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Gau Jewelry - Attract Good Fortune, Positive Experiences, and Transform Your Life

Gau is a Tibertian prayer box that is said to protect the wearer and the protective amulet is a sign of purity and divinity. It is essential that the amulet touches the skin to evoke the positive and authentic energies needed to take one towards the destination of enlightenment. Exotic India curates a variety of Gau jewelry for you to choose from to accelerate your journey towards awakenings. 

Gau is handmade using different types of crystals, gemstones and come in various shape and sizes and can also contain symbols and images of different idols as a sign of seeking protection and blessings from them. The amulet also helps manifest good fortune, positive experiences and uplifts the energies of the wearer. 

Exotic India beautifully designs precious Gau jewelry made with different metals and jewels that carry various healing and transformative energies. The Gau jewelry pieces bring in the powers of various different forces and protect the bearer from dangerous diseases, ailments, and even natural infirmities. Embrace the power of Gau and imbibe positive energies while letting Gau flushing out the negative destructive thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and experiences.