Feng Shui: 151 Golden Tips (For unqualified success in all walks of life)

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Author: Dr. Radhakrishna Shrimali
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788181330406
Pages: 192 {145 Illustrations in B/W}
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description

From the Back of the Book

Feng Shui is derived from ancient Chinese literature on the correct positioning of items to have at appropriate places for harmony and happiness. The mysterious powers are in symbols and their uses. Even a common man can bring peace, happiness and harmony in life using the easy Feng Shui formulae.

This collection of Golden Tips is based on the practical experience of the author who pains takignly went into thousands of houses, apartments, quarters, havelis, palaces, factories and commercial houses besides meeting Chinese expert on the subject. The aim of the author is to provide everyone a chance to happiness in the present day situations of unrest, changes, turmoil, instability and hostile environment.




Comparison Between Feng Shui and the Indian Vastu Shastra 17
What is Feng Shui 19
The Miracle Squre- Lo Shu 20
The five fundamental Elements 21
The Universal Life-Force Chi 25
A Treasure of Golden Tips 27
Say no to a Falt on Top Most Floor 29
No obstruction Desirable on the Inner side of the Main Entrance 30
No Obstruction outside the aim Entrance Desirable 32
No Toilet in the Front of Main Entrance, Please 34
A small Aquarium in the House in Beneficial 36
Use Auspicious symbols and Logos 38
No Mirror opposite to the main Entrance 40
Flat Not to be right over the Pillars 41
Say it with flowers yellow Flowers 42
Three Doors Not to be in a Row 43
The Reflection of Dining Table to be seen in the Mirror 44
Aquarium Not to be placed in the Bedroom 46
For Good Fortune and Prosperity, Set up Crystal Balls 47
Put up in the House an idol of the Laughing Buddha 48
Things Not in Use Not to be Kept 50
Set up the Three legged Frog of Feng Shui 51
Mix Salt in the water meant for Mopping 52
Family photograph and cheerful Expressions 53
Do Not Sleep in Front of the Door 54
Keep the Broomstick out of sight 55
Plant An Orange Plant and be blessed 56
Double Bed to have one Mattress 57
Do Not Exhibit Symbols DeNoting Violence 58
Do Not Grow Bonsai or Cactus 60
Keep the Almirahs Always Closed 61
Mirror Not to be Put up in the Bedroom 62
Hang Feng Shui Chimes and Coins 63
Put up a Picture of the Lucky Plant Peony 64
Keep Electronic Equipments and Tools in Right Direction 65
Do Not keep withered Flowers in the House 66
How to make up for Inadequate Light 67
Sharp-Edged Things Not to be Given as Gifts 68
Fuk, Luk, Sau and Fate 69
Keep the Door of the Toilet Closed 70
Put up scenes of Greenary 71
For matrimony Hang Chandeliers 72
Dine Together for a Stronger Family Bond 73
Keep a Crystal Bowl in the North-West for Energy 74
Do Not keep Water and Fire at the Same Place in the Kitchen 75
Display Love-Birds for Love and Romance 76
Keep your Kitchen Neat & Clean 78
Issueless Parents, Beware of the Poisonous Arrows 79
Do Not sit with your Face opposite to Blank Wall 80
Put up a picture of Hills at the Back 81
The Right Colours Can colour your Luck 82
For Success in Profession put up The Lucky Dragon 83
Water to be Kept Near the Door 84
For Success put up a Picture of Phoenix 85
The Correct Placement of the Telephone 86
The Horse Shoe and Your Fate 87
Use Bamboo For Long Life 88
Do Not place Green Plants in South-West 89
Calendar Not be put up on the Doors 90
Burn incense sticks for Spiritual Peace 91
Do Not sit with your back Towards the Door 92
Enchanting the Gayatri Mantra for Everyday Joy 93
Remove Clocks that are Not in order 94
Too Bright Elements not to be Kept in the North-West 95
Choose the right Kind of Curtains For Good Luck 96
Sharp Edged things not to be kept in the South-East 97
Put there Auspicious Coins in the Chest 98
Keep a Metal Tortoise in the North 99
