Advance Medical Astrology

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Book Description
About the Book

“Advance Medical Astrology” is a vital guide for all as how to live with a sound body and mind. In this invaluable book there are food therapy, aroma therapy, colour therapy, herbal cure through homoeopathy, cure through gems etc according to the planetary position of t he native concerned. The advance student of astrology will also find this book very useful in boosting their knowledge bank.

This book is very brilliant, very stimulating, is a sumptuous meal that will whet the appetites of millions of common man and astrologers for maintaining an excellent health without medicines. It is profusely illustrated with100 practical horoscopes, which should help the practicing astrologers to predict accurately in view of the latent principles of health and diseases coined by the author Dr S.S Chatterjee. It should be preserved in all the libraries of the world and should also find a place in each house in India /Abroad. This book has been tailored using multi-disciplinary knowledge for the benefit of mankind. In order to restore the lost glory of astrology, Dr. S.S. Chatterjee has written this present book with latest scientific touch. We can easily overcome many dangerous diseases using proper diet, herbs, fruits ad vegetables and through yoga techniques. Foods harm and the same foods heal. Leucoderma, skin diseases, aids, cancer, plague, stomach ulcers, going astray through drug addiction, piles, constipation, cholera, malaria, beriberi, dengue etc occur for using wrong food habits and unawareness a out the climatic impact on health and dieases. Physical strength of body and mind is the indispensable factor for carrying out one’s duties and the acquisition of knowledge, wealth, and happiness. Health is wealth. By eating large quantities of multi-coloured fruits products one can live upto 80 years without visiting hospitals. Complicated diseases such as lunacy, schizophrenia, asthma, thalassaemia, heart diseases, impotency, anaemia, miggaine, severe back pain, epilepsy, diabetes, amputation of limbs etc occur due to our past sins of eh previous life. According to our sages. Meaning sins of past lives bother us n the form of diseases, which can be ameliorated by medicines, donations, Japa and Homa .The seven essential ingredients of the body are: body, marrow, flesh, bone, semen, sinews and fat are actually controlled by the seven planets. Man has been sad to be an “Epitome of ht Universe”, Minutest principles of Sun, Stars and planets in the solar system are in him in a fixed proportion. Robust health results in their equilibrium. When the harmony is disturbed by the slightest change in the proportion of the innumerable elements, diseases result. Rays emanating from the various planets have been found producing different vitamins necessary for t he healthy growth of living beings. The author has tested the thousands of golden subtle rules framed by our seers in real life. He has explained the mechanisms of complicated diseases with the golden rules of astrology and modern scientific outlook. The author has put much stress on remedial measures. This book is an encyclopedia of information for maintaining an excellent health even in adverse circumstances. Infant mortality can never be eliminated, because longevity is controlled by God. Those who have benefics in angles and malefic in 3rd /11th house live long. This book is profusely illustrated with 100 practical examples Dr. Chatterjee’s book contain some currents, which forces the readers to read his books contain some currents, which forces the readers to read his books thoroughly. This book should be preserved in each library and in each individual house of India and abroad. It has been tailored using multi-disciplinary knowledge and will be useful to each and every body.


