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A Journey To The Divine Teerthas – Hindi Books On Pilgrimage Sites

At Exotic India, we offer you a vast collection of Hindi books which take you on a spiritual tour of various Hindu pilgrimage sites such as Kashi, Mathura, Vrindavan, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Puri, Ujjain, Rameshwaram, and many more. India is known as “Devbhoomi”. Many great saints and sages have performed severe austerities to realize the Supreme. By their intense devotion and penances, they understand the potency of a sacred site. Common people visit these places to associate with such saintly people to develop a desire to hear about the name, fame, qualities, and activities of the Lord.

The Vedic scriptures are filled with the glories of pilgrimages and the advantages of visiting them. It is said that just by walking in such a place, the person is freed from all his sins and gets spiritual credit. The hindi books in this collection provide you with a deep insight into the sacred sites, introducing you to their culture, tradition, significance, and stories from the scriptures. Just by reading these descriptions, you are sure to be infused with spiritual advancement and an intense desire to know the secret of inner transformation will increase. Some of the books are your perfect guide to make your journey to the site systematic and planned.

Buy and go through the book which you feel inclined to and experience the sublime transformation of the heart. These books can be answers to all your queries and doubts thus helping you in fostering a strong sense of devotion towards your favorite deity(s).

Q. What topics do pilgrimage books cover?

Pilgrimage books cover a wide range of topics such as the historical background of the pilgrimage site, the deities established in the temple(s), their pastimes and glories, and the culture and tradition of the sacred place. Some books may also provide a full touring plan for the site.

Q. What is the significance of reading books on pilgrimage sites?

Reading books on pilgrimage sites helps deepen faith and devotion towards the Dhaam. If one plans to visit a sacred place, by reading its glories, they are able to see it not through their material vision but through the eyes of the scriptures. Reading these books also offers various insights which can be incorporated into our daily spiritual practices.

Q. What are some popular Hindi pilgrimage books on Vrindavan?

There are many popular Hindi pilgrimage books on Vrindavan in this collection. Some of them are “Braja Yatra – Chaurasi Kos”, “Shri Anand Vrindavan Champu”, “Lalit Madhav of Rupa Goswami”, and “Sri Vrindavan Dham”.