God Word Volume III

God Word Volume III

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Item Code: NAC105
Author: Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji
Publisher: Raga Ragini Trust
Edition: 2006
Pages: 237
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.4 inch X 5.4 inch
Weight 350 gm

We are happy to present to the readers the third in the series of the great book GOD WORD. The earlier two books have been immensely popular among devotees and spiritual seekers. They were translated to several languages and have been quenching the thirst of many seekers.

The third book is being published during the sacred occasion of the 60th Birthday of Sadguru Deva Pujya Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji.

The discourses in this book has been drawn from various sources. We thank Dr. Prakash Rao of USA for the yeoman service rendered.

May choicest Blessings of Sadguru Deva Sri Swamiji be showered on all readers.


Importance of Temple Worship 1
Atheism 4
Be Careful When You Ask 8
Contentment is Real Richness 10
Importance of Controlling Mind 12
No Peace Without Spirituality 13
Khani Netra 20
Learn the Essence of the Scriptures 21
Mend Your Mind 26
Do Not Think You Are Smarter Than God 27
Snake Aspect in Human Beings 29
God Gives What You Want 33
Significance of Idol Consecration 35
Saint Jayadeva 42
Kacha’s Guru Bhakti 47
Story of Tulasi 50
Get Over Confusion 53
Discipline, Yoga, and Bhajans – A Ray of Hope 57
When Does Guru Help the Disciple 59
Good Living 63
Vedanta the Onion Way 66
Yoga and Health 68
Ekagrata: Single Pointed Concentration 72
Gayatri Tattva 77
Every Thing Happens for Our Good 79
Hunger of Gods 81
How Siddhartha Became Lord Buddha 84
Rukmini Kalyanam 87
Lord Dattatreya: Synthesis 91
Datta Principle 97
Vibhuti Yoga 104
Importance of Silence 108
Ganapathi 111
The Story of Mahatma Vidura 141
Power of True Devotion 146
Desirelessness 149
Science and Superstition 151
How Divine Grace Comes 154
Shamee Devi 156
How to Overcome Vasanas 159
Pride Humbled161
Goddess Meenakshi 164
Greatness of Charity 167
Gautama’s Message 170
Samskara 173
Bhajans – A Ray of Hope 175
Ideal Disciple 177
Drops of Nectar 181
Star of Mysore Interview 197
Your Questions Answered 213
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