Homeopathic and Biochemic Remedies For Dogs, Cats and Other Companion Animals

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Author: D.N Pandey And Amita Bajpai
Publisher: Chaukhambha Sanskrit Bhawan
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788189986247
Pages: 160
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 100 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
Shipped to 153 countries
Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About The Book

Written in easy to follow style, the book is first of its Kind in the field of homeopathy for the treatment of various diseases of Dogs & Cats in particular and other companion animals in general. It will provide cheapest and easy guidance for the treatment of animals at home by the vets, pet lovers, educated farmers, Laboratory workers, zoo keepers and homeopaths. Keeping in view the shortage of Vety. Hospitals in the country, the readers will find this text very useful, informative and interesting for the overall benefit of the household pets and the livestock.


About The Author

With professional experience of give decades the internationally known personality of Animal & Pet World (Pet India, June 98) Dr. Pandey retired as Professor & Head, Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Banaras Hindu University in 1995. He is the first recipient of “President Dr. Rajendra Prasad Award” by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research for original writing of university level textbook on the subject for undergraduate students of A.H. & Veterinary Science. In recognition of his significant contribution for the advancement of Veterinary Science, Professor Pandey has been admitted “NATIONAL FELLOW” of the National Academy of Veterinary Science, lndia. As a member of Research Board of Advisors, A.B.l., U.S.A. he has been nominated for the century’s most notable medal “The 2000 Millennium Medal of Honour” as well as “Man of the year 1998” for his over all accomplishments and contribution to society. Awarded and honoured by several National and International bodies, Professor Pandey has more than 150 publications to his credit. As an academician the visited Australia, U.K., Germany, Canada, U.S.A., Mauritus, Singapore, Bankok, Nepal and remained on foreign assignment as PRINCIPAL, Royal Veterinary Institute, Royal Govt. of Bhutan during 1984-85. As an expert & subject matter specialist he has been Education Minister’s nominee for selection of candidates for common wealth scholarships as well as on the Advisory Board of A.S.R.B, U,P.S.C. New Delhi and Public Service commission U.P., Bihar, Uttarakhand and Jammu & Kashmir.

As a renowned veterinarian being associated with several scientific and academic bodies both at National and International levels, Dr. Pandey is well known for his expertise in the field of education, livestock and canines.

Dr. (Mrs) Amita Bajpai, a Post Graduate from B.H.U. with brilliant academic record and research performance, took her Ph.D. in life sciences from Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow under the able guidance of Dr. K.N. Aggarwal, the then Director of S.G.RG.I. With teaching experience of several years, she is co-author of “Guide Book for Veterinarians” published by Kalyani Publishers, Ludhinana and “Recent Trends in Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology for livestock, pets and laboratory Animals” published by International Book Distributing Co., Lucknow. As a Senior Research Fellow she has been instrumental in conducting valuable nutritional & Biomedical Research on lab, animals.



The present Homeopathic text reflects my personal clinical experience of about five decades in veterinary practise. It will solve the problems faced by the Veterinarians, Dogs & Cats lovers, livestock owners and poultry farmers as well as the laboratory & zoo animals. The remedies are equally effective for the treatment of human diseases.

For each medication in this write-up, I have indicated the signs which were personally tested for reality and efficacy. The results thus obtained can be achieved by any one practising homeopathy in accordance with my experience.

Homeopathy cures the disease from its root. These remedies are quite effective and safe without any side-effect as well as cheaper in comparison to Allopathic drugs. Proper Homeopathy can only be practised with sound and full knowledge of its materia-medica. It is quite evident that homeopathy is developing very fast in India for the last about past ten years. The practise is based upon the search for an analogy between the collection of symptoms shown by the patient and the collection of signs that are seen during the experimental administration of a strong dose of a substance to healthy subject.

We experimented with various homeopathic medicines by taking them ourselves or by giving them to our family members, friends as well as to visiting pets and companion animals to our clinic. Basically being and Allopathic Veterinarian I compared the two different systems of medication and found that Homeopathy differs from Allopathy on the ground that it tries heal internally, safely and completely as compared to Allopathic treatment which intervenes and cures externally, radically and specifically eliminating the pathogenic cause by suppression of symptoms of the particular ailment. Allopathic remedy always play a double role; therapeutic in its reasonable use and toxic in its abuse.

