Kundalini The Liberating Force (Discourses, Questions and Answers and Views)

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Author: Dr. B.S. Goel (Siddheshwar Baba)
Publisher: Third Eye Foundation of India and Sterling Paperbacks
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 139788120732667
Pages: 208
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Book Description

Salutations to the Mother Kundalini the Divine Cosmic Energy! You are present in every existing being. You are the supreme knowledge, maya, intellect, memory and delusion. O Devi! You are the mind, the sky, the air, the fire, the water and the earth. Nothing is outside You. You are the Shakti of Shiva. Your Own blissful conscious form gives the shape of the world.

Kundalini Yoga is the most archaic form of spiritual sadhana practiced by Indian sages and saints to achieve Oneness with the Supreme Reality. Kundalini, the serpent power or mystic fire, is the primordial energy that lies sleeping or in dormant state at the base of the spinal column in all human beings. It is also the cosmic power in individual bodies. It is the spiritual potential of cosmic power. It has no form. But the mind has to follow a particular form in its initial stage. From this grosss form, one can easily understand the subtle formless Kundalini. Prana, ahamkar, buddhi, indriya, mind, nerves and all the five gross elements are all products of Kundalini.

Kundalini becomes active, when it is awakened. There are many methods to awaken the sleeping Kundalini, like Pranayama, Asanas, Meditation, etc. all such methods may sometimes lead to complications. One may also become a psychic patient. It can also prove fatal as one feels the urge to attempt suicide without any reason.

To awaken Kundalini Shakti, the safest way is to receive the grace of a blessed Siddha-Guru, who have already merged his identity with the Supreme consciousness, the Shiva, and have become one. When Kundalini Shakti gets active by a Siddha-Guru it automatically starts functioning. Kundalini becomes the master of jiva, whose goal is Shiva, the source of existence.

In this world, despite all that we achieve, we never feel contented and never attain permanent peace, happiness or bliss. Complete fulfillment is only possible when we realize our own self, when the Kundalini Shakti gets aroused in our bodies and the backward journey towards Shiva gets initiated, till one day, with the mercy of Kundalini, the jiva gets liberated from all the attachments with the world.

As this Kundalini Shakti is very powerful, no one else other than Shiva can control this Kundalini Shakti, when it is awakened. Under the guidance of a Guru, the movement of the Kundalini is controlled, the six spiritual centres get slowly pierced, the nervous system gets cleansed and the individual becomes transformed completely. He realizes his own Self at the sahasrara, the seventh spiritual centre and becomes One with the Supreme Consciousness, the Shiva. The main principle is that when awakened, Kundalini Shakti ceases to be a static power, which sustains world consciousness. Once set in movement, she is drawn to its other static centre in the thousand petalled lotus (sahasrara), by merging Herself and the jiva with Shiva consciousness or the consciousness of eternal ecstasy beyond the world of form. When Kundalini sleeps a man is awake to the world, when she wakes up, he sleeps, that is, he loses his consciousness of the world and enters his causal body. In this Yoga he passes beyond to the formless consciousness.

This is the glory of Mother Kundalini who through Her infinite grace and power gently leads the sadhaka from charka to charka and illumines his intellect and makes him realize his identity with the supreme Brahman!

Sadgurunath Shri Siddeshwar Baba was a God-realised Siddha-Guru. Thousands of seekers got their Kundalini Shakti awakened by His Divine Grace. He used to awaken the Kundalini Shakti by the divine touch of His right thumb at the Trikuti of His devotee and sometimes by His gaze. He had even initiated some sadhakas in their dreams.

The book on Kundalini enables aspirants and spiritual seekers as well as those interested in the phenomenon of Kundalini to understand the deeper implications of Kundalini awakening.

The first part of this book contains discourses of Shri Guruji delivered between 14 October 1992 and 15 March 1997 during the Meditation Camps held at Siddheshwar Ashram.

The second part contains queries from devotees about Kundalini Shakti and the answers/clarifications given by Shri Gurudev.

The book ends with salutations offered to the Guru who is established in knowledge and power, who grants both worldly prosperity and liberation, who has made it possible to realize Him and by Whom all this world animate and inanimate, movable and immovable, is pervaded.

I pray to Shri Gurudev and Goddess Mother Kundalini to shower Their blessings on all their loving children, so that Their inner paths open and their search for the final goal, the Supreme Truth, comes to an end, and they achieve birthless and deathless eternity.

Back of the Book

Despite being successful in life and having all the material comforts, individuals constantly crave for the feeling of complete fulfillment. This is only possible when we realize our own self and merge with the source of our existence. This journey towards Shiva (the source) only gets initiated with the arousal of the Kundalini, the primordial energy that lies in a dormant state at the base of the spinal column.

This book is divided into three parts. The first part contains discourses on Kundalini by Shri Siddeshwar Baba delivered between 1992 and 1997 during the meditation camps held at Siddheshwar Ashram. The second part contains clarifications given by Gurudev to the queries raised by his devotees and the third part offers salutations to the 'Guru' who makes the awakening of the Kundalini and the attainment of liberation possible.

This book will be of immense help to spiritual seekers and psychic sufferers. It will interest the lay readers who will gain solace and peace of mind with the knowledge of Kundalini, the liberating force.

Born on 25 March 1935, a post-graduate in political science and history and a doctorate in education, Dr B.S. Goel (Siddheshwar Baba) was chosen by destiny to be a yogi with the mission of unraveling to the people the deepest secrets of the Mind, individual consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness. At the age of 28 his Kundalini got awakened on its own. His uniqueness lies in his experience of classical psychoanalysis along with meditation, which he advocated and applied in the quest of the final goal: transcendence of the Mind and union with the Lord. On 3 October 1998 Siddheshwar Baba took Samadhi leaving behind his dedicated devotees to work for the Society of 'Third Eye Foundation of India' founded by him in 1982 to preach and propagate Indian culture, Yoga and spiritualism.


Acknowledgements vii
PART-I: Discourses
Kundalini and Guru-Shakti
Discourse of Shri Guruji, 14 October 19923
Kundalini: The Meaning of Gurutattwa
Discourse of Shri Guruji, 17 October 199313
Modern Psychotherapy and Psychiatry versus Kundalini
Discourse of Shri Guruji, 17 March 199531
The Kundalini Process
Discourse of Shri Guruji, 23 October 199648
Physiological and Psychological Cleaning through Kundalini
Discourse of Shri Guruji, 25 February 199766
The Role of Kundalini
Discourse of Shri Guruji, 15 March 199786
PART-II: Questions and Answers
Kundalini: Questions and Answers105
PART-III: Views of B.S. Goel (Siddheshwar Baba)
Who Am I?145
Something More About the Guru156
The God-Realised Person and the World around169
Understanding the Love of the Guru181
Good and Bad194
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