Bed Time Stories-5 (Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Amar Dass Ji and Guru Ram Dass Ji)
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Bed Time Stories-5 (Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Amar Dass Ji and Guru Ram Dass Ji)

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Item Code: IHL095
Author: Santokh Singh Jagdev
Publisher: Sikh Missionary Resource Centre Birmingham (England)
Edition: 1995
ISBN: 1872580246
Pages: 71 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W Figures)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.6 Inch X 7.3 Inch
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While reading Bed Time Stories-2, you must have noticed that during the days of Guru Nanak, public was blindly following selfish religious leaders who had only their own interest in view. The people did without questioning everything that the religious leaders wanted them to do. Animal and human sacrifices were given to please gods of stone. To enjoy the comforts of heaven in the next world people met their death by getting themselves sawed or getting crushed under the wheels of the sacred chariot.

Guru Nanak Dev saw that people performed rituals and followed customs as guided by selfish religious leaders due to ignorance. As long as they are illiterate, the people cannot be brought on the right path. Before illiteracy was removed, it was essential to remove the misconception from the minds of the people that attainment of knowledge was not the sole-right of Brahmins. Brahmin Manu, by dividing society into four castes, had given only Brahmins the right to get education. A long time was necessary to remove this misconception and illiteracy. Before his merger into the Supreme Being, Guru Nanak Dev entrusted this responsibility to one of his disciples, Bhai Lehna.

In Bed Time Stories-5, you will see that as the people gave up false rituals and became the Guru’s Sikhs on account of preaching of the Guru’s successors, Guru Angad Dev, Guru Amar Dass and Guru Ram Dass, the Brahmins and Qazis were progressively becoming opponents of the Guru’s institution.

Listening to complaints by Brahmins and Qazis, the king Jahangir martyred Guru Arjan Dev after inhuman torture, on the 30th May, 1606. Before his departure to Lahore, Guru Arjan Dev had entrusted the responsibility of continuing the preaching of Guru Nanak’s thought to his son Hargobind. You will read about his life in Bed Time Stories-6 that how he transformed Sikhs into Saint-Soldiers.




1 Meeting with Guru Nanak Dev 11
2 Observance of Order 14
3 Greatness of God’s Word 17
4 Lesson to Humayun 20
5 Colonization of Goindwal 23
6 Jealous Ascetic 26
7 Merger in God 29
8 Early Life 32
9 Longing for the Guru 35
10 Devotion to Service 38
11 Opposition for the Guruship 41
12 Tour of Sacred Places 44
13 Complaint to Akbar 47
14 Test for the Guruship 50
15 Extraordinary Childhood 53
16 Respect from Akbar 56
17 Laying Foundation of Amritsar 59
18 Appearance of Holy Spot 62
19 Discussion with Saints 65
20 Misapprehension of Ascetic 68
21 Limitless Courtesy 71

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