Our personal experience shows that homeopathic remedies work like a magic if prescribed correctly after a thoughtful consideration of symptoms of an ailing patient. I am grateful to Dr. Amita Bajpai the COAUTHOR of this book who has taken immense pains in collection & compilation of the data for this volume.

Timely assistance with whole-hearted cooperation and encouragement provided by my life partner, Smt. Subodh Pandey is also acknowledged with thanks. I will be failing in my duties, if I forget to keep on record the valuable suggestions given by my loving daughters Dr. Archna Mishra and Dr. Arti Shukia for the. perfection of this text.

Sincere efforts made by the publisher in bringing out this publication in time are thankfully acknowledged.



Homeopathy as an effective, harmless and inexpensive system of medicine is gaining increasing acceptance in India & abroad. Growing popularity of homeopathy, despite a subtle but systematic opposition by the powerful allopathic lobby, underscores the inherent merit of homeopathic system of medicine. Of late, certain progressive veterinaries have started employing homeopathy for the treatment of animals. Not surprising that it has shown wonderful results. However there is still dearth of authentic literature on the homeopathic treatment of animals, the present book by renowned veterinarian Prof.D.N. Pandey and promising life scientist, Dr. Amita Bajpai fulfills long-felt need for an authentic and comprehensive book on homeopathic treatment of house-hold pets and companion animals, there is no doubt the book will prove to be reliable guide to both professionals and pet lovers alike who want to use homeopathy for the health care of companion animals, one great merit of the book is that with its help even a laymen can identify the symptoms, select the remedy and thus take care of health of his pets. I unhesitatingly command the book to all those who are concerned with the care of pet animals.




