Dharmasuri (His Life and Works a Critical Study)

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Author: Prof. B. Narasimhacharyulu
Publisher: Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati
Language: English
Edition: 2011
Pages: 396
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About The Book

This book deals with the life and works of Varanasi Dharmasuri, poet, critic, poetician and philosopher who lived in the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in Andhra Pradesh. His Sahityaratnakara, a treatise on poetics, is perhaps the last major work on Alankara sastra barring the Rasagangadhara. It is divided into ten tarangas and arranged in the form a karika, followed by a vrtti, and then an example from the pen of the author, Dharmasuri. These examples are all in praise of Sri Rama. Two commentaries on the Sahityaratnakara, namely Nauka and Mandara, are available. In the present book, the author, Prof. B. Narasimhacharyulu discusses the identity of Dharmasuri (who later took the sannyasa asrama and the name Ramananda Sarasvati), his works, and critically appraise the work Sahityaratnakara. Prof. B Narasimhacharyulu shows the development of major concepts of Poetics from Bharata’s time to Dharmasuri and highlights where Dharmaduri agrees or differs with his predecessors and the reason thereof. The more important comparisons are summarized in tables.


About The Author

The author, Prof. B. Narasimhacharyulu, a Naiyayika, an Alankarika and a Teacher, hails from an orthodox Srivaisnava family of Dharmapuri, Karimnagar. His parents are Sriman Vurugadda Rangacaryulu and Smt. Godamma. He studied Sanskrit traditionally in Sitarambagh, Hyderabad under the tutelage of Sri man Kovilkandadai Appan Sathakopa Ramanujacaryulu and Sriman Maringanti Srirangacaryulu, Later he received the B.O.L (Nyaya), M.A., and Ph. D. degrees from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He retired as the Head of Department, Sanskrit at Osmania University. He has written more than 50 research papers on topics of Alankarasastra, Nyaya, Veda.Vedanta, Sahitya and Vikarana. He translated four books into Telugu :

1. Hariscandopakhyanam from the Mirkandeya Purina,

2. Vedachintanam of Vinoba Bhave,

3. Verses for the Brave (selected verses from the Yogavasistha),

4.The _16th century _ Sanskrit _ book Yatindramatadipika of Sri man Srinivasacarya, an original and important manual of Visistadvaita.

The present book is his Ph. D. thesis.




  Foreword III
  Acknowledgement V
  Abbreviations VII
I Dharmasuri 1-26
  Genealogy 3, The Problem of Dharmabhupa 13, Period 9, References 18  
II Dharmasuri’s Works 27-52
  Lyrics 27, Ravisataka 28, Hamsasandesa 28, Mahakavyas 32, Dramas 34, Commentaries 36, Brahmamrtavarsini 38, Vivaranopanyasa 39,  
  Ratnaprabha 40, Alamkara Works -Sahityaratnakara 43, References 45  
III Narakasuravijayavyayoga 53-74
  Narakasuravijayavyayoga 53, Descriptions 58, Dialogues 61, Story of Naraka in Harivamsa 63, Similarities and Differenes in the Story 65, References 69  
IV Sahityaratnakara (Detailed Notice of the Contents) 75-154
  I taranga - grantharambhasamarthana 75, II taranga-vacaka 79, m taranga- laksaka 81, IV taranga -  
  vyanjaka 84, V taranga - guna 87, VI taranga - sabdalamkara 91, VII taranga - arthalamkara 92, VIII taranga - dosas 118, IX taranga-dhvani  
  121, X taranga - rasa bhava etc. 129, Ref-erences 149  
V Sahityaratnakara - A Critical Appraisal 155-268
  Kavyaprayojana 155, nayakaguna 156, kavyalaksana 157, kavyavibhaga 160, Functions of the word 163, abhidha laksana 166, vyanjana 170, gunas 174,  
  Distinction between guna and alamkaras 179, The number of gunas 18 0, riti 182, vrtti 184, table of vrttis 186, sayya 188, paka 188, dosas 189,  
  Comparative details of dosas 194, alarnkaras 197, yamaka 200, citra 201, arthalamkaras 203, upama 205, atisayokti 206, rupaka 208, tulyayogita 208,  
  dip aka208, sahokti 209, anukalpa 212, yukti 212, Classification of figures -tables 213, dhvani 216, dhvani table 221, rasavadas 222, The number of rasas 228,  
  Main divisions of rasa 233, References 234  
VI The Making of Sahityaratnakara 269-274
  Veda 270, sankhya 271, mimamsa 271, tarka 272, vyakarana 272, References 273  
VII Dharrnasuri : The Poet 275-320
  Sun-set 278, sita 280, Employment of figures 283, gunas 291, dhvani examples 295, vrttas 301, Ramabhakti 302, References 304  
VIII Dharmasuri : Later Literatures 321-326
  Salient features of Dharmasuri 321, Gurajala Rangasayin 323, Akbah Shah 324, Anantaraya 324, Sahityachudamani 325, Sahityakalpadruma 325  
1 A. (i) Mangalaslokas of Dharmasuri's Works 327-329
2 A.[ii] Colophons of Dharmasuri's Works 330-331
3 B.(i) The Story of Naraka - Extracts from Puranas 332-342
4 B. (ii) Definition of Vyayoga 343-346
5 C.(i) Alphabetical Index of works and authors quoted in Sahityaratnakara 347-348
6 C. (ii) Alphabetical Index of quotations from Sahityaratnakara and their sources 349-372
7 D. Parallel passages in Sahityaratnakara and Tarala 373-375
  Bibliography 376

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