Anand Ullas

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Item Code: IDG313
Author: Swami Akhandananda Saraswati
Publisher: Sat Sahitya Prakashan Trust
Language: English
Edition: 2004
Pages: 285
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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23 years in business
Book Description


Dear Reader,

The Lord plays His tricks! He Graced this puppet by using me to translate 'Anand Ullas'. Then, through Respected Swami Omkaranandji, gave the task of writing the Foreword for this book.

The task places me in a quandary. People who know my beloved Master (Swami) Akhandananji Saraswati, who we generally refer to as Maharajshri) will feel that I have not done him justice. Indeed, they are right, for the simple reason that to do him justice is impossible! Since I am allotted the task, I must be true to myself, and to those who may chance to read this book, and give my feelings with honesty, regardless of the reactions they may have.

The first thing which struck one about Maharajshri, is the deep joy, and feeling of being loved by him, which welled up in the heart of each person who saw him. This feeling is unique. It lingered after I left his presence, and is evoked and renewed every time I think of him, or see his picture.

Maharajshri had the ability to simplify the most profound and complicate subjects. His magnetic personality made it a deep, peace-giving pleasure to just listen to his voice, even when the subject discussed was beyond me. The most Amazing factor of his influence was that an urge to reach God arose automatically, along with an unshakable conviction that having his blessings, nothing could go wrong.

For those who have been strangers to the extraordinary effect of his physical presence, I can only say that his words carry the power of his presence. Whoever reads his words with an open mind is sure to get answers and clarifications to any number of conscious and unconscious questions and perplexities.

Maharajshri shows us how the essence of spiritual psychology is applied psychology. It takes into consideration the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of every human, anywhere in the world, at any point in time. He helps us to attain a balanced, joyful, righteous lifestyle.

Being a very ordinary person, lacking n talents, wisdom or learning, I wondered how right it was that I be blessed with so much good fortune, when so many suffered so much.

When I placed this question to Maharajshri, he asked what I would attain - except sorrow - if I filled my heart with the sorrows of the world. "Be happy, and spread happiness," he is told me lovingly, "If you fill your mind with woes, you will have only woe, to spread," I have derived incalculable happiness by adhering to this.

Another remarkable comments, is, "The behavior of every person is in accordance to his/her level of understanding," What a marvelous insight into the seemingly unjustified and hurtful behavior of people who upset us.

These are just two of the concise guidelines I have been enriched by. As the world moves inexorably towards increasingly complex global problems, I am overwhelmed at the Grace which triggered off the process of Maharajshri's reaching out to the English speaking people. It would be fraudulent to say that I translated this book, because - in-credible as it may seem - the words just seemed to flow from some unseen source, onto the paper. May as well as give my computer a name and say that it was the computer who did the translation! Being just as fallible as any instrument or machine, I own to being responsible for the faults and lacking in the accurate rendering. Being human, I do beg the reader's pardon for my lapses. I own freely that I have been indescribably enriched by the activity of emptying my mind before applying it to absorb Maharajshri's purport. I have not the slightest doubt that his blessings are there for all who seek them, and that they are potent and tangible, when sincerely desired.




