Homoeopathy The Complete Handbook

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Author: Dr. K. P. S. Dhama and Dr. (Mrs.) Suman Dhama
Publisher: UBS Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9788186112595
Pages: 333
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

Homoeopathy constitutes one of the safest systems of medicine for treating common maladies such as arthritis, back pain, headache, blood pressure, and dysentery and for meeting emergency situations, which every family faces at some point of time. The homoeopathic system, by its very nature, is non-violent and non-intrusive and the side effects are almost non-existent. Homoeopathy thus represents an extremely effective means of treatment, which is simultaneously not very expensive. Homoeopathy is particularly useful in the case of children because the medicines (generally sweet_ produce no bitterness.

This volume is designed to make all the aforementioned advantages available to each member of you family. The authors' exposition of maladies and their remedies has adopted the ready reckoner style (the diseases are listed in an alphabetical order) in suggesting medicines according to specific symptoms. Remedies have been graded in order of their efficacy, laying special emphasis on certain remedies. Other significant highlights of this volume are that it provides special instructions, wherever required, and also precise potencies and dosages.

About the Author

Dr. K. P. S. Dhama is an internationally who adopts a rational and analytical approach while treating any disease. He has cured several baffling ailments, which did not respond to traditional methods of treatment. Also, a large number of his articles and case reports have been published.

Dr. (Mrs.) Suman Dhama is a trained homeopathic gynaecologist, and has vast experience in treating chronic cases. She is the author of al well-established book (in Hindi) on homoeopathy.



Homoeopathy was introduced by the famous German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. It is a medical science that treats the ailments by medicines which have been tested on healthy persons and then validated. The question arises: Why on healthy persons? The answer will be clear after reading this introduction This makes the homoeopathic system foolproof and safe.

Dr. Hahnemann emphasized the futility of omnibus experiments or researches which tried to provide cures on the basis of the overall disease rather than focussing on individual symptoms. This is because human beings react differently from animals and also differently from each other. This phenomenon applies to both medicines and diseases. For example, morphia makes dogs vomit and renders them drowsy, whereas it excites cats; aconite kills sheep but does not affect horses and goats; antimony proves lethal to human beings and most animals except to hogs and elephants. The same logic can be extended to human beings. Therefore, each patient will have to be treated individually on the basis of his or her symptoms.

The basis of homoeopathy is a basic natural principle. In Latin this principle is stated as similia similibus curentur ("Let likes be treated by likes") - first propounded by Hippocrates. That is to say, that to cure any disease a drug must be found which is capable of producing similar symptoms when tested on healthy humans. Or in other words, a drug can only cure that which it can produce. The common person understands it as 'poison kills poison'. This principle is described in the Hindu texts as vishasya vishmaushadham. Everyone knows that iron cuts iron and heat symptoms can be cured by heat treatment.

According to science we cannot create anything; we can simply change the form. The things which exist today are because something was already there. A drug, in its proving, can evoke in each case only what was already there, latent in the prover even as disease brings out only weak points and therefore does not affect two patients in exactly the same way. It requires many provers, of different types and different defective resistances, to bring out the complete picture of a drug pathogenesis.

It follows from this principle that the symptoms that are created in a healthy human body by taking a homoeopathic medicine will be cured by the same medicine if they are present during an ailment. For example, when a healthy person uses cannabis he/she suffers from hallucinations: one minute seems like an hour; nearby objects appear to be miles away; if the person laughs, he/she will go on doing so; if he/she starts to talk, will continue to talk; on passing urine there is cutting feeling and urine comes in drops; and the head starts aching. According to the homoeopathic principle, if in any ailment, these symptoms are present these will be cured by the homoeopathic medicine Cannabis Indica which is prepared from cannabis.

Thus in homoeopathy an ailment is treated according to its symptoms; the name of the ailment does not matter. To find out the symptoms of a medicine these are tested on healthy persons. This is known as drug proving.

Most of the substances that are used on the table as seasonings in foods will in the course of a generation or two be very useful medicines, because parents poison themselves with these substances as tea, coffee, pepper, and tobacco (though tobacco cannot be said to be on the table, yet it might as well be if it is used at all), and these poisonous effects in the parents cause in the children a predisposition to diseases, which are similar to the diseases produced by these substances.

Dr. M.L. Tyler describes the action-reaction as follows:

Every agent that acts on vitality (i.e., every medicine) more or less deranges the vital force, and causes, for a longer or shorter period, certain alterations in the health of the individual. This is termed primary action.

Although this primary action is a conjoint product of the medicinal and vital powers, it is principally due to the former.

To this primary action our vital force endeavours to apply energetic opposition: and this automatic, life-preserving reaction goes by the name of secondary action, or counteraction.

During the primary action of artificial morbific agents (medicines) on our healthy bodies, the vital force, as will be seen by the following examples, seems to behave in a passive, or receptive manner, as if compelled to receive impressions from without, acting on it and perverting its health. Then it appears to rally and to develop (a) an exactly opposite condition, if such be possible, the countereffect, proportionate to its own energy and to the intensity of the primary action. Or (b) where there is no condition exactly the opposite of the primary action, the vital force appears to "indifferentiate" itself, and, putting forth its superior strength, it extinguishes the morbid changes, thereby restoring normal health. This is the after-effect, or curative effect.

