How to Play Tabla

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Item Code: IDJ864
Author: Vikas Aggarwal
Publisher: Creative Publications
ISBN: 8176810061
Pages: 120 (Illustrated throughout in Black & White and one color chart)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.3" X 7.0"
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

You must have read many books on Tabla and other instruments. In this book I have given instructions of learn Tabla, Congo-Bongo and other instruments in such a way that anyone who desires to learn, can learn it easily. This book is extremely relevant for Orchestra players too.

Please write to me about how useful this book has poved for you and also give suggestions for its improvement.

Publisher's Note

There are many of books, which give descriptive knowledge about the important instruments with pictures. That is way great effort has been made to publish this book.

This is a rare book of traditional instruments as well as European instruments and will provide knowledge about Taal-Instruments-Tabla, Congo, Bongo, Drum, Jas, (drum-set); Traditional Instruments - Mridang, Pakhawaj, Nakkara; Folk Instruments - Dumroo, Dholak, Dhol, Daphli or Khanjari, Daph, Khartal, Jhanjh and Manjeera.

The accomplished writer has given life sketch of some of the main Tabla-Players in the beginning. Then he has described the main parts of tabla with pictures, music notations, how to play tabla and has also described initial words of tabla like (Theka, BoI, Tukra, Tiya, Mukhda, Mohra, Uthan, Kayada, Gat, Palte, Paran, Rella, Peshkar, Laggi, Bant, Ladi) important taals, Theka and their Matra divisions are also explained in an easy and descriptive way.

The physical structures and principles of the music of European Instruments like Bongo and Congo are well explained. Besides that traditional Nad-Instruments like Mridang, Pakhawaj, Nakkara, Naal and Folk-Instruments like Damroo, Dholak, Dhol, Daph, Jhanij, Manjeera are also described and differentiated.

It is expected that this book will prove useful for all music lovers.

First Day9-16
Introduction, Lays-Vilambit Lay, Drut Lay, Ati Vilambita Lay, Anadrut Lay, Kiwadi Lay, Aadi Lay, Viyadi Lay, Sam Graha, Anagat Graha, Visham Graha, Aavriti, Mohara, Mukhda, Laggi, Ladi, Paran, Rella, Main Gharana's of Tabla palyers and there brief biography.
Second Day17-25
Parts of Tabla, Sitting positions, Tuning of Tabla, suggestions to the beginners, Maintenance of Tabla17-25
Third DayBols of Tabla26-36
Fourth DayTaal-Lipi Systems-Bhatkhande Taal Lipi system, Vishnu digamber Taal Lipi system, Definition of words37-39
Fifth DayTaals, Teen Taal-Bols of Teen Taal, Types of Teen Taals Theka, Kayda, Palte, Tiya, Paran No 1, Paran No. 240-53
Sixth Day54-68
Theka of Ek Taal, Kayda, Ek Taal, Jhap Taal, Char Taal, Sool Taal, Deepchandi Taal, Adhdha Taal, Aadachar Taal, Qawwali Taal, Pashto Taal, Kaushik Taal, Ganesh Taal, Graha Taal, Ghat Taal, Chatur Taal, Chang Taal, Thumari Taal, Jagpal Taal, Devgandhar Taal, Dhruv Taal, Uthan, Mukhde, Mohre.
Seventh Day69-98
1. Taal Tappa (matra 16) 2. Taal Farodast (matra 14) 3. Brahm Taal (matra 28) 4. Sameer Taal (matra 7) 5. Anima Taal (matra 13) 6. Chautala Taal (matra 24) 7. Nat Taal (matra 4) 8. Teevra Taal (matra 7) 9.Sawari Taal (matra 16) 10. Gajghhampa Taal (matra 15) 11. Shakti Taal (matra 10) 12. Saraswati Taal (matra 18) 13. Damodar Taal (matra 9) 14. Ashtmangal Taal (matra 22). 15. Chandrawali Taal (matra 18) 16. Taal Chhoti Sawari (matra 15) 17. Rudra Taal (matra 11) 18. Raj Martand Taal (matra 14) 19. Hans Taal (matra 14) 20. Champak Taal (matra 14) 21. Varn-Bhinn Taal (matra 8) 22. Abhinandan Taal (matra 20) 23. Laghu Shekhar Taal (matra 7) 24. Rudra Taal (matra 11) 25. Marichi Taal (matra 26) 26. Hanuman Taal (matra 22) 27. Bhairav Taal (matra 22) 28. Sudarshan Taal (matra 10) 29. Pancham Taal (matra 16) 30.Shani Taal (matra 12) 31. Shakti Taal (matra 10) 32. Indra Taal (matra 15) 33. Kumbh Taal (matra 11) 34. Laxmi Taal (matra 18) 35. Mahesh Taal (matra 9) 37. Chat Taal (matra 12) 38.Bhagna Taal (matra 23) 39. Ank Taal (matra 9) 37. Chat Taal (matra 12) 40. Shikhar Taal (matra 17) 41. Mayur Taal (matra 17) 42. Shat Taal (matra 28) 46. Chakra Taal (matra 30) 47. Shesh Taal (matra 19) 48. Vishnu Taal (matra 17) 49. Shruti Taal (matra 22) 50. Choodamani Taal (matra 32) 51. Raybank Taal (matra 24) 52. Shul Taal (matra 10) 53. Nandan Taal (matra 16) 54. Panchmukhi Taal (matra 16) 55. Mohan Taal (matra 12) 56. Raj Narayan Taal (matra 28) 57. Mithilesh Taal (matra 20) 58. At Taal (matra 24) 59. Jagdamba Taal (matra 19) 60. Himanshu Taal (matra 15) 61. Sobhadham Taal (matra 22) 62. Salvanth Taal (matra 26) 63. Vishnu Taal (matra 36) 64. Sinhnaad Taal (matra 40) 65. Nisaru Taal (matra 10) 66. Chandramani Taal (matra 11) 67. Vishwa Taal (matra 13) 68. Dwitiya Mathka Taal (matra 13) 69. Krishna Taal (matra 20) 70. Kusumakar Taal (matra 27) 71. Iktali Taal (matra 11) 72. Puran Taal (matra 18) 73. Abhiram Taal (matra 24) 74. Matt Taal (matra 18) 75. Panchshar Taal (matra 23) 76. Bhrang Taal (matra 15) 77. Madhumalti Taal (matra 16) 78. Shambhu Taal (matra 16) 79. Magadh Taal (matra 23) 80. Laxmi taal (matra 36) 81. Ravi Nandini Taal (matra 14) 82. Mansij Taal (matra 21) 83. Kala Nidhi Taal (matra 25) 84. Taal Devdhwani (matra 17) 85. Vijay Taal (matra 20) 86. Arjun Taal (matra 20) 87. Vimohi Taal (matra 13) 88. Saroj Taal (matra 12)
Congo-Bongo and Other Musical Instruments
European Musical Instruments
Bongo, Congo, Drum, Jazz or Drumset
Traditional Taal Instruments:-
Mridang or Pakhwaj, Nakkara or Naal
Folk Music Instruments
Damru, Dholak, Dhol, Daphali or Khanjari, Daph, Khartal, Jhanjh or Manjeeras
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