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Adhara Chakra and Awakening of Kundalini

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Author: Prabhodaran Sukumar
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789380404400
Pages: 224 (4 Color Illustrations)
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Book Description
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The six adhara chakra in our body, the microcosm, support the immense subtle energy of the universe. All the activities in our body occur faultlessly due to their rotation. Even though the chakras help man in his daily life they remain in resting state as far as his spiritual progress is concerned. Each adhara chakra has a special quality and a specific activity that cannot be performed by other chakras. Such details are presented in this book. Details about different kinds of breaths that flow in a human body, how the pingala nadi could be reached through speech, how pashyanthi could be captured, the path of life force stationed at manipuraka chakra, how kundalini sakthi could be awakened in Sri Vidya marga, and using the Maal tattva how to control the detrimental activity of the apana vayu which conflicts with the prana and several such topics can be found here. All our beliefs so far about kundalini sakthi are only based on some stories we have heard from others. For the very first time, Amarakavi has revealed openly in this book the secret of how to truly awaken kundalini sakthi.

Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai, an American of Indian origin says, "I have seriously researched the four Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad gita, Thirumandiram, Saiva . Thirumurai and many such works. I have not found a clearer explanation on yoga marga in any of them compared to Amarakavi's books."



The book you hold in your hands is unique. For, although many books have been written on the topic the chakras and famed Kundalini, not many of them can bear witness to the depth and splendor of the wisdom of the original Seers, Rishis and Siddhas.

The majority of these more recent works stem from 'new age" enthusiasts, philosophies and worldviews. Older works available on the subject were scribed by highly respected Yogis who no doubt attained their own level of achievement guided by their Guru, who in turn were guided by their Guru, in a long line of lineages, unbroken for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Some of these highly evolved souls, foreseeing the decline of human capabilities began to scribe and jot down precious teachings passed down to them verbally from emanation to generation in an attempt to preserve them for the benefit of future generations.

Unfortunately, by that time the Cyclic nature of the Yugas was already in motion. Human nature in decline, even within spiritual circles rivalries did happen. Some emphasized one branch over the other, this superior over that until the once cohesive, potent and supremely brilliant understanding of high wisdom became fragmented, diluted and corrupt.

Therefore we are very fortunate to have had, in our very lifetime, a true Siddha walk among us. Amarakavi was a saint who through penance and grace, was gifted with the privilege to commune with the divine and to access the vast storehouse of information ever-present on the higher plane. His masterpiece "Nija Ananda Bodham" is a true revelation and testament to these claims.

Now in this present work, the reader is treated to Amarakavi's revelation, vision" and understanding of the chakras and Kundalini and how it may be understood within the framework of Sri Vidya. It reveals a deep understanding and insight, revealing also why most Yogis, despite countless years of tapas, never manage to attain the full potential, abilities and results promised in the literature and scripture.



When Professor Saravanan, Head of the Department of Saiva Siddhantha at Madras University requested me to speak on chakras during the karthigai month of 2017, I was stunned for a moment. I asked myself whether I was qualified enough to speak on the topic.

The path of Thirumular and Bogar is the Yoga nishtai marga. It is not a path for regular yoga practitioners. Intense tapas and deep meditation are the requirements for this nishtai. This eon is not appropriate to perform such serious austerities. Further, only great sages can explain the Eroli chakra. One should at least be an expert in kumbaka siddhi to understand this. Wondering how a mere mortal like me can talk about this topic in such a huge arena I was speechless.

The day following Thiruvannamalai Barani Deepam (4.12.2017) was Vishnu deepa day. It is celebrated as karthigai deep am day in all the Vishnu temples. It signifies removing tamas, the darkness of ignorance and coming under the influence of satva guna.

It is also the day when a quarter of Amarakavi 's tamo guna was completely replaced by divine satva guna during his yoga nishtai practice and the Lord took him under his protection. Amarakavi's Brahma samadhi also occurred on Vishnu deepa day. We were offering food at Thiruvallikeni Arulmigu Parthasarathy temple on that day in memory of these events .Dr. Saravanan called me again and reiterated his request. I wondered if it was Amarakavi 's bidding that I should talk on the topic and felt overwhelmed. Taking my friend Mr Babuji who works in Thiruvallikeni postal department I immediately went to Madras University, met Dr. Saravanan and accepted his request.

"Worshipping Him by His grace" I began my speech and talked successfully about the divine secrets of the chakra that contain the mystery of the universe.

All the actions in the universe occur without fail due to bhu chakra, sri chakra, soma chakra, eroli chakra, the six chakras and others. Our body, the microcosm which reflects the macrocosm, also functions due to the movement of the six chakras, muladhara, svadhishtana, manipuraka, anahatha, vishuddhi and ajna. Thus, man's worldly life proceeds without any glitch due to the chakras and their movement.

Sacred soul

Soul is omniscient. It is the self-effulgent flame that remains as the divine siva svarupa. It is the Supreme atman that appears as limited souls or Jivas under the influence of the creative principles. Coming under the influence of the Bhu chakra Jiva whirls through cycles of birth as countless life forms and gets caught up in samsara.

Being born as a human, the pinnacle of evolution examining the divine supreme awareness endlessly ant immersing within its depths seem to be an eternal game in this world.

Thus, life forms progress physically through evolutionary hierarchy and improve their intellect through sensory knowledge and live under the speedy spinning of the bhuchakra. Bhu chakra is the cycle of night and day in our world. It is the flow of time in this universe. Life forms thus spin through time, being born as one of the 84 lakh beings and travel through the endless journey of life.

Several such interesting topics are presented in this book. Dr. Bhaskaran Pillai, a great admirer of Amarakavi Siddheswara has contacted me several times over the phone and extended his support and suggestions for this book on chakras.

I am obliged to present some important information and comments that Dr. Pillai shared with me on Amarakavi 's book, Nijanandha Bodham.

"I have seriously researched the four Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad gita, Thirumandiram, Saiva Thirumurai and many such works.

I have not found a clearer explanation on yoga marga in any of them compared to Amarakavi's books.

Amarakavi's several discoveries in the field of yoga and his scientific explanations that he has offered freely without concealing anything have filled me with wonder.


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