108 Names of Krishna

108 Names of Krishna

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Author: Vijaya Kumar
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788120720220
Pages: 112
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Call him Keshava (Long-Haired); Madhava (Supreme Bliss); Narayana (Divine Absolute) or Vasudeva (Supreme Lord). They are all different names of Krishna, the chanting of which evokes in us a religious fervour and helps us focus on the Almighty.


Sri Krishna is the beloved of the masses. His life is romantic and fascinating, and His teachings and stories have marvelous depth and beauty. Taking birth to destroy the wicked and establish dharma on this earth He delivered his famous celestial Gitopadesh to the world. As an infant, a divine child, a lover, a savious, a teacher, He was known by many names.

Following the tradition of celebrating the holy names of God, we have chosen 108 names, signifying the 108 beads in a rosary used during prayer.

Chanting the God's name evokes in us a religious fervour and helped us to focus on the Almighty.