The Daily Practice of the Hindus

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Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Author: Srisa Chandra Vasu
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8121505380
Pages: 206
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.75" X 5.75"
Weight 400 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

From the Jacket:

The Vedas-Rg, Yajur and Sama-have enjoined on the Hindus a number of rites that are to be performed during the succeeding hours of the day. Every moment of one's waking hours, from dawn to dusk, is so taken care of that even if one wishes, there is not a minute to spare for frivolous pursuits. These daily practices have taken cognizance of man's nature-that unless he is compelled by injunction, inducement, circumstances or ambition, he would fritter away his energy and time in chasing transient success-and aim to awaken the mental, moral and spiritual powers lying dormant in him.

Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu's The Daily Practice of Hindu describes in detail all the Vedic rites connected with the morning and midday duties. The Sanskrit text, its transliteration, work-meaning, translation and grammatical notes provide the assistance for the understanding of Vedic mantras. The chapters on Tantric and Universal Sandhya liberates the use of this book from its sectarian confinement.

Everyone, irrespective of his creed, shall find this book invaluable; for it caters to everybody's physical and spiritual well-being.


In this book both the Vaidiki and Tantriki Sandhyas are given. All twice –born persons are entitled to the first; while the Tantriki is meant for all mankind, without distinction of caste, race or creed. The Yajur Vedi Sandhya2 is based upon the text published by Pandit Devi Datt Joshi. It is an excellent hand-book. A chapter on the Sandhya of the Rig-Vedins as well as one on the Tantriki Sandhya is added.

In the present edition, the Midday Duties, namely, the worship of Visnu, Shiva &c; is also given, as well as the Five Great Sacrifices. The book is more than double the size of the last edition.

I have consulted, in giving commentary on the Vedic mantras is, the edition of the Anandasrama series also.

The translation of the Vedic mantras is, in many cases, my own and, in some instances, taken from Griffith, MaxMuller, Whitney and Peterson.


1. Table of duties and time 1
2. Awakening recitations 3
      Prayer to God ib.
      Prayer to Guru 4
      Assertion of identity ib.
      Resignation to God's will ib.
      Saluation to Earth 6
1. The Guru 7
2. The hymn of the Guru 8
1. Attending to nature 12
2. The Achamana 13
3. Rinsing the teeth 14
4. Morning bath 15
5. Seven kinds of baths 17
6. Sankalpa mantra ib.
7. Invocation of seven streams ib.
8. Ganga stotra 18
9. Address to clay for rubbing the body 21
  Invocation of the Tirthas 22
1 & 2. Deva Tarpana 23
3 & 4. Risi Tarpana 24
5. The seven Pitarah Tarpana 25
6. Yama Tarpana ib.
7. Ancestor Tarpana 26
8. Tarpana to the denizens of hell ib.
9. To all kinsmen ib.
10 & 11. Brief Tarpana, &c. 27
12 & 13. Salutation to Fathers and Visnu ib.