Examples of (a) are familiar to everybody. A hand bathed in hot water is at first much warmer than the other; but, taken out and dried well, it will, after a while, grow colder than the other hand (after-effect or secondary action). A person heated by violent exercise (primary action) is afterwards affected by chilliness and shivering (secondary action). To one heated the previous day by drinking a lot of wine (primary action), today every breath of air feels too cold (secondary action). Excessive vivacity after strong coffee (primary action) entails sluggishness and drowsiness for a long time afterwards (reaction - secondary action) if they are not removed for a short time by taking fresh supplies of coffee (palliative). After the profound, stupefied sleep caused by opium (primary action), the following night will be all the more sleepless (reaction- secondary action). After the constipation produced by opium (primary action) diarrhoea ensues (secondary action); and after purgation with medicines that irritate the bowels, constipation for several days ensues (secondary action).

In a like manner it always happens, after the primary action of a medicine which, in large doses, produces a great change in the health of a healthy person, that its exact opposite, "provided there is such a thing, is produced in the secondary action by our vital force.

As following the action of minute homoeopathic doses in health, obvious secondary effects are perceived very little. For though such minute doses, closely observed, will be found to produce a perceptible primary effect, yet the living organism sets up only such countereffect as is absolutely required to re-establish normal conditions.

It must always be remembered that homoeopathy is essentially an individualistic treatment. It therefore never makes use of nor seeks specifics for disease. So it must not be thought that any remedy mentioned in this book will cover all the cases.

Thus we can draw the following conclusions:

1. Homoeopathy is based on basic natural principles.
2. Medicines can create ailments.
3. In order to find out full symptoms of a medicine it is tested on healthy persons.
4. For treating an ailment we have to administer a medicine which has the symptoms that are present in the ailment.

The mental and physical symptoms created in a healthy person by administering a medicine are catalogued in the homoeopathic Materia Medica.


