Critical Essays on Purvamimamsa

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Author: K.T. Pandurangi
Publisher: Vidyadheesha Post-Graduate Sanskrit Research Centre, Bangalore
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 8190372793
Pages: 630
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About The Author

Krishnacharya Tammannacharya Pandurangi (K.T. Pandurangi) was born in 1918. He belongs to a family of traditional Samskrita scholars who have made distinct contribution to Dvaita Vedanta of Sasananandatirtha (Madhvacharya) of Udupi. He obtained Vedanta Vidwan and Mimamsa Siromani at these Institutions. Later he obtained BA Hons and MA degrees from Benaras Hindu University. He taught at Karnatak College, Dharwar for twelve years and Govt. College, Bangalore for six years. Later he joined as Head of the Post Graduate Department of Sanskrit at Bangalore University. He visited Germany, Austria and USA and delivered lectures on Vedanta and Mimamsa at the Universities in these countries. Students come to him from the Universities in these countries to study advanced texts on Indian Philosophy. He was a member of Rashtriya Samskrita Samsthan and Central Samskrita Board. He was a Senior Fellow of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. He was President of Mythic Society, Bangalore for twelve years. He is presently the Upakulapati of Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha and honourary director of Dvaita Vedanta Foundation at Bangalore.

He received Rashtrapati Award in 1989 and Mahamahopadhyaya title in 1997 from Tirupati Sanskrit University and Sir William Jones Medal from Asiatic Society, Kolkatta in 2005. He has edited about forty Dvaita Vedanta works and ten purvamimamsa works. He has translated Principal Upanishads into English according to Sri Anandatirtha. His publications include English Exposition on Prakarana Pancika of Salikanatha and Critical Essays on Vedanta and Veda and some literary works, such as Kavyanjali, Ravindra Rupakani and Kavikavyadarsana.



This volume contains 82 critical essays on Purvamimamsa. These essays represent the lectures delivered in Andhra University and Karnatak University and other centres of studies. Some of these essays are large (6-8 pages) while others are small (2-4 pages). This depends upon the topic concerned.

There are very few works on Purvamimamsa in English. Mimamsa Darsana published in the series of Indian Philosophy of Benaras University gives some topic of Purvamimamsa. Mahamahopadhyaya Ganganath Jha’s English translation of Sabarabhasya and Slokavaritika are useful only to study the texts. These do not make a critical assessment with an interdisciplinary approach.

In this volume a critical and disciplinary study of all major issues of Purvamimamsa is made. It is hoped that this volume will be useful to research students and research scholars.




1 The Perspective and the Scope of Purvamimamsa 1
2 Avestan Yasna and Vedic Yajna 12
3 The eligibility to perform the sacrifice 16
4 The concepts of Apurva and Svarga 26
5 Key-note Address at the Summer Institute on Purvamimamsa 32
6 The epistemology of Purvamimansa 39
7 Apauruseyatva of Veda and Svatastva of Pramanya 44
8 Purvamimamsa technique of programme organisation 47
9 Contribution of Purvamimamsa to Indian epistemology and semantics 54
10 Maxims of Purvamimamsa 58
11 Utilisation of Purvamimamsa nyayas in Vedanta 61
12 Utilisation of purvamimamsa nyaya in Dvaita Vedanta 66
13 Instances of secondary meaning of Sruti 85
14 Use of Upakrama, Upasamhara etc. criteria to interpret sruti 90
15 Use of Purvamimamsa nyaya to clarify Dvait interpretation and Dvaita doctrine 93
16 The word Jijnasa conveys the maning vichara by Rudhi 97
17 Om is both drstartha and adrstartha 101
18 Justification of dual number referring to one 104
19 Justificationof the word aditi belonging to Visnu Prakarana 108
20 Justification of the resence of opposite attributes 110
21 The maxims that support distinctionof Isvara and Jiva 112
22 Utilisationof the Mimamsa Maxims in the Dharma Sastra Literature 114
23 Max-Well's rules of interpretation and the Purvamimamsa rules of nterpretaton 145
24 The ontological nature of cognition in Purvamimamsa 147
25 Nirvikalpaka and Savikalpaka 155
26 The definition of Pramana 161
27 The theory of the validity of Cognition 164
28 The Nyaya theory of the validity of cognition 166
29 Mimamsa theory of the validity of cognition 172
30 The Khyati theories in Indian Philosophy 176
31 Sastrapramana i.e., Scriptural testimony 189
32 The explanation of the nature of word, meaning, sentence 209
33 Upamana-Comparison 213
34 Arthapatti - Presumption 218
35 Anupalabdi - Non-cognition 230
36 metaphysics and Ontology of Purvamimansa 238
37 The categories 244
38 Time and Space 248
39 The qualities 254
40 Concept of svarupabheda 265
41 The concepts of Atman i.e. self, Manas i.e. mind, body and senses 268
42 Universals i.e. Jati, parts and whole i.e. avayava and avayavin, and relations i.e. sambandha 289
43 Semantics of Purvamimamsa 312
44 Modern theories of meaning 327
45 The relation between the word and meaning 330
46 Pimary and secondary meanings 337
47 The sentence 355
48 The Abhihitanvayavada and Anvitabhidhanavada theories of sentence meaning. 385
49 Interpretation of the sutra tadbhutanam kriyarthena Samamnayah arthasya tannimittatvat 394
50 Criticism of Abhihitanvaya theory 398
51 The import of the injuncion 401
52 Prabhakara's concept of Karya as the import of Injunction 411
53 The concepts of Sabdibhavana and Arthibhavana 414
54 The formula of the organisation of the Sarificial programme 416
55 Formula for the application of vedic injuction 417
56 The formula envisaged by Prabhakaras 419
57 The import of prohibition 422
58 The concept of Paryudasa 424
59 The status of Syenayaga 428
60 Vakyabheda i.e. one statement leading to two injuctions 431
61 Atidesa, Transference of auxiliariesfrom Prakrti to vikrti 437
62 Uha-Modification 442
63 The diety 445
64 In respect of saman some special points are to be noted 447
65 Bhadha-Exclusion 449
66 Nitya is set aside by naimittika 454
67 Vikalpa and Samuccaya i.e. option and combination 455
68 Tantra, the technique of one performance serving the purpose of ,many 459
69 The yagas that are to be performed on behalf of the dead 470
70 Daksina i.e., Fee to the priests 472
71 Pratinidhi - Representative 476
72 The role of Arthvada, mantra and Namadheya in organising the sacrifice 481
73 Sri Sankara and Purvamimamsa 498
74 Nyayavaisesika and Purvamimansa 514
75 The concept of Moksa in Purvamimansa 521
76 Khandadeva's Bhattarahasya 533
77 Theories of Sabdabodha 536
78 Dharmalaksana, Vidhyartha and Lakarathas 545
79 Bhattarhasya bhavaprakasika of Peri Suryanarayana Shastry 556
80 A brief Account of the Doctrines of Prabhakaras 559
81 Kumarila and Buddhism 598
82 Prof. Hiriyanna on Purvamimamsa 606

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