Introduction to Achardharma (Divine Knowledge Received by God’s Grace!)

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Item Code: NAE713
Author: Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavle and Mrs. Anjali Mukul Gadgil
Publisher: Sanatan Bharatiya Sanskriti Sanstha
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9789381342008
Pages: 68
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 Inch
Weight 90 gm
Book Description
About the Author

H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale started writing Holy texts with the blessings of His Guru H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj. Imparting knowledge on Spirituality and answering the 'how and why' of Spirituality in a scientific terminology are the main features of these Holy texts. Some Holy texts contain Divine Knowledge obtained by Sanatan's seekers, which is not available else- where on earth!

Under the guidance of H.H. Dr. Athavale, in-depth spiritual research is being conducted on 'God-realization through Art', 'Spiritual remedies for distress due to negative energies', and necessary guidance is being provided.

During Dwaparyuq, the Guru Principle was active through the medium of Srikrushna. Today in Kaliyug, it is active through H.H. Dr. Athavale. The Paratpar Guru alone shoulders the responsibility of the welfare of the entire Universe and constantly strives to take every jiva (Embodied soul) to the next step in Spirituality. Though Raja-Tama are predominant today, H.H. Dr. Athavale is teaching seekers appropriate methods of spiritual practice and how to follow Dharma as per the science, to speed up their progress towards God-realisation. This will enhance the Sattva component in the seekers, bring about a change in the entire structure of the society, leading to peace and tranquility in the Universe.


The above analysis exemplifies in no uncertain terms the tremendous importance that Achardharma carries. When the importance of a topic is realised from every possible perspective, it helps in creating a stronger impression on the mind that motivates it to act accordingly. With this very objective in mind, emphasis is laid in this Holy text on the importance of the various aspects of Achardharma. Various benefits from the perspective of vyeshti (Meaning, the individual), and the samashti, (Meaning, the society) are also mentioned. This Holy text also carries an in- depth discussion on the possible detrimental effects of not practising A chardharma , how to abide by ecners, factors that facilitate the practice of Achardharma etc.


iiCommentary by 'A Scholar' on the Divine Knowledge received about this Holy text12
iiiSome terms used in connection with the 'Subtle dimension' and their meanings16
ivIntroduction to the Recipients of Divine and the Compilers Knowledge18
1Meaning of the terms achara{l, achar and AChardharma19
2Genesis of Achardharma21
3Nature of Achardharma according to the Yugs (Eras)21
3A. Achardharma in Tretayug and Dwaparyug21
3B. Achardharma in Ka/iyug22
4The changing features of achar with the times22
5Achardharma and rationality23
*Following traditions is more important than rationality23
*Rationalists should not shed crocodile tears about the ecners, instead they should follow ectiers that they are able to grasp!23
6Importance of achar24
*Achar is the foundation of Dharma!24
*Achardharma is application of the Purustterthes of Artha and Kama with the expectation of
abiding by Dharma27
*Achardharma is the seed for foundation of seonena27
*An individual who abides by ecners is superior most27
*The demons who acquired boons were invincible till they abided by Achardharma, and only when they digressed from Achardharma was their destruction possible 28
Dharma has remained intact due to Achardharma30
7Benefits derived from abiding by Achardharma31
8Harm caused by non-adherence to Achardharma40
9Types of achar41
10Different forms of achar42
11What should be the attitude while abiding by achars ?44
12Factors important for being able to abide by Achardharma in a superior way45
13Symptoms of prudent abidance by Achardharma - fearless movement of male antelopes within the Nation46
14Comparison between Achardharma and other mediums of sadhana46
15Evolved seekers need not practice Achardharma47
Subtler level Information on the subject of 'Introduction to Achardharma'
1Definitions of the word 'Achardharma'50
2Origin of Achardharma51
3Importance of Achardharma53
4Stage of Dharma depending on the spiritual level, the proportion of external and internal aspects of abiding by Dharma and the proportion of manifest and unmanifest perception of Dharma56
5Type of Dharma depending on the spiritual level, the gross or subtle body abiding by Dharma, energy level associated with the type of Dharma and different ways of abiding by Dharma57
6 Various sub-forms of Dharma and Achardharma57
7Krutadharma and Achardharma59
8 Vedic dharma and Achardharma 60
**Contents and Sample Pages**

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