be read by non-Buddhist families?

The teachings of Buddhism are open to the entire human society, irrespective of religion. It helps people transcend their lower qualities and to get out of the cycle of suffering in the material world. Thus, Buddhist books are not confined to Buddhist families but everyone can read them, right from their childhood.