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10" Vairocana Buddha in Dharmachakra Mudra - Tibetan Buddhist Idol in Brass
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The Significance of the Wheel of Dharma, the place where Buddha first set the Buddhist law in motion

The wheel of Dharma is alluded to as Dharmachakra in Sanskrit. The Dharmachakra mudra therefore depicts the spinning of the wheel of Dharma learning. Traditionally, Gautam Buddha, the historical Buddha, is portrayed through using Dharmachakra mudra. The Dharmachakra mudra is formed when the index and thumb fingers of both hands combine to form a circle at the ends of the fingers.

The Wheel of Dharma is depicted by such a particular circle. Corresponding to that, this circle also alludes to the philosophical confluence of Upaya, or method, and Prajna, or knowledge. In Vitarka, the right hand is enveloped by the left hand, which would be facing inwards, while both hands are resting against the chest.

The three fingers on both hands that remain extended each carry an unique symbolic importance: The right hand's middle finger symbolizes  the "hearers" of the Teachings of buddha, the index finger for the "realizers," and the little finger for the Mahayana, often referred to as "the great vehicle." Corresponding to the above, the left hand's three extended fingers symbolize the three gems of Buddhist doctrine.

The Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha are the three gems. The Dharmachakra mudra signifies that the Buddha's instructions come straight from his heart as it is practiced with the hands clasped in front of the left side of the chest, and in front of the heart. The Buddha executed the Dharmachakra mudra in his first speech in Sarnath after he attained nirvana, which represents one of the most momentous actions in his lifetime.

One can use the accompanying mantras when performing the Dharmachakra Mudra:

★ Say "Thank you world" whilst you position your arms in the Anjali mudra right in front of your heart chakra.

★ Say "I am in perfect agreement with the cosmos" as you draw circles with the fingers of both hands and connect the index and ring fingers.

★ Say, "Today I am mindfully pronouncing every single word," while putting the index finger of the left palm to the preliminary step of the circle created by the fingers of your dominant hand.

★ Focusing your concentration on the middle of the chest, proclaim publicly or quietly, "Today I am mindfully behaving in every practical way."

The Benefits of Dharmachakra Mudra

    ★ The practitioner can concentrate better thanks to this mudra. Because the Buddha executed this mudra soon after he achieved enlightenment, specifically students can employ it to concentrate more successfully and acquire new knowledge.

      ★ For people who wish to dive deeper into their mindfulness, this mudra is beneficial. This mudra helps the learner in strengthening their meditation and raising their level of awareness.

      ★ It provides the heart chakra power. Blood pressure can indeed be lowered by focusing your breath towards the heart chakra. It makes life brighter and much more satisfied.

      ★ By performing this mudra, one could get rid of negative ideas from your mind. This mudra can be helpful for providing assistance from depression and nervousness.

      ★ This mudra helps the learner feel a component of the galaxy and connected to the cosmic consciousness. This mudra will attract the scattered energies inside, providing a sense of tranquility and happiness if a person is feeling confused and depressed.


      Q1. What are the three aspects of the Buddhist Dharma wheel?

      The three facets of the Dharma Wheel collectively stand for mindfulness, morality, and knowledge, each of which is essential to Buddha's teachings.

      Q2. Where should the dharmachakra mudra Buddha statue be placed at home?

      Broadly speaking, the shrine and Buddha statue must point east. Buddha sculptures shouldn't be placed in the bathroom or bedroom.