About the Author

Dr S.S Chatterjee is a noted authority on Vedic astrology & a prolific writer in predictive astrology. Basically a scientist (holds a Ph. D degree from Banaras Hindu University in Electro-Chemistry, 1968 with postdoctoral research experience in USA & Germany). On the invitation of American Federation of Astrology, U.S.A. he delivered invaluable & noteworthy lectures in astrology and palmistry in applauded and praised by the internationally famous astrologers of the world. He authored of many books of astrology. His book as well as write ups are not only authentic but also give many thought provoking clues to the judgments of horoscopes. He has produced Ph. Ds & published about 100 scientific articles in the field of chemistry and Metallurgy. He took formal training gin astrology from Indian Institute of Astrology , Kolkata for 3 years as a regular student. In the quest of astrological research PDIL, Noida (a Govt. of India undertaking firm) where he worked as and executive engineer for 29 years. On the invitation of American Federation of Astrology, USA. He delivered invaluable and noteworthy lectures in astrology and palmistry in Orlando, Florida in July 1990 and was highly applauded and praised by the internationally famous astrologers of the world. He visited USA Germany, for 7 years as a postdoctoral fellow in corrosion engineering. He has produced Ph. Ds and published about 100 scientific articles in the field of Chemistry and Metallurgy. He has also written about 200 articles in Astrology with scientific outlook. One of his outstanding articles , “Dasa Period of Planets in Mutual Angles” Published in Aug-Sep. 1997 issue of The Times of Astrology brought him the glory in the form of Ist Shri Sabthaban Award in May, 1998. Dr. Chatterjee, is proud to examine the horoscopes of about half million persons from various parts of this globe and he has helped at least 100persons to become crorepati. Gems and other astro-solutions suggested by him worked as a miracle for removing the sufferings of human beings in 1-6 months. His accursate forecasts amazes everyone, whoever comes across him. He has also authored other seven books, cosmic, influences on mind and IQ (1992) Advanced Predictive Astrology, Volume 1, (1999), Vol. 2 (2000), Fortune and Finance (2002), Astrology Applied (2004), Astrology Nectar (2005). Win 8th House of the Zodiac (in press ) His books as well as write-ups are not only authentic but also give many thought provoking clues to the judgments of horoscopes.



The purpose of astrology is to enable man to lead a long healthy and happy life. Physical and mental strength is the indispensable factor for carrying out one's duties and the acquisition of knowledge, wealth and happiness. 4th house of the zodiac, represents our happiness. When 4th house /4th lord and significator of happiness Jupiter, signiificator of success Sun, significtor of Mind (Moon) are strong one enjoys life immensely. The lagna and its lord should be aspected by benefic. When the ascendant or the Moon is devoid of benefic aspects, all the Raja Yogas does not materialize. Strong Jupiter, Venus, well associated Mercury, waxing Moon cause pleasure, happiness, success and Good health, elevation of financial success and achievements. Quadrants are the pillars of the horoscope. A benefic planet in the 9th house or an unaffiliated benefic planet in the 10th house forming Amala Yoga, helps the person to climb at zenith in life. It is not no possible to achieve financial solvency throughout life without a Raja Yoga (a relationship between trine and quadrant lords). Benefic and strong planets in the quadrants (1,4,7,10) and the trines (1,5,9) from the ascendant, strengthen it. Strong malefics (Rahu, Ketu, Sun, Saturn and Mars) in these houses cause the Ascendant to decay or suffer loss of strength, and therefore, loss of health. The presence of much favorable yoga such as Pancha Mahaplush Yoga, Gajakeshri Yoga, Vasumati Yoga, Maha Yogas, Mudrika Yoga and Raja Yogas add to the general strength of the horoscope, and therefore promotes good health. Strong Moon, Sun and Ascendant offer terrible resistances against onset of an illness. An ascendant can be said to be strong when it is aspect by its own lord, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury or full Moon. Overall body is controlled from the Ascendant and its lord. Its strength or weakness has a major say in pointing to good health and therefore, absence of disease of a serious nature or sickness or ill health. Diseases, bad habits and wounds (ulcers, sores, boils etc) of a person may suffer from one to be understood from the 6th house and Mars. Author has always tested the subtle golden rules of the sages in real life. He was astonished to discover that all the dumb persons are unfortunate persons. They do not have any mentionable Raja Yogas with weak 9th house/ 9th lord. So it is established beyond doubt that diseases occur in the body as per wishes of God, for his/her past sins. It should be kept in mind that astrology offers an insight into the meaning and purpose of life and its predictable pattern of events and destiny. God controls us from heaven through a remote control procedure (see exp. 84) Epilepsy is such a diseases, for which there is no answer from the well qualified doctors (or physicians) AIDS, heart diseases, cancer, liver diseases occur in the body without any pre signals. The book has been tailored with diversified knowledge for the benefit of mankind. The horoscope of a person is believed to be the balance carried forward into the life from the previous birth. In other words previous existence is believed to be the cause and effect of the present life, which unfolds, slowly but steadily making sure that no one escapes the universal law of Karma. Generally the 5th house is referred on the Poorva Punya Sthan or house pertaining to the merit one has accumulated in the previous life. Maharshi Parasar says that while the 5th stands for amulets, sacredspells, learning, knowledge, success and royally, it also represents the fall from position.. Therefore when 5th/! 1th axis is afflicted, serious diseases crop in. The 9,h house stands for origin or father and future. If the 5"1 house represents our previous existence, the 9th from it, namely the ascendant shows our present existence. If the 5th and 9th houses are not rendered strong, the horoscope is considerably weakened. The native in whose horoscope these houses are afflicted is likely to drift in this life helplessly pulled by the currents of destiny. In any horoscope the lords of 5lh/9lh should not make 6/8 or 2/12 relationships and also should not be in 6/8 positions from the lord of ascendant for a glorious life. In carving an illustrious life, the lords of Kendra (Quadrants) and Trikona (trines) play a vital and decisive role. The strength of such planets are overwhelming. The truth and validity of Raja Yogas stated by sage Parasara is indeed praise worthy.

