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Item Code: IDJ701
Author: Dr. Brahmanand Nayak
Publisher: Dr. Seetharam Prasad for Ayurvedline, Bangalore
Edition: 2007
Pages: 716 (Throughout B/W & Colour Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

About the Book


Returning to the Roots

First things first. Why more and more patients are turning to Ayurveda now-a-day? According to one survey, many people turn to be more effective for their condition than allopathic magic bullets. Surveys have shown that people in developed countries using Ayurvedic medicines tend to be better educated and enjoy higher incomes than average. Also disenchantment with modern medical science has certainly prompted a number of people to use Ayurvedic therapies, which is more appealing for them. Many chronic patients feel they need not abandon the modern medicine, since Ayurvedic therapies can often be followed alongside conventional procedures and medication.

One International survey has shown that "Ayurvedic Medicine users fall into two categories: those with an specific problem, and those who believe Ayurveda's approach to life. On the whole, people are most likely to consult Ayurveda practitioner not because they are concerned about any toxic side effects but, more pragmatically, because conventional medicine did not help their specific problem. Other set of people, tend to be more interested in easing stress and maintaining well being, and are drawn to Panchakarma therapies. Often those who turn to therapies for a specific problem experience other positive benefits, thus encouraging an interest in the approach to life offered by Ayurveda."

Till recently, modern medicine neglected Ayurvedic medicine, viewing it as folklore, lacking proven scientific validity. But new mainstream scientists are increasingly reaching back to the truths of ancient medicine for clue to remedies and antidotes for our modern diseases.

Why is this attention to the medicinal plants and Ayurvedic theories accelerating now? Why are prestigious research institutions like National Institute of Health, Johns Hopkins and Harvard telling us with great fanfare, turmeric and garlic is full of powerful anti-cancer agents and eating ashwagandha seems to dramatically iron out stress. Why do popular media carry one or the other story on Ayurveda daily? The reason: The 400 million Great Indian Middle class who adrenalise marketes, are looking for an alternative medicine. Many of this class have experienced dark side of the modern medicine or enjoyed the benefits of the herbal medicine once in their life time. Hence, it is an unstoppable and benevolent trend, the mainstreaming of Ayurveda. Surveys report that Ayurveda is undoubtedly our best, safest and cheapest form of medicine.

So many people now consult Ayurvedic practitioners that this would suggest high levels of patient satisfaction. There has been general disillusionment with mainstream medicine and a refusal to accept the view of the allopathic experts! Today mantra: One has to slice the patients not just on economic parameters, but on lifestyle, value system, culture and tradition too!

The healthcare system is at the cross roads today. People are not satisfied with treatment for the physical body alone. They want to care equally for the mind, control the vagaries of emotions, environment and the soul. Alternate therapies are evolved around this concept of "wholesomeness". So probably, the changing interest in the form of health care during the last 10 years in India is because of this cultural shift from place meal approach to wholesome approach.

People under the garb of scientific understanding tend to make intellectual errors while dealing with traditional systems. We forget that our own perspectives may prevent us from understanding the meaning and utility of practice that have been developed within that medical system.

That failure to account for our and biases can lead to the overenthusiastic acceptance of idea whose genesis and application we do not really understand. The recent hue and cry about metal toxicity is a case in point.

Lastly, today we are actually conscious of the need for a research-led renaissance, Research-led education in Ayurveda and its interface with other allied disciplines would undoubtedly give an edge in this competitive world. To make this possible linkages between academia and industry must be strengthened. Today consumer product companies are capitalizing on traditional school of medicine to develop a new cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products. But herbal ethical products research/new drug development in the critical areas is not so promising!

To make Ayurveda a global medicine a reality, we need a critical mass of vibrant educated and skilled minds (read doctors), strong institutions and a new sense of self confidence amongst professional. Our ability to rise to it will be determined by our willingness to set world-class aspirations and persevere towards them. We have to radically rethink our approaches if we have to become the key players in the global health scenario. There is no short cut to success.




