Medieval History of India (For B.A.Pass and Honours Students of History)

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Give your career a Competitive Edge through S. Chand’s “ Success Guide” series for B.A. (Pass & Hons) and competitive Examinations

This series is designed to show you how to create opportunities where you can make your own success through a strong commitment as well as realize your dreams come true. Each book in the series deals with a separate subject area and packed with relevant study material, clear and fascinating explanations.

The series Contains:
Solutions to the knotty problems with reference to the latest trend of examination questions.
Quick reference for finding answers. Questions are arranged in elementary to advance order.
Reference of important university examination questions. Hints for specific questions are given for self practice by the students.
Moreover, the treatment of the subject is lucid, to the point and the matter is painstakingly arranged in paras and sub-paras with distinct numbers to save time and energy.
Debatable issues have been deliberated to their logical conclusion.


Introduction: Survey of Sources of Medienal Indian History
1The Rajput States: Polity and Society (Administrative Sturcture and Institutions)1-8
2Turkish Invaders: Mahmud Ghaznaci and Muhammad Ghori (causes of ht eSuccess of the Turks)9-27
3Foundation and Consolidation of Delhi Sultanate: The Slae Dynasty28-39
4Khalji/khilji Dynasty (1290 to 1320) (conquests, Administrative and Economic Reforms)40-61
5The Tughlaq Dynasty (1320 to 414)62-78
6The Sayed Dynasty and the Lodi Dynasty79-86
7Polity: Kingship and Administraion During the Sultanate Period (State, Political and Administrative Institutions)87-96
8Socio-economic life During the Sultantate Period (Society during the Sultantate Period: Economic and Technological Development)97-101
9The North-West Frontier Policy During the Sultante Period (Mongol Invasios of India)102-105
10Development of Art, Architecture and Literature During the Sultanate Period106-110
11The Bhakti and Sufi Movements (Religion and Culture)111-119
12The Vijayanagara Kingdom and the Bahamni Kingdom (Peninsular India )120-136
13Disintegration of the Delh Sultanate and Rise of Independent States (Fragmentation of the Sultanate and the Rise of Political Kingdoms)137-142
14Babur (1526-1530): Beginning of the Mughal Rule (Advent of the Mughals)143-150
15Humayun (1530-40) and (1555-56)151-157
16Sher Shah Suri (1540-1545) (Second Afghan Empire)158-169
17Akbar (1556-1605) (Consolidation and Terriotorial Expansion:Growth of Composite Ruling Class)170-188
18Jahangir (1605-1627)189-196
19Shah Jahan (1627-1658)197-206
20Aurangzeb (1658-1707)207-223
21Mughal Administration (Mansabdari and Jagirdari: Land Revenue)224-231
22Economy and Nobility During the Mughal Period232-239
23Religious and Social Conditions During the Mughal Rule (Social Classes: Position of Women)240-243
24Deccan Policy of he mughals244-248
25North-West and Frontier Policy of he Mughals249-252
26Religious Policy of the Mughals253-259
27Cultural Development During the Mughals and their Legacy (Progress in Architecture, Painting, Music and Literature)260-269
28Rise of the Marathas : Shivaji (1627-1680)270-280
Short Answer Type Questions281-300
Very short Answer Type Questions301-303
Sources of Medieval Indian history304-305
29Peninsular India : Society, Economy, Religion, Education, Literature, Language, Art and Architecture306-315
30B.A. Examination Question Papers (with answers ) of Different Universities (1999-2001)316-331
A. Essay Type questions
B. Important tBattles: Dates, Places, Winner s and Losers
C. Short Notes on Important Events and Policies etc.
D. Most Prominent Personalities of the Medieval Period(other thant Rulers)
31B.A. Examination Qestion Papers (with Answers ) of Different Universities (2001 to 2004)332-341
32Multiple Choice Test Questions342-345
30Map work with Explanatory Notes.346-358
IExtent of Empires of Rulers
IIImportant Places of Historical Interest.
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