There are 5 chapters in this book. Chapter 1 records the history of development of medical science between 1300 AD to 2007 AD. Our modern medical science is only 100 yrs old. Structural formulae of important life saving drugs have been included in this chapter. Toilets can save 1.8, million kids annually who die of diarrohea. Influenza can be controlled through proper vaccine. Extreme low levels of lead reduces IQ and attention span, reading and learning disabilities, hearing loss and a range of other health and behavioural effects. On the other hand high levels of lead causes mental retardation, convulsions and death. Entire India is suffering form the risk of arsenic contamination of the ground water.

Fortunately methods are available for the removal of arsenic using magnate. Earth may be a watery planet but 97%of its water is in oceans. Most of the remainder is locked in Antarctic ice caps or deep underground leaving less than 1 % available for human use in fresh water lakes and river. Pollution free air, pure drinking water and distress free mind are the essential ingredients for a disease free life. Govt, of India should try to provide pure drinking water to public free from arsenic and lead using latest nanotechnology. Chapter 2 deals with the identification of diseases before its actual occurrence using the about 250 golden subtle astrological rules framed by sages of yore. Diabetes Mellitus has been discussed in detail in this chapter. Chapter 3 is devoted for the eradication of diseases using natural fruits, vegetables, herbs, homoeopathy drugs, yoga, pranayam and through spiritual powers. Role of body, mind and soul in diseases has to be assessed properly. Strong Moon and strong Sun help to lead a glorious life in one's mundane journey. Role of vitamins and endocrine glands in controlling our health and diseases have been discussed in detail. As per sages diseases occur in the body for the sins committed in the past lives. Epilepsy, AIDS, lunacy, schizophrenia, anaemia, migraine, crushing of bones, loss of limbs, deafness, dumbness, blindness, thalassaemia, blood cancer etc occur in our body as per the statement of seers of yore. Longevity has been discussed in chapter 4. However developed may be our medical science, infant mortality can never be conquered. One enjoys a full length of life when the quadrants/trines are occupied by natural benefics (unblemished Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury) and a malefic (Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn, Sun) occupies either 3rd/or 11th house. Seven practical examples will justify the claim of the author. The author has examined thousands of horoscopes and was actually astonished to observe the accuracy of the subtle astrological rules framed by the sages of yore. All individual diseases with appropriate remedial measures have been discussed in details in chapter 5. Scientific and astrological concepts of each disease have been provided with suitable practical examples from the research diary of the learned author. Descriptions of AIDS, cancer, ear and eye diseases, fracture of bones and bone diseases, lunacy, schizophrenia, psoriasis, coronary heart diseases, congenial cataracts, kidney/gall stones, jaundice, operation yogas, arthritis, epilepsy, thalassaemia, severe back pain, migraine, anaemia, epilepsy, drug addition, obesity, constipation have been discussed in detail. The healthy conditions of the body is indisputably the primary requisite for success in all affairs mundane and spiritual. How, why and when diseases are caused and how they could be prevented or cured were the subjects of deep study of our ancient sages, who by their unparalleled powers of observation, experimentation and intuition have left to their posterity the two invaluable sciences of Astrology and Ayurveda. Forewarned is forearmed. The author believes this book will help the young astrologers to identify diseases long before their occurrence, thus natives will try to find ways to defend themselves before soaking in the oceans of unpleasantness. This book is very brilliant, very stimulating, is a sumptuous meal that will whet the appetites of millions of common man and astrologers for maintaining an excellent health without medicines. It is profusely illustrated with 100 practical horoscopes, which should help the practicing astrologers to predict accurately in view of the latent principles of health and diseases coined by him most scientifically. Mechanisms of ageless living have been provided by the author. It should be preserved in all the libraries of the world and should also find a place in each house in India/Abroad. This book has been tailored using multi-disciplinary knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