Cover Story    
Dhat Syndrome   19
Consanguinity   23
Technique of Sexual Grounding   31
Alcohol and Sexual Health   37
Psycho-Neuro Pharmacology of Sex   43
Premature Ejaculation and its Management   57
Unconsummation of Marriage   68
Ativyavaya – Pleasure or Pain?   71
Modern Birth Control Methods   75
Review on Erectile Dysfunction   92
Impotency in Ayurveda   103
Examination of Patients with Sexual Problems   111
Rasayogas for Conjugal Bliss   119
Andropause   123
Contraceptive effect of Ayurvedic Plants   129
Sex and Astrology   139
Sex Research   159
Continuing from our previous issue, this section provides an indepth research data on the unique and important    
Food Research   193
The food that we eat every day in addition to providing nutrition also have medicinal Value. Use his Food therapy to prevent or cure disease    
Yoga Research   207
The beneficial effects of yogic techniques like asanas, pranayama and meditation have been clinically revalidated through research. An insight into some of the studies in this part.    
Instant Information  
Researches on Oral Sex   35
Axioms about administration of Medicines   42
Penile strokes for Sexual bliss   74
Varieties of Abnormal sexual Behaviours   89
Asanas for Sexual Health   117
Facts about Indians' Sexual life   122
Different Navel Shapes   138
Important Dhupas of Kashyapa   294
Research o Aloe vere   335
Research on Fenugreek   345
Research on Garlic   353
Research on Ginger   357
Research on Gokshura   374
Research o Turmeric   385
Research on Onion   398
Research on Yashtimandhu   408
Research on Massage therapy   410
Most important uses of Sanjivani Vati   417
Research on Aphrodisiac Plants   425
Ratnas and their most Useful applications   430
Kshirapakas to Prevent Abortion   432
Facts on Fats   490
99 Mini Wisdoms    
This section provides brief informations on a broad range of concepts, alternate therapies, plant medicine and researches, which is the useful as quick references in clinical practice   148
Clinical success stories    
Shirodhara in Primary Insomnia   218
Ayurvedic Management of Repeated Stress injuries   226
A Clinical study on Gingivitis   229
Clinical Study on Male Sexual Dysfunction   234
Effect of Tikta Rasa on Lipids   239
Dashamula Ghrita Nasya in Migraine   249
Management of Uterine Fibroids   252
Medhya Ghrita in Tension Headache   254
Management of Renal Calcuti   262
Metal toxicity    
Lead Toxicity: facts and fallacies   266
Mercury in Ayurveda   272
Workshop: Facing the challenges of Heavy Metals & Microbial contamination in Ayurvedic products   280
Special feature    
Smoking in Ayurveda   287
Evolving Relevant Quality Standards for Traditional Medicines   299
Future of Herbal Industry   306
Gout and its management   309
Chikungunya and its Management   314
Classical medicine Index    
More than Five hundred Herbal and Herbo-mineral generic preparations are listed in detail   317-451
Clinical trial reports    
Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of lQmem Syrup in children with Memory Problems   452
Makaradhwaj Rasayana Vati in Oligozoospermia   463
Aphrodisiac effect of Shilajit God   465
Efficacy of Support – Joint in the treatment of mild to moderate Osteoarthritis of the Knee   468
Ostranil Capsule in Rheumatoid Arthritis   485
Events & Images    
Glimpses of Ferberry – 06: Future prospects in Ayurveda   470
Kaumara – 2006: National Seminar on Kaumarabhritya   476
International Conference on Ayurveda: Where Science Meets Consciousness   479
Ayurvision – 2006: CME in Ayurveda on Clinical methods in cardiovascular system   483
Dr. Ramkumar in conversation with Ayurvedline   703
Dr. Dilip Kumar Balan   271
Dr. Eshwar Reddy   712
Gastro intestinal system    
Antacids and drugs for dyspepsia   491
Anti diarrhoeals   498
Anti emetics   500
Hepato biliary preparations   501
Laxatives   509
Preparations for anal & rectal disorders   512
Ulcer healing drugs   516
Anti spasmodics and carminatives   518
Cardio vascular system    
Anti Anginal drugs   520
Anti hypertensive drugs   521
Cardiac disorders   523
Haemostatic drugs   525
Respiratory system    
Anti asthmatics   526
Cough preparations   529
Drugs used in respiratory tract infections   534
Aromatic inhalations   535
Central nervous system    
Analgesics and antipyretics   536
Anti depressant and anxiolytic drugs   538
Memory boosters   541
Anti Convulsants   544
Central nervous system stimulants   545
Sedatives and tranquillisers   545
Anti bacterial drugs   548
Anti material & anti filarial drugs   549
Anti protozoal and anti viral drugs   550
Anthelmintic drugs   551
Endocrine System    
Drugs used in diabetes   552
Fertility agents   559
Sex stimulants   562
Anti thyroid drugs   570
Drugs used in obstetrics   571
Drugs for lactation & Post natal complications   572
Genito urinary system    
Urinary anti infectives   575
Treatment for vaginal & vulval conditions   576
Uterine anti infectives   579
Menstrual cycle related disorders   579
Menopause related disorders   590
Uterine sedatives   591
Drugs for benign prostate hypertrophy   592
Drugs for renal calculi   593
Diuretics   597
Nutrition & haematinics    
Haematopoietics   599
Tonics   602
Immuno modulators   609
Anti obesity drugs   611
Musculo skeletal & Joint diseases    
Drugs used in rheumatic diseases and gout   615
Drugs used in neuro muscular disorders   624
Drugs for the relief of soft tissue inflammation   625
Rubefacients and other topical anti rheumatics   627
Drug used in osteoarthrosis & osteoporosis   634
Eye, e.n.t & dental    
Anti infective eye preparations   637
Drugs for cataract   638
Drugs for ear, nose & throat   638
Lozenges   640
Dental preparations   642
Drugs for allergy   643
Preparations for eczema and psoriasis   645
Topical and oral preparations for acne   649
Drugs for pigmentation disorders   651
Hair and scalp preparations   655
Preparations for promotion of would healing   659
Skin care preparations   660
Anti infective skin preparations   661
Anti fungal preparations   662
Bathing powders and soaps   663
Paediatric preparations   665
Geriatric preparations   676
Therapeutic index   678
Brand Index   693
**Contents and Sample Pages**

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