  Preface 3-4
1 Introductory Remarks 11-15
2 Homeopathic patent Medicines 16-21
3 Selected Homeopathic Dilutions for daily use 22-25
4 Selected Homeopathic Dilutions for daily use 26-30
5 Homeopathic combinations for Dogs, Cats and other companion Animals 31-35
6 Common Ailments and their Homeopathic Remedies at a glance 36-42
7 Individual Biochemic Remedies for Animals 43-44
8 Biochemic combinations for Animals 45-46
9 Common Ailments and Their Biochemic Remedies at a glance 47-51
  Homeopathic Remedies For Dogs & Cats 52-139
10 Fatal infections of Pets 53-59
10.1 Canine Distemper 53-55
10.2 Canine Corona virus disease 55
10.3 Canine Parvovirus disease 56
10.4 Herpes Virus disease 56
10.5 Infections Hepatitis 57
10.6 Rabies virus disease 57-58
10.7 Leptospirosis 58
10.8 Tetanus 58-59
10.9 Tuberculosis 59
11 Ailments of the blood vascular System 60-63
11.1 Myocarditis 60
11.2 Congestive heart Failure 60-61
11.3 Shock 61-62
11.4 Heart-worm disease in Dogs 62
11.5 Anamia 63
11.6 Patent Products for Ailments of Blood Vascular System 63
12 Ailments of the Digestive system 64-82
12.1 Anal Fistula 64
12.2 Bad breath and Bad body odour 64-65
12.3 Bleeding Piles 66
12.4 Enlarged Anal Glands 66
12.5 Abdominal colic 67
12.6 Colitis 67-68
12.7 Constipation 68
12.8 Diarrhoea 68-69
12.9 Dropsy or Ascites 69
12.10 Proctitis 70
12.11 Gastritis 70-71
12.12 Dysentery 71
12.13 Dyspepsia 71-72
12.14 Eating Garbage 72
12.15 Epulis 72
12.16 Excessive Appetite 73
12.17 Food Poisoning & food Allergy 73
12.18 Poor Appetite 74
12.19 Glossitis 74
12.20 Hernia 75
12.21 Jaundice or Hepatitis 75-76
12.22 Nutritional Anaemia of Pups & Kittens 77
12.23 Oesophagitis 77
12.24 Periodontitis 77
12.25 Peritonitis 78
12.26 Pharyngitis 78-79
12.27 Prolopse of rectum 79
12.28 Pyorrhoea 79-80
12.29 Stomatitis & Gingivitis 80-81
12.30 Vomiting 81
12.31 Patent Products for Digestive Disorders 82
13 Ailments of the Endocrine glands 83-86
13.1 Diabetes Mellitus 83-84
13.2 Diabetes Insipidus 84
13.3 Cushing's Syndrome 84-85
13.4 Pancreatitis 85-86
13.5 Obesity or Fatness 86
14 Ailments of the Ears 87-90
14.1 Otitis 87
14.2 Otorrhoea 87-88
14.3 Otalgia 88
14.4 Wax in Ears 88-89
14.5 Deafness of Ears 89
14.6 Haematoma of the Ear 89-90
14.7 Patent Products for Ear Trouble 90
15 Ailments of the Eyes 91-94
15.1 Blapharitis 91
15.2 Conjunctivitis 91-92
15.3 Iachrymation 92
15.4 Keratitis 92-93
15.5 Blindness 93
15.6 Cataract 93-94
15.7 Style or Cyst in Eyes 94
15.8 Patent Products for Ailments of the Eyes 94
16 Ailments of the Musculo Skeletal System 95-100
16.1 Arthritis 95
16.2 Bursitis 95-96
16.3 Sprain, Trauma, cuts, wounds & Abscesses 96-97
16.4 Rickets and Osteomalacia 97
16.5 Fracture and Bone injuries 97-98
16.6 Intervertebral disc disease 98-99
16.7 Spondylitis 99-100
16.8 Muscular Dystrophy 99-100
16.9 Myositis 100
16.10 Patent Products for Musculo Skeletal System 100
17 Ailments of the Nervous System 101-104
17.1 Epilepsy 101
17.2 Encephalitis 101-102
17.3 Chorea in Dogs 102-103
17.4 Meninggitis 103
17.5 Anaphylaxis 103
17.6 Collapse or Fainting 104
17.7 Unsteady gait 104
17.8 Patent Products for Ailments of Nervous System 104
18 Ailments of the Reproductive System 105-113
18.1 Abortion in Females 105-106
18.2 Metritis 106
18.3 Pyometra 106-107
18.4 Mastitis and Mammitis 107-108
18.5 Lactation in Females 108
18.6 Prolapse of Uterus 108-109
18.7 Sterility in Males 109
18.8 Orchitis in Males 109-110
18.9 Balanitis in Males 110
18.10 Enlarged Prostate gland 110-111
18.11 Male Impotency 111-12
18.12 Pruritis 112
18.13 Vulvo-vaginitis 112-113
19 Ailments of the Respiratory System 114-119
19.1 Epistaxis or Nose Bleeding 114
19.2 Kennel Cough 114-115
19.3 Pneumonia 115-116
19.4 Pleurisy 116
19.5 Tonsillitis 116-117
19.6 Laryngitis 117
19.7 Acute Bronchitis 118
19.8 Chronic Bronchitis 119
19.9 Patent Products for Respiratory Troubles 119
20 Aliments of the Urinogenital System 120-123
20.1 Haematuria 120
20.2 Nephritis 120-121
20.3 Stone in Kidney 121-122
20.4 Cystitis 122
20.5 Uterine Haemorrhage 123
20.6 Patent Products for urinogenital Problems 123
21 Ailments of the Skin 124-131
21.1 Dandruff & Hidebound 124
21.2 Eczema 125
21.3 Dermatitis 125-126
21.4 Flea bite Dermatitis 126
21.5 Pustular Dermatitis of pups 126-127
21.6 Manage or Scabies 127
21.7 Ring worm 128
21.8 Burns & scalds 128-129
21.9 Warts or Papillomatosis 129-130
21.10 Hair loss 130
21.11 Gangrene 131
21.12 Patent Products for Skin Troubles 131
22 Ecto & Endoparasitic infestations 132-135
22.1 Gastro intestinal worms 132
22.2 Ehrlichiosis 133
22.3 Babesiasis 133
22.4 Toxoplasmosis 133-134
22.5 Bite by insects and Animals 134-135
22.6 Patent Products for Ectoparasites 135
23 Homeopathic Remedies For Ailments of Poultry birds 136-138
24 Homeopathic Remedies for Ailments of Sheep & Goals 139-140
25 Homeopathic Remedies for Ailments of Pigs 141-142
26 Homeopathic Remedies for Ailments of Cattle & Buffaloes 143-147
27 Homeopathic Remedies for Ailments ofNew-Born Claves 148-149
28 Homeopathic Remedies for Ailments of Rabbits 150
29 General Topics 151-154
29.1 Bad effects of Vaccination in Animals 151
29.2 Fever or Pyrexia 151-152
29.3 Cancer or Malignancy 152-153
29.4 Care before and after Surgery 153
29.5 Left and Right-side Remedies 153-154
29.6 Time schedule for Homeopathic Remedies 154
  Index 155-160

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