The author expresses gratitude to the editors of Astrological Magazine, Banglore, Planets and Forecast, Cuttack, Times of Astrology, Delhi, for providing much data for this book. He expresses thanks to his student Shareejan Sharma, an executive engineer of NTPC for helping in preparing the manuscript. Any suggestion for the improvement of this book will be welcome by the author with stretched hands. The author expresses his deep gratitude to Dharmendra Sharma, Rave Publication, Sumerpur (Raj,) for agreeing to publish this book.



After the Bib Bang, new universe was created and after many evolution, modulation through nature animate and inanimate objects started dominating our mother earth/ According to the law of nature every living being is mortal even the inanimate objects have their mortality through natural depreciation. So there has the necessity of healing process, because every living being wants to live more an more. Even animals , insects find their own way the shake off their physical disorders. They procure healing ingredients through nature and their instinct. Human beings who are the most intelligent of the spices have discovered healing methods and their own, and form ancient up to the present age have presented the universe with numerous in gradients which are termed as “Medicine” to remove illness from their bodies. From the time of the ancient Greeks, different kinds of medicines are used by people to preserve good health. Our jungle ancestors mostly used herbs to cure themselves from illness. After many progressive methods for decades, centuries the present medicines have taken their shape, entered in the global market. At present there are different kinds of processed medicines- Allopathy, homeopathy, herbal, also naturopathy (mental healing). Doctors are burning their midnight oil to find new and novel medicinal properties to cure the most acute disease from the ancient era. Astrology plays as vital role to guide people to love a healthy and disease free life. Doctors can treat a person when a person becomes ill, but an astrologer can predict the future illness of a person, as soon as a native is born the life and take care beforehand. So far the utmost benefit of the 21st century people far and wide, I am presenting a book on Medical Astrology by Dr.S.S. Chatterjee, who is a foreign returned scientist in chemistry ad also a great astrologer of the century .His book, “Advance Medical Astrology” is a vital guide for all as how to live with a sound body and mind. Is this invaluable book there are food therapy, aroma therapy, color therapy, herbal cure through homoeopathy, cure through gems etc according to the planetary position of the native concerned. The advance student of astrology will also find this book very useful in boosting their knowledge bank. This book should be purchased and preserved as an asset for the future generations.