  Subject Page
1. Blessings on Guru Purnima 1
23-33. Deepavali 6
34-38. Sanyas Jayanti 9
39-75. Anand Sutra  
39. The Source Of Inspiration 10
40. Service and Humility 11
41. Suitability 12
42. Sankalp 12
43. Be Alert 14
44. Doership - A Fallacy 15
45. Anirvachaniya - The Indescribable 16
46. Attachment - To What Level? 17
47. Truth - Falsehood 18
48. What you Really Desire 19
49. Why Are You Sad? 20
50. Where Is Your Source Of Bliss? 21
51. Come Back 22
52. Only Happiness Everywhere 23
53. Alert Yourself 24
54. Keep Your Thoughts Pure 25
55. Easy - Difficult 26
56. One God - Many Names 28
57. Renouncing Possessions And Properties 30
58. A Guru - What For? 31
59. Climb Onto The Next Step, Leave The Previous Step 32
60. The Miracle Of Listening 34
61. The Wonderful Essence Of Knowledge 36
62. Nivritti-Peaceful Inactivity - A Marvel 38
63. The Enlightened Soul - Ever Free 40
64. Go Ahead With Enthusiasm 41
65. Why We Indulge In Wrong Actions 42
66. Devotion Or Discrimination 43
67. Don't Disrespect Your Knowledge 44
68. Joy And Sorrows: Mere Perception 45
69. The Secret Of Joy And Sorrow 46
70. Attachment Or Illusion 47
71. Analysis 49
72. The Atma and the Paramatma 51
73. The Mahatma 52
74. Yoga, Bhakti And Brahmagnan 53
75. Don't Get Trapped in Miracles 55
1. The Importance Of The Cow 58
2. The Path To Peace 61
3. Fear Not 64
4. The Viewpoint Makes The Difference 66
5. Who Is Happy? 68
6. Faith, Trust And Attachment 71
7. The Trick For Retaining Zeal 74
8. The Power Is One 76
9. Apeksha Versus Upeksha 78
10. The Quarrel Of The Old And The New 82
11. Japa of the Lord's Name 85
12. Attachment of Satsangis 90
13. There Is No Sukha Greater Than Contentment 93
14. How To Give Up The Feeling Of "Mine"? 95
15. The Oneness Of The Jiva And The Brahman 99
16. How Can We Free Ourselves From Our Ill-considered impulses? 101
17. The Benefits Of Raam Naam 104
18. For Women 108
19. Why The Irritability And Depression 111
20. Birthdays - A Knot 112
21. The Necessity For Marriage 113
22. Satsang At Home 115
23. It is Always Good to Give 117
24. Excess Is Forbidden Everywhere 119
25. The Technique to make us feel that the Guru and God are One 121
26. Vedant Is Not Opposed To Chanting The Name 123
27. Change Your Idea 125
28. An Arrangement 127
29. Mine And Yours 129
30. The Essence 130
31. Why Should We Pray? 134
32. Quarreling For What? 137
33. How To Get Justice? 139
34. The Duty Of A Lady 140
35. The Need For Maun 141
36. Love Is Blind 145
37. The Method Of Upasana 147
38. The Manifestation Of Bhakti 149
39. Satyameva Jayate 152
40. Anand Hi Anand 154
41. Why The Ganesh Vandana? 155
42. Why Do Mahatmas Get Diseases? 158
43. Our Mala 161
44. Loose Connection? 162
45. Be Happy 164
46. Keep Working For God Physically 165
47. Deeksha is an Essential Part of Life 168
48. Steadiness In Life 170
49. Belief In God 178
50. Love 185
51. An Easy Way To Destroy Envy 188
52. Bitter And Sweet Medicine 190
53. The Love Of The Gopis 194
54. Reflect With Faith 196
55. The Guru: The Remedy For All Ills 199
56. Intellect And Emotion 205
57. The Way To Get Wealth 207
58. Shraddha 209
59. Vraj Mahima 210
60. Desire For Knowledge 214
61. God's Laws Are Quite Different 218
62. The Bhagwat: Medicine For All Attachment 219
63. The Tree Of The World 222
64. Give Up All Pretension 225
65. Beware Of Flatterers 228
66. The Method For Freeing Ourselves From Vaani Dosha 231
67. Stay On The Right Track 235
68. Make God Your Relative 239
69. Vasudev Is All 242
70. Why Should We go On Pilgrimages? 248
71. The Way To Be Happy 252
72. The Way To Be Free Of Lust 255
73. The Difference Between Buddhiyoga and Karmayoga 261
74. The Puranas: An Infallible Remedy For Mental Disease 267
75. Extraordinary Prayer 269
Drops from the (Gem-Filled) Ocean of the Heart 273
Now and Then 280

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