Know About Rahu and Ketu

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Author: Dr. Shanker Adawal
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Edition: 2008
Pages: 480
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Rahu and Ketu, the north and south nodes of the Moon, are probably the most interesting, profound and mysterious of all planetary influences in Vedic astrology. As the dragon's head and the dragon's tail of western astrological thought the two nodes represent powerful psychic forces beyond our personal control or understanding. They deal with the secret, hidden, eccentric, spiritual or perverse sides of life-the higher and lower ranges of human activity beyond the normal scope covered by the seen major planets.

It is a well-established fact that since Vedic astrology has its basis in Vedic knowledge, it is as old as human creation and has been used from time immemorial to dispel the unfounded horrors and prejudices of human mind. Rahu and Ketu, the two nodal points of the Moon, constitute the core of Vedic astrology. Ancient Indian seers visualized the north and the south nodes of the Moon as the most interesting and mysterious planetary influences. However, Rahu and Ketu have either been ignored or misunderstood in studies of Vedic astrology. This book is an attempt to dispel the darkness that surrounds Rahu and Ketu so that they can be better understood and their importance in Vedic astrology appreciated. By no means the final word on Rahu and Ketu, this book attempts to provide readers with a practical understanding of these two nodes so that they can be placed in right perspective. The book also provides the other insights, into Vedic astrology. The use of horoscopes of some prominent persons makes an understanding of Rahu and Ketu easier both for astrology enthusiasts and for other readers.

The nodes are closely connected to world events and global trends-the broader streams of destiny and the collective influences that can overwhelm our personal karma, including destructive occurrences like wars or plagues. They are also key indicators of future social developments. For example, the mass media relates to Rahu, which represents new, popular and expansive trends, while much of the cutting edge of science and technology, like computers, relates to Ketu, which represents insight, precision and unlocking the secrets of nature. In this regard Rahu and Ketu have a place in Vedic astrology similar to that of the outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in western astrology which are also used for collective phenomenon.

Rahu comes from the Sanskrit root 'rah' meaning to hide and refers to what is secret, mysterious and profound or a cave. Rahu obscures or protects and indicates Maya, which is not only illusion but also any magical power or captivation knowledge. Ketu comes from the root 'ci' meaning to highlight, appear or become consciousness or a flag.

In the Rahu-Ketu Experience, the author reversals himself as one of the most promising young writes on Vedic astrology coming out of India today. He is also easily one of the best Indian writers on Vedic astrology in an English idiom. Though there are many good new books on Vedic astrology coming out of India recently, unfortunately most are poorly written and hard to understand for westerners. Though born and raised in India, author's style is not traditionally Indian, but quite dear and contemporary almost as if written by an American. His mind reflects a global perspective not bound to any limited cultural sphere. Most notably, Author of chart interest both to nuts and bolts predictive astrologers and those for whom the spiritual and mystical side is most important. The Rahu-Ketu Experience is worthy of serious examination by all students of Vedic astrology and all those interested in the great mysteries of life, death, karma and transformation. We look forward to many more such books from the author in the coming years.

Last but not the least, this work does not pretend to be complete in any sense of the term. It is none but an attempt to serve the interest of the common man. We are more than anybody else conscious of many defects and blemishes-which would have inadvertently crept in this book. For this, I shall be extremely grateful to accept any suggestion from the valued readers.

The book is a collection of material composed by various authors who have worked in this field and I have tried to built it up gradually so that compilation can be understood of this complexed subject. Any errors and omissions are my own despite the barrage of corrections carried out by Col. Dee Baswani (Retd.)

Thanks to other Reviewers who contributed the volumes of feedback that made my writing and examples more readable and correct.

I wish to express my thanks to my friends Pinku and Tinku for being a source of motivation as well as Shri Narender Sagar who stimulates me for writing.

My special thanks to my mother Dr. Krishna as without her blessings it would have not possible to write on this topic.

My gratitude to my wife Renu and daughter Gudiya Vrinda for providing me with the aim and purpose.

I would also like to thank Mr. Bhupender Singh Negi for typing, editing and numerious other activities associated with the publication of this Book.

I am graceful to Col. Dee Baswani (Retd.) for editing the this Book like previous, is also dedicated to my father Late Shri Kailash Chander who taught me this Science as a child and was himself a great devotee of this subject in the days when there were no computers.

I would like to end this with the thought of Vrindavan and Banke Bihari whose blessings have been with me and I always look upon him in all my endeavours.



