Disease Imprints on The Palm (Medical Palmistry)

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A Treatise on Diagnosis of Diseases Through the Study of Various Signs on the Hand
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Item Code: UAC387
Author: O. P. Verma
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 8188230030
Pages: 180 (Throughout B/W Diagrams)
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Book Description

Palmistry or study of palm has always been a difficult subject to study and put into practice. Many start the study enthusiastically and very-very few remain in this study continuously. The study and diagnosis of the disease from the palm require a specific skill which involves biological and psychological significance of the hand and knowledge of physiology, anatomy and abnormalities developed in the body during the course of the disease. A medical palmist has to relate all these aspects to the signs on the palm.

Celebrated palmists like W.G. Benham, Noel Jacquin and medical palmists like Dr. Charlotte Wolff and. Dr. Eugene Scheimann have done yeoman's service to the humanity, by enriching the science of palmistry of their own experiences. Medical palmistry requires constant interaction and discussion with medical practitioners and a special aptitude to grasp minutely the intricacies of disease development.

The author started the study of palmistry wider the able guidance of revered Guruji Late Sh. Pratap Singh Chauhan in 1972. After looking into the hands of the author, Guruji initiated the author to come and study from his notes and get practical experience from his day to day practice. The author has the luck of having some medical practitioners as his relatives and friends.

The subject matter in this small volume on medical palmistry has been dealt in a systematic manner starting from the shape of the hand and diseases pertaining to the type of hind. Then comes the disease indications of the mounts, the shape of thumb, nails and fingers. There is also a chapter on the study of dermatoglyphics, which is very important in the consideration of psyche and hormonal imbalances in an individual. Discussion on the nails is quite exhaustive. Finally there is a chapter on disease indications from the lines and signs on the palm. Scattered information on diseases in the literature on palmistry, which has appealed to the author during experience has been appended as an appendix in the end of book. The book has been supplemented with adequate number of hand prints to facilitate the reader grasp the subject matter easily. It is presumed that the reader is familiar with the basics of palmistry otherwise the volume would have been out of proportion.

The Prop., M/s Ranjan Publications has been insisting and encouraging the author for quite some time to bring out experiences before the public and fill the gap of this specialised branch of palmistry, the medical palmistry. The author will feel amply rewarded, if the work is accepted and appreciated for the purpose it is meant. In the end the author appreciates M/s Ranjan Publications for having brought out the volume nicely in print.


Human mind is the most complicated organ of human physical body and it can be compared to antenna of television which receives signals and with aid of other components converts them into sound and picture. Human mind is more than that, it is the computer which has in store all the past and future information and gives us results by directing different parts of the body according to our past deeds i.e. the Will of Almighty.

The Will of Almighty is the systematic phenomena of universe where by stored information of the past in the subconscious mind gets impulse by the movement of planets and stars through the zodiac and manifest in the form of events. The frame for events is already cast on the hand as the shape of the hand and demarcation of major lines and signs.

Our past karmas or deeds are the destiny of this birth and this destiny generates thoughts in the mind Which manifest largely through our physical body in the form of our karmas of this birth. Along with this, Almighty has also provided discriminating faculty to his finest creation, the human being, which is called Free Will and which can be increased or decreased by following the righteous or wrongful ways of living.

Various methods of delineating the future are prevalent all over the world. Some adopt the astrological methods while others satisfy this zeal by the study of markings on the human body and face. The science of omens is also there to predict the trends of coming events and undoubtedly all these have developed out of curiosity of m n to know the future, an aspect of the conscious mind t is more involved in the materialistic aspects of life.

All the other methods have evolved through the incomplete or conscious mind and chances of error are always there, except the Nadi literature which got generated through the intention or enlightening of the subconscious mind of great Maharishis or divine people. Similarly the human hand is the most natural gift to humanity to delineate the future and has direct link with the subconscious mind or the Almighty. The perfection in delineation by studying the hand is then the matter of knowledge, concentration, comparative study and final conclusions. It is the concentration of mind and fixity of purpose which is the key to success not only in palmistry but in all the fields of activity. The spiritual bent of mind and meditation do help the practitioner a great deal in this respect.

Our subject of study here is the disease indications on the palm. As soon as the disease makes its way into the body, the hands show abnormality and also indicate susceptibility to certain illnesses. For example swelling of base joints of the fingers alarms incoming arthritis while pain in the first phalange joints indicate mild form of the disease, osteo-arthritis. A warm, moist and trembling hand is a good indication of hyper-thyroidism while a rough, dry and cold hand indicates hypothyroidism. An unevenness of mount pads indicates illness or susceptibility to illness. The colour of the hand plays a significant role in this respect. The temperature of the hand can be judged by the palmist by keeping the client's palm between his hands and a cold hand under normal climatic conditions speaks of poor circulation of blood while a hot hand in cold conditions tells vigorous circulation of blood. Bad signs on the palm e.g. cross, island, grill, abnormal colour of the hand; black, blue and white spots, very deep or shallow lines, abnormal nails and many other signs should be judged in this respect.

Gestures, postures and movements of the hand are indicative of inner turmoil and are more valuable mirror of personality as these aspects are beyond the control of the individual unlike the face which is not impartial as the human being has learned the art of pretending the facial expressions according to circumstances and situations. For example, a person hiding the thumb closed between fingers or closely held is with a sense of insecurity, a widely separated thumb shows self confidence, a wide gap between the index finger and Saturn finger indicates independence of thought, a wide gap between the little finger and Apollo finger shows independence of action and widely separated fingers in normal position of the hand indicate a nonconformist who is of no use to the society.

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