Introduction To Homoeopathy 1
How to Prepare Homoeopathic  
Medicines And From What 3
Mother Tincture 4
Trituration 4
Potency 4
How to Select the Homoeopathic Medicine 4
Treatment Of The Patient Not Of The Disease 5
Do Not Suppress An Illness 7
Dosage and Frequency Of Medicine 7
Fifty Millesimal Potency 7
Symbols/Abbreviations Used in the Book 8
Abdominal Pain 9
Abortion 10
Abscesses And Boils 12
Acidity 15
Acne 16
Addictions 17
Adenoids 18
Albuminuria 19
Alcohol 20
Alcoholism 21
Allergies 22
Allergic Bronchitis 23
Allergic Rhinitis 24
Amoebiasis 24
Anaemia 25
Anger 26
Angina Pectoris 27
Anxiety 29
Aphthae 30
Apoplexy 31
Appendicitis 31
Appetite, Excessive 33
Appetite, Loss Of 34
Arthritis, Rheumatism, Etc. 34
Ascites 38
Asphyxia 39
Asthma 41
Aversions 43
Backache 45
Bad Breath 47
Barber's Itch 47
Bed-Sores 48
Bed Wetting 49
Bereavement 50
Beauty Tips 50
Birth Marks 51
Bites 51
Bladder And Urethra 52
Bleeding (Gums) 53
Bleeding Piles 54
Bleeding (Vagina) 54
Blepharitis 55
Blindness 55
Blisters 56
Blood Pressure, High 141
Blood Pressure, Low 143
Body Odour 57
Bone Affections 57
Brain-Affections Of 58
Breast-Affections of 176
Bronchiectasis 58
Bronchitis (Acute) 59
Bronchitis (Chronic) 60
Burns 62
Cancer (Of Different Organs) 63
Change Of Life 183
Caries Of Teeth 64
Causation - Ailments Due to 64
Cervical Spondylosis 65
Chicken-Pox 65
Chilblains 66
Children Diseases 66
Cholera 66
Cholera Infantum 68
Chorea 68
Coition - Male 69
Cold, Catarrh And Coryza 69
Colic Colitis 71
Colitis 72
Collapse 73
Conjunctivitis 74
Constipation 75
Contact Dermatitis 75
Convulsion 76
Corns 76
Coronary Thromosis 77
Cough 77
Cramps 80
Cravings 81
Croup 81
Cystitis 82
Cysts 83
Dandruff 84
Deafness 85
Dengue Fever 85
Dentition 86
Diabetes Mellitus 87
Diarrhoea 87
Direction Of Symptoms 89
Dreams 90
Dryness of Mouth 91
Dyspepsia 92
Dysentery 92
Dysmenorrhoea 93-184
Ear - Affections Of 94
Ear-Ache 94
Eczema 95
Emaciation 96
Encephalitis 96
Eosinophilia 97
Epilepsy 98
Epistaxis 98
Erections - Affections of 99
Eructations 101
Erysipelas 101
Exposure-Affections Of 103
Eye-Affections of 104
Eyes (Burning) 106
Eyes (Injury) 107
Fainting 108
Fatness 109
Fear 110
Fever (Simple) 111
Filariasis 113
Fissure (Anal) 114
Fistula (Ano) 114
Fits 76
Flatulence (Wind Formation) 115
Food And Drinks-Aggravation From 117
Food Poisoning 117
Foreign Body (Skin) 118
Frozen, From Cold 118
Gait (Walking) 119
Gall Stone Colic 120
Gangrene 121
Gastroenteritis 87
Giddiness 122
Glands-Ailments of 122
Goitre 123
Gums-Ailments of 125
Gums (Bleeding) 53
Haematuria 126
Haemorrhoids 54-127
Hair-Affections of 127
Hair-Falling of 128
Hair-Premature Greying of 129
Hang Over 129
Hay Fever 130
Headache 131
Heart-Affections of 132
Hernia 133
Herpes Zoster 134
Hiccough 136
Hoarseness 136
Hydrocele 138
Hydrocephalus 139
Hydrophobia 140
Hyper Acidity 15-141
Hyper-Pyrexia 111-141
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) 141
Hypertension, Essential 143
Hypochondriasis 143
Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure) 143
Hypothyroidism 144
Hysteria 145
Impotency 146
Indigestion 147
Influenza 149
Injury 150
Inoculation-Ill Effects of 152
Insanity 152
Insomnia (Sleeplessness) 153
Iritis 154
Itching 155
Jaundice 157
Keloids 159
Keratitis 159
Kidney-Affections of 160
Kidney Stone 161-240
Labor 162
Lachrymation (Tears) 163
Lactation 164
Laryngitis 164
Left Sided Remedies 167
Leprosy 168
Leucoderma (Vitilago) 169
Leucorrhoea 169
Leukemia 171
Lice 171
Lumbago 45-172
Lupus 172
Malaria 173
Mammary Glands-Affections Of 176
Mania 177
Marasmus 178
Mastoid Process 179
Masturbation (Male) 180
Masturbation (Female) 181
Measles 182
Meningitis 183
Menopause 183
Menstruation-Affections Of 184
Mental Derangement 189
Metritis 190
Metrorrhagia 190
Miasms 191
Migraine 192
Morning Sickness 193
Mouth Ulcers 194
Mumps 194
Myopia 195
Nails-Affections of 196
Nausea 197
Nephritis 197
Nervousness 199
Neuralgia (Facial) 200
Neuritis 201
Nightmare 202
Nose-Affections Of 203
Nose Bleed 98-204
Nymphomania 204
Obesity 206
Obstructions To Cure 207
Occupational Ailments 207
Oedema 208
Opposite Characteristic Symptoms 209
Orchitis 210
Osteomyelitis 211
Otorrhoea 211
Ovaries-Affections Of 213
Pain 215
Palpitation 215
Pancreas-Affections Of 216
Paralysis 216
Peculiar Symptoms 217
Peptic Ulcer 218
Periodicity 219
Peritonitis 220
Pharyngitis 221
Phimosis 221
Piles-Day 222
Pimples 16-223
Pleurisy 223
Pneumonia 224
Poisoning 225
Polypus (Ear) 225
Polypus (Uterus) 226
Pre and Post Operative Care 227
Pregnancy-Ailments During 227
Prickly Heat 228
Prophylactics 229
Prolapsus (Rectum) 231
Prolapsus (Uterus) 231
Prostate Gland-Ailments of 233
Pruritus 233
Psoriasis 236
Pterygium 237
Pulse-Affections Of 238
Pyorrhoea 239
Stye (Eyes) 276
Sugar In Urine 277
Suicidal Disposition 277
Sun Burn 278
Sun Stroke-Affections of 279
Sun Stroke-After Effects Of 280
Suppressions-Bad Effects Of 280
Sweat-Affections Of 281
Syphilis 283
Taste 285
Tears 163-285
Teeth-Affections Of 285
Tennis Elbow 286
Tetanus 286
Thalassemia 287
Thermal Variations 287
Thirst (Absence Of) 288
Thirst (Excessive) 288
Thrombosis (Coronary) 77-288
Thyrotoxicosis 289
Time Modalities 289
Tobacco Craving 290
Tongue-Affections Of 290
Tonsillitis 291
Toothace 293
Trachoma 294
Travel Sickness 295
Tuberculosis 295
Tumours-Affections Of 296
Typhoid Fever 297
Ulcers-Affections Of 300
Unconsciousness 301
Urine-Affections Of 302
Urticaria 305
Uterus-Affections Of 306
Vaccination-Affections Of 308
Varicose Veins 308
Vertigo 309
Vision-Affections Of 310
Voice, Loss Of 312
Vomiting 312
Walking 119-313
Warts 313
Wax In Ears 314
Weakness 314
Weeping 315
Wheezing 316
Whitlow 318
Whooping Cough 318
Worms 319
Writer's Cramp 80-320
Yawning 321

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