Dear Astrology and readers, what would we really see if we saw this world with a very different outlook? We would see more number of unhappy people when compared to the number of people who happy. Despite several difficult situations in life, he puts in efforts to succeed in life. Neither does he make progress nor does he have a happy life with his family. He has problems even in his family life, where he is sometimes deprived of even food and clothing. He loses his dear ones, loses popularity and faces disrepute and disgrace. He is ancestral property. There will be several situations where he may have to face disrepute and disgrace. If he or she is quite poor, they will certainly lose their honour. Their reputation inclines more toward and infamy than glory. They might even have to face consequences of jail. Their mental state at this point of times is very weak, tortured and thoughtless. He almost pleads with God to rid him of his circumstances. They also think of either committing suicide or leave the country.

Those who are unable to tolerate the challenges in life, tend to renounce the world or take to sanyas. Astrologers do not even consider those who are karmadaridra are ones who indulge in inhuman act. They do not have any experience of astrology. Some astrologers make certain predictions and the person exactly encounters situations totally in contrast to the predictions made. These people are fantasized by astrologers and their predictions. They are tired of enquiring with various astrologers. After having seen so many contradictory predications, they tend to lose faith in astrology and call it a farce. Is it the fault of astrology or the fault of the person's karma or the astrologer? People blame the astrologer and feel that his astrology does not apply to their lives and that the astrology lacks accuracy. They feel that the astrologer is after money.

On the other hand, the astrologers fail to understand that they do not have the right experience in astrology. Astrologers blame it on the horoscope and say it is wrong. Such statements of the astrologers confuse people who seek help in astrology. In fact, the astrologers never tend to think why their experience in astrological science is inept or inadequate. In such situations, science of astrology is proved wrong and known to be a farce.

Raibahadur Chintamanarao Vidya had written an article on my objections to astrological predictions in the Chitramayajagat Patrika. Why should we not contemplate upon them? Several egoistic foolhardly astrologers expressed their criticism and proved their foolishness. Today any average person becomes an astrologer. As soon as they are able to grasp the names of all rashis, they give the advertisements and begin predicting people's lives. Such thoughtless astrologers have belittled the value of this great science. The Brihattjaatak granth was written based on human astrological predictions. Several centuries have passed by. This country was popular for its prosperity, its independent attitude and cultural values. The astrological predictions written in this book there is a major increase in poverty, sin and slavery and the circumstances are different. Therefore, no predictive factors mentioned in the book apply to the present day.

Hence, the astrologer must make his astrological predications based upon the present day circumstances and actual period. There has been a considerable progress in the western astrological science. We tend to ignore them and make predictions based on the old books. It is very amusing when predictions based to the present day scenario. The astrologers have never attempted to do some research on it and if someone does research, they wonder if the same has even mentioned in our shastras. If it does not find a place in the shastras then it is known to be wrong and if it does find a place in the shastras, they call it useless. Our ancient rishis and scholars have written all this based on their knowledge and experience. The prevalent circumstances and experiences in those days are the very basis of our shastras and that is how we should write books based on circumstances and experiences prevalent today.

The science of astrology is profound and unfathomable. This is a kind of science, which remains in the state of imperfection. The human mind cannot bring in perfection and completeness to this science, neither God wants him to do it. If this science attains completeness today, then there will be no importance to the existence of the Lord. All the basic principles of human existence would be in the hands of human beings. Despite the fact, that such a thing can never be possible; several people have attempted to reveal the secrets of time through astrology, samudrika shastras, phrenology, face reading, ramal, nuzum etc. They are still attempting to do it and they will certainly continue to do it in the future.

Famous western astrologer, Raphael worked hard all his life explaining to people and he was tired of explaining repeatedly. In the introduction of his book, A Guide to Astrology he says, "A part of astrology which relates to the determination of future events is the most difficult, the least understood and perhaps the most unsatisfactory part. I may be allowed to say that the unsatisfactory part is a wise intervention of God, for if one knew for certainty what is going to happen at a particular time at least half the world would be either lunatic or suicidal."

Another famous western astrologer Alan Leo expressed his views, which are quite important for every astrologer – Astrology is eternally true but it is not easy matter to interpret its truth to those who are not born astrologers. That which is the whole cannot be wholly seen hence the interpretation of its part must always suffer by limitation. None but God can interpret the whole of astrology although adept astrologers may try to reveal the whole of its truths, at least they can reveal that which revealed to them on the plane to which their consciousness has expanded. It is a great thing to understand the profound statement that astrology is God's law but it is even greater thing to have realized some of the workings of that law."


Back of the Book

The author, Dr. Shanker Adawal, is a management professional. He is presently working for one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. Did his MBA and PhD, and worked with Multinationals in India and abroad, before joining his present assignment. He has traveled extensively both in India and abroad. He also has keen interest in Human Rights.

