Indian Astrology

Indian Astrology

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Item Code: IDG293
Author: Ramniklal R. Mody
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788177690613
Pages: 112
Cover: Paperback
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Evolving over many centuries, astrology serves as a way to explain events in life that otherwise appear inexplicable or arbitrary. Indian astrology is based on the belief that the planets and the stars in the heavens above, and our little lives here on this globe, have an inseparable linkage; all is One in the Cosmos. Astrology serves as a way to see this fundamental interconnectedness and the beautiful unity of all life. Over many centuries, Indian astrology has developed into a system of thought and a way of explaining the seemingly inexplicable chaos of life. In fact, Indian astrology has stood the test of time ever since the wise sage Bhrigu revealed his mastery of this ancient wisdom of forecasting the influence of all the stars on human affairs.

Does astrology really help you to predict the future?

Do the stars and planets influence our lives?

The book deals with two systems of India astrology: The Astottari system of calculations which takes eight planets into consideration to qualify for a cycle of one hundred and eight years; and the Vinshottari system which is the system of planetary direction with a hundred and twenty year span. The author has dealt with the subject in such lucid terms that even the layman can learn of the calculations involved in making predictions of a subject's future.


Introduction to the New Editionvii-x
Chapter I: Introduction1-4
Chapter II: Commencement of the Vinshottari and Ashotattari and Ashtottari Dashas5-6
Chapter III: Span of human life in the Vinshottari and Ashtottari Dashas7-8
Chapter IV: Assignment of Nakshatras in the two Dashas9-12
Chapter V: Comparison of the Vinshottari and Ashtottari Dashas13-15
Chapter VI: Adhik Mas or Intercalary Month-the object16-24
Chapter VII: The order of the planets in the Vinshottari Dasha25-30
Chapter VIII: The order of the planets in the Ashtottari Dashas31-37
Chapter IX: Planetary Periods in the Vinshottari and Ashtottari Dashas38-47
Chapter X: The Radix and its judgment48-52
Chapter XI: Rahu and Ketu53-55
Chapter XII: Rules for interpreting the Dashas or Periods56-63
Chapter XIII: Conclusion64-68
Chapter XIV: Western Systems of directions69-87
Appendix: Planets and Wealth-Riches and Poverty88-97
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