1008 Tips for Better Living

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Author: Dr. Puneet Chawla
Publisher: Times Group Books
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788189906979
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
About the Book
1008 Tips for Better Living is based on time tested tips for a better life. Many a tip is based on reciting mantras shlokas and do has from ancient Hindu scriptures and epics that the sages have experienced over centuries and have found to be useful. In today’s life when most of us remain unhappy because of either not getting a good job or a disturbed marred life or problems in conceiving a child or suffering from any disease this book provides tips which if applied with full faith can work wonders These are simple steps which require minor changes or adjustments in our daily lives people have followed these steps for centuries and benefitted and there is no doubt why it will not work for you. This book covers many aspects of a person’s life like career employment business health marriage progeny property litigation etc.

About the Author

A Vastu Consultant Dr Puneet Chawla is gifted with an amazingly intuitive personality. As a clairvoyant he can sense subtle energies in human being. He is a learned Vastu expert from south India. And well versed in various Indian scriptures like the Vedas. Puranas and Upanishads Dr Chawla’s weekly columns and innumerable write ups on Vaastu related issues in national in supplements Like What’s Hot and HT City has made him a household name. He has authored books like Vaastu Secrets for a Better life and Hindu Beliefs and Rituals which have been very well received.

Apart from giving Vaastu consult and consultancy and contracts for corporate industrial and residential structures Dr Chawala provides corporate training courses as well.

He hold an MBBS degree as a doctor in Alternative Medicine From the Institute of Alternative Medicine and Research Kolkata. He has also taken courses in pranic Healing panics Psychotherapy Crystal Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and past Life Regression Therapy from reputed institutes in Manila (Philippines)and Canada Dr Chawla uses Color Therapy Pyramidology and metals and crystals to rectify Vaastu defects without any demolition.

Two adventurous friends set out on a sea vayage in a Small Ship. As they reached near an island their ship developed a fault and could not go further. They swam to the shore and found that island was uninhabited.

In order to survive they built a small hut with tree leaves and branches. One of the two friends who was an atheist cursed God for the incident. The other who was a strong believer in God and his power consoled his atheist friend that there will be a way out.

They use to light a fire in a corner of the but as it was very cold on the island Everyday they stood on the seashore and waved hands in the hope that some passing ship may notice them but with no success.

One day while returning back they found that their hut had caught fire was completely destroyed. The atheist cursed God again and lost all hope. The one who believed in God was still hopeful and said that whatever God does is for good.

The next morning as they reached the shore a ship was waiting for them. The captain of the ship had noticed the smoke and fire and thought someone might be looking for help.

Such incidents keep happening in everyone’s life. There are situations when we find ourselves deep in troubles and think that it is the end of life. But if we have the courage then we can find solutions even to the most difficult problems.

One need to have faith God’s compassion and His mysterious powers.

In Shloka 47 Chapter 2 of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says.

Karmanai vaadhika rastey ma Phaleshu Kadachan ma Karmphal Hetur Bhoorma te sango astav Karmoni

Through his shloka the lord commands. They business is with action only and never with its fruits therefore let not the fruits of your actions be they motive Also do not get attached to inaction.

So my dyice is that whenever faced with any problem or a difficult situation follow the available solutions. Take an appropriate and timely action and leave the results to God.

It is with desire to help my readers that the book 1008 Tips has been compiled which I have gathered during my fruitful Years as a consultant.

With a hope that it will prove handy in every house I present this book to my sincere readers.

Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts on life have acted as a liberating source for the struggling humanly Taking a cue from his saying every idea that strengthens you must be taken up an idea can change life and bring relief from all troubles.

This book will help you to change ideas through a number of tips Again thought that weakens you must be rejected denotes that negative thoughts hindering growth or making you sick should be discarded as soon as possible. A number of tips mentioned in the book help reject negative and develop a positive outlook.

Experience teacher us many thing in life. There is a saying experience is a comb given to a man when he is bold We also learn from others experiences.

Some tips are based on experience therefore time tested to give positive results.

A lot of tips are based on recitation of mantras shlokas or dohas performance of Rituals wearing gemstones ets. We need not bother how things work rather have faith and sincerity and reap the fruits when a Doctor prescribes medicine you never go into details like how the medicines work rather you place your faith on the doctor and follow his or advice and You get well sooner or later depending upon the severity of the disease.

Then there are totkas which literally means magical practice one can give any name to it but the fact remains that it work .

I have included only a few selected once that have been proved authentic.

Tantara is an ancient science and has been proved as a faster way of self realization. Though of late it has been proved it has been maligned by some self centered tantric. My in depth Knowledge and practical experience has given me an insight to avoid all the negative tips.

Being a Vaastu consultant helped me in including proven Vaastu tips.

The book is divided in two section. The first one explains true happiness and the factor that act as obstacles to happiness. It gives various reasons of human sorrows and discussed ways to enjoy a happy life are.

It also deals with problems and gives their solutions. Some practical methods have been discussed for problem solving open from other related matter.

The second section gives a total of 1008 tips on different topic which will prove beneficial if followed with full faith.

I hope you enjoy reading it and also benefit by following it.

Hapiness is your Birthright13
Problems and their Solutions17
1008 Tips Good Times35
Hard Times37
Evil Eye81
Fears and Phobias85
Peace of mind92
Spiritual Development104
Personal Beauty148
Personality Development157
Love Affair161
Conjugal Relations171
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