5.90 inch Height X 5.75 inch Width X 0.12 inch Depth
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3.20 inch Height X 2.50 inch Width X 0.20 inch Depth
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6" Brass Shiva Linga Protected by Serpent, Marked with Om (Aum) and Decorated with Garland
  • Double Chola
  • Natural Brass
  • Black Green Gold
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6 inch Height x 4.0 inch Width x 3.0 inch Depth
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5.8" X 4.4" X 2.7"
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6.1 inch x 5.3 inch x 1.8 inch
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Let the eternal sound that pervades the universe fill up your life as the rhythm of your heartbeat

Om is known as the sound of one hand applauding. Om is the everlasting sound; Om is the sound that is there known to man constantly. Every one of the holy people before, when they dove deep into contemplation, they just heard Om. So, Om implies numerous things. It implies love, forever, immaculateness, and harmony. Om consists of a few dhatus: 'Ah' 'Oo' 'Mama'. Just 'Ah' has 19 implications. You can determine somewhere in the range of a few thousand implications from Om. That multitude of implications are credited to Om, so Om is the seed of the entire creation; Om is the sound of creation. In the Bible as well, it is said, 'first and foremost there was a word and the word was with God and the word was God'. That is Om. There they don't say which word; the word is Om. It is in every one of the religions in some of the other structures. That is the genuine name, 'Ek Omkar Sat Naam'. Om implies truth. It is the name of the vastness of the Divinity. It implies love. It is the beginning of the universe.

There is a lovely section in the Guru Granth Sahib, which starts with 'Ek Omkar Sat Naam, Karta Purakh' - From Om, everything has come, in Om, everything stays, and into Om all that will break down; both matter and cognizance. Interestingly, it is a finished vibration. 'Ok' influences the lower part of the body, 'Oo' influences the center part, and 'Mama' influences the upper part. The complete prana is addressed by one syllable Om. Before birth, we were an important part of that sound and after death, we will converge with that sound; the soul. In this way, you can express numerous things about Om. There is an entire Upanishad, the Mandukya Upanishad, which is about Om. Many devotees keep small statues of OM in order to invite peace into their homes. 


Q1. What is the meaning of OM?

Om or aum (articulated ah-uu-mm) is a hallowed sound considered by numerous old philosophical texts to be the universe, enveloping any remaining sounds inside it. In Sanskrit, om is called Pranava, which means to murmur, and is viewed as a limitless or timeless sound.

Q2. Why is Om so important?

By reciting Om, the brain becomes lined up with the breath, which empowers an individual to get into a raised condition of awareness called samadhi. The action of accomplishing samadhi manages the substantially consumed mind, which empowers an individual to have a one-pointed focus on spiritual acknowledgment.

Q3. Why do we chant Om 3 times?

It represents: ॐ the three universes of the Soul: the past, the present, and what's to come. ॐ the three Divine energies, or Shakti: creation, safeguarding, and change.

Q4. What are the 4 parts of Om?

Om is addressed in Devanagari as ओम्, made out of four components: the vowel letter आ (ā), the vowel diacritic े (u), the consonant letter म (m), and the virama stroke ् which demonstrates the absence of an inferred last vowel.

Q5. Why is the word Om so powerful?

OM is the most noteworthy sacrosanct image in Hinduism. The word OM has such a lot of strength that this single word can deliver strong and good vibrations which permit you to feel the entire universe.

Q6. What is the frequency of Om?

The sound Om, when recited, vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is found all throughout everything in nature. Accordingly, AUM is the fundamental sound of the universe, so by reciting it, we are emblematically and truly recognizing our association with nature and any remaining living creatures.