Bhisma Tarpana 28
  Gayatri 29
  Sandhya 32
The Sandhya of the Rig-Vedins.
1. Gayatri 42
2. Viniyoga ib.
3. Pranayama 43
4. Morning Achamana 44
5. Marjanam 46
6. Aghamarsana 58
7. Suryargha 59
8. Suryopasthanam ib.
9. Meditation on gayatri 61
10. Risyadi-Nyasa ib.
11. Avahana 62
12. Japa ib.
13. Visarjanam 63
14. Suryargha ib.
15. Namaskara 63
16. Atmaraksa 64
17. Dik-namaskara 65
18. Salutation to Surya 66
19. General Pranama 67
20. Midday Sandhya ib.
21. Evening 72
The Sandhya of the Sama-Vedins.
1. Ordinary achamana 77
2. Marjana or sprinkling of water 78
2.(a) Pranayam 79
3. Special achamana 81
4. Second marjana ib.
5. Aghamarsana or expulsion of sin ib.
6. Address to the Sun 82
7. Silent repetition of the Gayatri 83
      (a) Invocation ib.
      (b) Risi Nyasa 85
      (c) Anga Nyasa ib.
      (d) Dhyana of Gayatri ib.
      (e) Japa 86
      (f) Farewell to Gayatri 87
8. Prayer for protection ib.
9. Prayer to Rudra 88
10. Water offering to Devas ib.
11. Arghya to the sun 89
12. Salutation to the Sun ib.
13. The Brahma-sacrifice or the study of the Vedas ib.
The Sandhya of the Yajur-Vedins.
1. Meditation on Visnu 91
2. Achamana 92
3. Tying the tuft bi.
4. Invoking blessing on the various openings of the body 93
5. Prayer for Purification ib.
6. Address to the seat 94
7. Sankalpa of Sandhya ib.
8. Kara Nyasa 95
9. Anga Nyasa ib.
10. Dhyana of the goddess Gayatri 96
11. Pranayama 98
12. Special achamana 99
13. Marjana or sprinkling of water 100
14. Avabhritah 101
15. Aghamarsana or expulsion of sin 102
16. Upasparsah ib.
17. Arghya to the Sun 103
18. Praise of the Sun ib.
19. Invocation of Gayatri 106
20. Praise of Gayatri ib.
21. Meditation on Gayatri 107
22. Japa ib.
23. Finishing of Japa or Nivedana 109
24. Bow to the Sun ib.
25. Farewell to Gayatri 110
26. Farewell to Devas ib.
27. Salutations to Devas and Sages 111
  The Tantriki Sandhya 111
  The Sandhya for all men 119
Puja of Narayana.
1. Snana of Visnu with Purusa Hymn 128
2. Offering to Tulsi 134
3. Peace Chant 135
4. Consecration of water or Samanya Arghya 137
5. Asana Suddhi ib.
6. Puspa Suddhi 140
7. Driving away the Elementals ib.
8. Bhuta Suddhi ib.
9. Pranayama 142
(A). Ganesa Puja
      (a) Kara Nyasa 142
      (b) Anga Nyasa ib.
      (c) Dhyana of Ganesa 143
      (d) Upachara Offering ib.
      (e) Japa 144
      (f) Pranama to Ganesa 145
(B). Surya Puja
      (a) Nyasa, &c. 145
      (b) Dhyana of Surya ib.
      (c) Japa ib.
(C). Devi Puja
  Dhyana of Devi 146
  Mantra ib.
  Dhyana ib.
(D). Siva Puja
  Dhyana of Siva ib.
Brief Puja
  To all Devas 147
Narayana Puja - (Continued).
  Kara Nyasa, &c. 148
  Guru Pranama ib.
  Dhyana of Narayana bi.
  Second Dhyana ib.
  Special Arghya 149
  Upachara Offering ib.
  Japa  150
  Nivedana ib.
  Pranama ib.
Siva Puja.
1. Common Arghya 151
2. Kara Nyasa ib.
3. Guru Pranama 152
4. Dhyana of Siva ib.
5. Mental Puja ib.
6. Special Arghya ib.
7. Upachara Offering ib.
8. Puja of eight forms ib.
9. Japa 153
10. Pranama ib.
11. Nivedana ib.
12. Puja of clay Lingam ib.
Midday duties.
I. Homa: 155
      (a) Erection of the Fire Altar ib.
      (b) Sanctiacation of fire 156
      (c) Address ib.
      (d) Homa ib.
II. The Five Great Sacrifices 157
      (1) Deva Yajna ib.
      (2) Bhuta 158
      (3) Pitri 160
      (4) Brahma ib.
      (5) Manuaya ib.
      (6) Go-grasa-dana 161
III. Food.  
  Vegetarian and meat 162
  What meat may be taken ib.
  Method of eating 163
  Gandusa mantra ib.
  Mantras of eating 164
  Oblations to Inner Pranas ib.
  Praise of food 165
  Some Vedik Mantras explained 166

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