Red Colour painting not to be put up in the South 100
No Scenery Depicting Water to be Given A place in the South Direction 101
For Self-Confidence Windchime to be kept in the South 102
Rounding in the corners and Edges of the Furniture 103
Put Cream-Coloured Flowers in the West 104
Put up a Melodious Clock 105
For wealth, use Chinese coins 106
Put a Globe in the North-East 107
Earthern Things not to be put up in the North-East 108
Never Sit in the Office with your Back to the open window 109
Put a Bowl of Salt in the Toilet 110
Windchimes should be Given a Due Place 111
A ship with Golden coins-For Success in Business/ Profession 112
Put up the Picture of the Head of the House in the South 113
Get your Faulty tap Repaired Soon 114
Put up a photograph of the Assistant 115
Give place to the Children's Pictures in the west 116
A Tree in Front of the main entrance ins not desirable 117
Lift in Front of the Main Door not Desirable 118
No construction in the Front of your Main Door Advisable 119
The Return or the Maid 120
The Proverbial Mother in law Daughter in law Encounters 121
Finding a Suitable match for the Daughter 122
Energy waves in the Dinning Room 123
Feng Shui Remedies to the Kitchen Problem 124
Destroying the Negative rays of the Toilet 125
Make your Bathroom Lavish-Looking 126
Role of Feng Shui in official Things 127
Give the office table a Proper place 128
Correct Position of the Cash Counter 129
Hotel Business people to Benefit From Feng Shui 130
The Bedroom of the Newly Weds 131
Selecting room for the Children 132
Selecting a Bedroom from the Guests 133
Secret of Energy lies in the Bedding 134
Dressing Table can Dress up your Destiny 135
The Studio and your Economic Condition 136
Outside Decoration and Gardens 137
Selecting the Main Door of the House 138
Keloon-The Protection from Inauspicious Elements 139
The Main Door of the house not to be Above the Staircase 140
Keloon-The Preventer of Vastu Defects 141
The Pa-Kwa prevention 142
Selecting a Bed 144
No Windows on the sides of the Main Entrance 146
The Main Entrance not to be in the Front of Staircase 148
The correct position of a Desk 149
Buy a Plot or house on S, Turn 150
Do Not Buy a House or Plot on L, Turn 151
Do Not Buy a house outside a Semi-Circular Road 152
Buy a house inside a Semi-Circular Road 153
Do not Buy a House Built at the End of V-Shaped Roads 154
The Flaw Relating to Distance between Two Houses 155
A Big Gate in Front of the House not Desirable 156
House in Front of Hospital-Remedy 157
The Corner of the House on the Road-Remedy 158
House outside a Circle 159
House with roads on all the Four sides 160
Entrance and the Shadow of a Triangular House 161
A dome may not Cast its Shadow on the Entrance 162
A Church in Front of your house not Desirable 163
No Highway at the Back of the House Desirable 164
Electrical Equipment in Front of the House Not Desirable 165
Feng Shui and the Position of Windows 166
Make your visiting Card Lucky 167
The Right Place for A T.V. or Radio 168
The Place of water in the House 169
Proper Location of the Lounge 170
Dining Room and Lounge not to be in same Hall 171
The Flaws in the Ceiling 172
Keeping a Round Table in the Correct Manner 173
Arrangements in the Study Room 174
The importance of interior Decoration 175
Natural Light and Air are Important 176
Always Listen to Light Music 177
The Service Window I the Kitchen 178
The Place of the Cooker in the Kitchen 179
The Correct Position of the Microwave 180
The Correct Position of the Fridge 181
The Correct Position of the Sink 182
The Correct Position of the Washing Machine 183
Selecting Colour For the Kitchen 184
Getting Rid of the Habit of overeating 185
The Position of Sleeplessness 187
Improving Sex Relation 188
When the Office is at Home 189
The work place for creative Writers, Artists, Composer Etc 190
Feng Shui in Totality and a Happy Prosperous Home 191

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