He got interested in astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishacharya, and has been doing his research in this field for over three decades. His desire and aspiration to share the findings of his research and the new dimensions which can be given to the science of astrology, prompted him to attempt put the details in the form of a book so that the readers can take advantage of the same.

The Rahu and Ketu relate to the lunar notes. The notes are only planet which are a direct result of the relationship between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. The aim of this book is to give a detailed analysis of the lunar notes. We have tried to get into the aspect and timing of the events. Also we have dealt with the notes. We have tried to comprehensively deal with all the aspects with respect Rahu and Ketu including propitiation for them.

Rahu and Ketu are dreaded though they are two nodes of the Moon. The axis, there placement, depositors and Yogas are important and influence our actions. This book dwells into various aspects of the two planets that have been researched and analyzed. This book tells about the two Karmic Planets and both the students as well as those pursuing astrology will find it useful.

This is the tenth book of the author, the first being Bhrigu Samhita: Predictive Techniques Deciphered, second, Know about Jupiter & Saturn, third, know about Mars & Mercury, fourth, Your Profession: Ups & Downs with Remedial Measures, fifth, Relationship: Marriage, Love & Sex, sixth, Know about Complete Guide to Self Learning Course in Astrology, eighth, Know about Transit the ninth being Medical Astrology.




Chap. No. Contents Page No.
i. Preface viii
ii. Introduction - The Focus (Karakatva) of Rahu; Intrinsic Characteristics of Rahu; Twelve Resultant Attributes of Rahu. 1
1. Rahu-Ketu and the Samundra Manthan (Ocean churning). 27
2. A Comparative Study of the Resultant Effects of Rahu and Ketu – The Resultant Effects of Ketu; Shapa Phal Prakaran or Resultant of Curse. 34
3. Rahu in association with other Grahas. 46
4. Movement of Rahu into various positions; A few precepts drawn from my experiences. 50
5. Grahan (eclipse) – concept of Rahu-Ketu – Resultant Effect of Grahan in Twleve Position. 56
6. The Grahayonibheda or Fundamental aspects of Rahu 72
7. Details of characteristics of Rahu – The Focus 77
8. Some move details about Rahu; High and Low of Rahu; Enmity and Familiarity of Rahu; Details of a person who has Rahu as the most important Graha in his horoscope; Rahu's Drishti or aspect The Resultant Effect of Ketu. 84
9. The Twelve Resultant Attributes of Rahu; The resultant effects of Rahu in the lagna dhana sthana or position of wealth & other positions. 91
10. The Twelve Resultant Attributes of Ketu; The resultant effects of the labhasthana or position of benefit; the resultant effects of the vyayasthana or the position of expending. 182
11. The Twelve Resultant Attributive Movements of Rahu; The resultant effects of combination of other Grahas in the movement; Resultant of Rahu in association with the bhavadhipati or lord of the position. 194
12. Combination (Yoga) of Rahu with other Grahas 203
13. The Resultant Effects Drawn from Generations. 214
14. Know about Planets and Dasas – Dasa Sandhi; How Planets Placed in Dasa Lord's Signs Impact the Quality of Said Dasa; Dasa of Rahu and Ketu; The Important of Planetary Distances in Dasa Interpretation; House Placement of the Dasa Lord. 227
15. Dasha Interpretation – Rahu Maha Dasha; Effects of sub-Periods (Antar Dasha); 232
16. Dasha Interpretation – Ketu Maha Dasha; Effects of Sub-Periods (Antar Dasha) 244
17. Dasa Periods and the Cycles of Unfolding Karma. 254
18. Concept of Rahu Mahadasha – The resultant effects of Antar Dasha. 271
19. Examples of a few combinations of Rahu. 288
20. Rahu-Ketu: the Shadow Planets. 299
21. Rahu & Ketu – the wanderer & the bitter truth. 309
22. The Moon's Nodes; The Rahu & Ketu of the Moon. 312
23. Rahu Planets in Horoscope. 325
24. Ketu Planet in Horoscope. 330
25. Understanding Rahu & Ketu in Natal Charts. 334
26. Rahu : Effects & Remedies 345
27. Ketu : Effects & Remedies 353
28. Know About Kal Sarpa Yoga 362
29. Misconceptions Regarding Kal Sarpa Yoga. 374
30. Transit Effects of Rahu & Ketu 378
31. Rahu and Ketu transits (Gochara) Moon. 381
32. Good Results by Rahu & Ketu. 406
33. A Brief Outlook on Rahu Planet; Prayer to Rahu 409
34. How Rahu Ketu Transit will Effect You? 414
35. How to get relief during Ketu Dasa and its Antardasas? 424
36. Remedies (Upaye) for Rahu & Ketu dosha. 430
37. Rahu and Ketu – Analysed through Bhrigu Nadi System 437

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