Chapter-1 History of Development of Medical Science 20-38
  Inventions of Life Saving Drugs  
Chapter-2 Secrets of Prognostication of Disease 39-87
  Example 1. Story of a diabetic patient.  
  Example2. An example of good health.  
  Zodiac signs and body parts. Role of house.  
  Planet and organs.  
  Planets and Ailments.  
  Bile of Pittta sun & Mars.  
  Golden rules of health hazards  
  Example3. Deaf, dumb, cannot walk since birth.  
  Example4. Lifelong suffering from diabetes.  
  Symptoms of diabetes are: 0  
  Example 5. Lifelong health problems of a married lady.  
  Timing Diseases  
Chapter-3 Secrets of Long Life 88-168
  Origin of man- No answer.  
  Nature's decaying process is known as disease.  
  How to live happily.  
  Some General knowledge about health and diseases.  
  Language of body (meaning of signal)  
  Harmful effects of common salt.  
  Music reduce chronic pain & insomnia  
  Sun rays may reduce cancer, schizophrenia, arthritis rickets.  
  Hypertension and poor memory.  
  Less risk of stroke.  
  Sun burn disease.  
  Astrological concepts of diseases  
  Karma- the eternal mystery  
  Composition of body, mind and soul.  
  Relationship between body and mind.  
  How to control mind(As per Geeta)  
  Defect of human body.  
  Controlling spirits.  
  Power of a Yogi.  
  Astrological concept of mind,  
  Example 6. An intelligent boy of Bengal.  
  Example 7. A story of a lunatic man.  
  Disease an hormones.  
  Pituitary gland (governed b syn, mars and moon)  
  Pineal Gland (rule by ketu and moon)  
  Thyroid gland (governed by Jupiter and Sun)  
  Parathyroid gland (Governed by Saturn and Mercury)  
  Thymus gland (Governed by Moon)  
  Pancreas gland (Governed by Mars, Venus and Jupiter)  
  Example 8. Beard of a woman.  
  Sex Glands(Governed by Mars, and Venus)  
  Role of Minerals on Health.  
  Vitamins and diseases.  
  Saturated And Unsaturated Oil.  
  Yoga, Meditation and Health  
  Bio chemic therapy  
  Vitamins of fruits and vegetables.  
  Indian Herbs- Excellent Remedies.  
  The importance of looking good (Personality Factor)  
  Example 9. A case of a bald headed person  
  Remedies for suntan, stretch marks or burn marks on the face.  
  Secrets of ageless living (100-150yrs.)  
Chapter 4 Longevity 169-180
  Example 10. Death for brain cancer.  
  Example 11. Death for the brain cancer in infancy.  
  Example 12 Dead body was found with smashed face on 05-05-2006.  
  Example 13. Died in dropsy disease.  
  Example 14. Disease free long innings of life of a well versed astrologer.  
  Example 15. Loss of both legs in old age accident.  
  Example 16. Life history of a billionaire medical doctor of Bengal.  
Chapter 5 Disease And Its Cure 181-347
  Heart Disease and hypertension  
  Example 17. Bye pass heart surgery  
  Example 18. Bye pass surgery in the middle ages.  
  Example 19. Bye pass heart surgery in the middle age (less than 40)  
  Example 20. Bye pass heart surgery at the fag end of life.  
  Example 20. Bye pass surgery which brought paralysis of the body on both side at the fag of life.  
  Example 22. Rheumatic heart which caused early death.  
  Example 23. No heart problem inspite of several astrological yogas for his diesase.  
  Example 24. Dull life of a fat man.  
  Example 25. Fat son of a marine engineer in Mumbai.  
  Example 26. Obesity turned the life to hell.  
  Example 27. Ruined education for obesity.  
  Drug Addicts.  
  Example 28. Case of drug addict.  
  Example 29. Young age paralysis for drug addiction.  
  Example 30. Case of a smoker Alcohol deadlier for teenage brains  
  Cancer and its remedial measures.  
  Example 31. A case of throat cancer  
  Example 32. Death in infancy for cancer/  
  Example 33. Recovery from uterus cancer.  
  Example 34. Death for cancer  
  Example 35. Successful cancer operation.  
  Liver Disease  
  Example 36. Cirrhosis of liver.  
  Example 37. Serious jaundice.  
  Example 38. Abscess of liver.  
  Kidney and Gallstone.  
  Example 39. Case of kidney stone  
  Example 40 Case of kidney stone  
  Example 41. Case of kidney stone.  
  Example 42. Gall bladder stone.  
  Example 43 A case of gall stone.  
  Example 44. Case of gall bladder stone.  
  example 45. Case of kidney stones.  
  Gout, Arthritis & Rheumatis.  
  Example 46. Severe setback in life for Rheumatism.  
  Example 47.Severe setbacks in life for Rheumatism.  
  Example 48. Case of osteoarthritis.  
  Asthma and its cure.  
  Which gem should b prescribed as a remedial measure?  
  Colour therapy  
  Example 469. Childhood attack of asthma.  
  Example 50. Childhood attack of asthma.  
  Example 51. Severe asthma attack in boyhood days.  
  Example 52. Lifelong suffering from asthma.  
  Paralysis and its cue.  
  Example 53. Case of paralysis  
  Example 54. Case of paralysis  
  Example 55. A case of anemia & poor health.  
  Migraine (Headache ) and its remedial measures.  
  Example 56. A case of severe migraine.  
  Example 57. A case of migraine  
  Constipations the grand mother of all diseases.  
  How to rise above mediocre level.  
  Bad breath and its cure.  
  Example 58. Cur of Leucoderma  
  Example 59. Leucoderma oa an advocate  
  Example 60. Leucoderma started in the dasa of 8th lord.  
  Example 61. Leucoderma of an IOCL Chief Engineer.  
  Visio Defect.  
  Example 62. Spectacles in childhood.  
  Example 63. Detached eye retina, Right eye blindness.  
  Example 64. Glaucoma disease  
  Example 65. Bling female girl.  
  Example 66. Case of impotency.  
  Example 67. NO sex w ith wife.  
  Pain management (Slipped disc and backache)  
  Example 68. Severe sciatica pain running down left leg from the buttock.  
  Example 69. Appendicitis operation in the middle age.  
  Example 70. Young age operation of appendicitis.  
  Example 71. Appendicitis operation at the age of 12.  
  Timing an operation.  
  Yogas for operation.  
  Example 72. Multi surgery cases.  
  Example 73. Six places of stomach removed.  
  Example 74. Removal of large intestine.  
  Summary of onset of serious illness for operation  
  Example 75. Epilepsy in infant days.  
  Example 76. A case of epilepsy from childhood  
  Example 77. House breaking lady violent schizophrenic man.  
  Example 78. Schizophrenic man.  
  Example 79. Schizophrenia.  
  Mental Illness (Lunacy)  
  Example 80. House breaking lady.  
  Example 81. Birth of a moron, deaf and dumb from the childhood.  
  Example 82. Case of idiocy.  
  Example 83. Turned lunatic for depression  
  Example 84. A case of lunacy of brilliant boy.  
  Aids and other sex diseases.  
  Example 85. Uterus removal.  
  Role of Venus in deformities and locomotion.  
  Example 86 Loss vision of the right eye.  
  Example 87. Loss of both legs.  
  Example 88. Wheel chaired president Roosevelt of U.S.A.  
  Example 89. Crushed left leg.  
  Example 90. Multi fracture in right leg.  
  Fracture of bones and bone disease  
  Example 91. Severe pain of bones of a billionaire business man of Delhi.  
  Example 92. Fell down from roof fracture of backbones and left ankle.  
  Example 93. Left leg fracture from a motorcycle accident.  
  Example 94. Serious Motorcycle accident multiple fracture on both the legs.  
  Speech ad hearing defects  
  Example 95. Born deaf and dumb.  
  Example 96 Case of stammering  
  Defective right ear.  
  Example 98. Deafness of both the ears from Aug 1996.  
  Thalassaemia a major disease of blood.  
  Example 99. A case of thalassaemia  
  Example 100. A case of thalassaemia  

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